CDs & DVDs

ADVANCED DREDGING AND SAMPLING TECHNIQUES, McCracken.  Whether you are a novice exploring a new hobby or an experienced gold miner looking for ways to increase gold production, you will find this media packed with DEMONSTRATED information that no book could ever present.
(DV144)  $49.95

THE AMERICAN INDIAN (on CD). The most up-to-date and current source of information on federal treaties, historic letters, the Schoolcraft encyclopedia, trade statistics, mythology, cultural materials, and some contemporary materials as well.
(IN100)  $49.95

THE ART OF MINERAL IDENTIFICATION, Madonna.  Learn how to identify minerals like an expert in just hours with expert instructions. This instructional DVD will give you a solid foundation in mineral identification.
103 minutes  (GE213) $15.95

BIOGRAPHY OF PANCHO VILLA, Outlaw Hero.  Heads south of the border to examine the fact and folklore of one of the most compelling and notorious figures of the century. DVD. Approx.  50 min.
(OW367)  $24.95

CONFEDERATE TREASURE IN DANVILLE:  The Addendum, Atwell. J. Frank Carrol’s “Confederate Treasure in Danville,” written in 1995, has become  the “Bible” for treasure hunters that seek CSA gold. “The Addendum” is an asset for treasure hunters as it contains vital information, maps, and research that may lead you to the CSA gold.  CD.
(CW216)  $19.95

GOLD FEVER: Backyard Prospecting, GPAA.  This DVD is highly educational and fun, and entertaining to boot.  Yes, you can find gold in your own backyard.
(TH217)  $12.95

GOLD PANNING IS EASY / WEEKEND PROSPECTING, Garrett. Tried and true methods of both wet and dry gold panning.  The “secrets” of recovering gold are made simple and enjoyable.
(MG172)  $9.95

GOLD PANNING WITH DON ROBINSON.  Learn the art of gold panning in less than 30 minutes from one of the wold’s best. It’s outdoor fun for the entire family.
(MG178)  $15.00

GOLD RUSH GHOST TOWNS: Save Our History DVD.  Combining archival material, original footage, and interviews with Gold Rush historians, this comprehensive program offers detailed insight into one of the most tumultuous eras in U.S. history.
50 minutes (GT210)  $24.95

THE GREAT INDIAN WARS: 1540-1890 (on DVD).  A 5-part documentary series.  This set is filled with insightful and entertaining bonus features including never-before-seen photos, maps and biographies on notable cavalry officers and Indian chiefs.
235 minutes  (IN137) $14.95

JESSE JAMES, American Outlaw.  The true story behind the blockbuster movie “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”.  DVD.  Approx. 94 min.
(OW368)  $14.95

JESSE JAMES HIDDEN TREASURE. This DVD follows a team of amateur historians as they search for James’ secret treasure in an attempt to discover new truths about the American legend, including why he robbed, and when he really died.
94 minutes (OW386) $9.95

JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES (on CD), Schrader.  Contains every page of the original first edition, plus Del Schrader’s edited pages of a never-published second edition.
(OW322)  $39.95

LOST CONFEDERATE GOLD OF THE CSA, Atwell.  Follow president Jefferson Davis and 6 members of his cabinet as they flee Richmond at the end of the C W. on April 2, 1865.  With them went treasury gold, silver & jewels along with the assets of 8 Virginia banks and 21,000 pounds of New Orleans mint gold coins to final disbursement in Gainesville, FL.  300 pp. along with maps, pictures and drawings on the disk.  CD.
(CW215)  $19.95

LOST DIARY OF THOMAS J. BEALL, Atwell. Twenty-two years of research into the genealogy of the Beall family and the family members’ connections to the characters listed in the Job Print Pamphlet with the names of all members of Beall’s scouts and associates.  Codes #1 & #3 deciphered on the disk. CD.
(CW213)  $19.95

MODERN GOLD MINING TECHNIQUES (on DVD), McCracken. Demonstrates successful modern gold mining techniques. Virtually a video encyclopedia of basic modern gold mining methods.
(DV107)  $49.95

PROSPECTING FOR GOLD, Roush. Now on DVD.  The six basic methods of finding gold with noted prospector and treasure hunter Roy Roush.  1 hour DVD.
(DV108)  $36.95

THE SEARCH FOR THE ATOCHA: TREASURE!  The riveting story of a real life treasure hunt.  A romantic tale of pirates, riches, and calamity.  How the ship, which sank in 1622 off the coast of Florida, and her $400 million treasure was finally found.  DVD.
(WS164)  $24.95

SUCCESSFUL GOLD DREDGING MADE EASY (on DVD), McCracken.  Demonstrates all of the basic techniques of prospecting for and developing underwater gold deposits.
(DV112)  $49.95

TALES OF TREASURE: Treasures I Have Searched For, Atwell. Treasure hunts from Maryland to Florida and as far west as Mississippi go into the writing of this book on CD.
(CW214)  $19.95