Civil War

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THE ARMY OF TENNESSEE, Horn. Nowhere else in the annals of U.S. military history is there a more tragic, yet valorous story written than that of the Army of Tennessee.  This is that story, filled with specific facts, dates and places of the Civil War.  11 maps.
528 pp.  (CW141) $24.95

AUTHENTIC CIVIL WAR BATTLE SITES, LeGaye.  Nearly 5000 sites are given.  Contains 32 maps.  Lists of battles and skirmishes both land and naval.  Large format.
(CW100) $19.95

BACK DOOR TO RICHMOND, Robertson.  The Bermuda Hundred Campaign April-June 1864. A Civil War book that actually covers new ground.
284 pp.  (CW102) $17.95

BATTLE AT BULL RUN, Davis. Drawing from a wealth of material- old letters, journals, memoirs, and military records, Davis brings to life a vivid and vital chapter in American history.
298 pp.  (CW110) $18.95

THE BATTLE OF GLORIETA PASS, Whitford. The Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War, Whitford.  Confederate forces under command of Gen. Sibley met Union forces under command of Col. Canby in a three-day conflict, the Battle of Glorieta Pass, 18 miles east of Santa Fe, on 26 March, 1862. This battle continued day and night until the Confederates began a retreat after a terrible defeat. One of the decisive battles of the Civil War since it was here that the Confederacy lost its last possible chance to win the war. 16 page hour-by-hour analysis of this incident.  Maps.
208 pp.  (CW101) $23.95

BLACK FLAG, Guerrilla Warfare on the Western Border, 1861-65.  Goodrich. A highly dramatic narrative of the guerrilla war along the Kansas-Missouri border.
196 pp.  (CW168) $17.95

BLOODY HILL: The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek,  Brooksher.  The Battle of Wilson's Creek, in southeastern Missouri, was the Civil War's first major engagement in the Western Theater.  It was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. Maps, pictures, bibliography.
278 pp.  (CW186) $17.95

BLOODY VALVERDE: A Civil War Battle on the Rio Grande, February 21, 1862, Taylor. When Jefferson Davis commissioned Henry Sibley, he gave him a daring mission: to capture the gold fields of Colorado and California for the South. Their grand scheme, premised on crushing the Union forces in New Mexico and then moving unimpeded north and west, began to unravel along the sandy banks of the Rio Grande late in the winter of 1862. At Valverde ford, in a day-long battle between about 2,600 Texan Confederates and some 3,800 Union troops, the Confederates barely prevailed. However, the cost exacted in men and material doomed them as they moved into northern New Mexico. This is a full account of what happened on both sides of the line before, during and after the battle.  Maps, photos.     200 pp.  (CW152) $23.95

THE BOHEMIAN BRIGADE, Starr. Civil War newsmen in action. Long out of print, reissued for those who have an interest in Civil War history or journalism, or for anyone who enjoys a well-told tale of adventure.
387 pp.  (CW145) $12.95

BOY SOLDIERS OF THE CONFEDERACY, Hull. Account after account reveals the distinguishing acts of grandeur performed on the battlefield by the so-called "Boy Soldiers".
256  pp. (CW184)  $24.95

BUSHWACKER!  Cole Younger and the Kansas-Missouri War, Koblas. A biography of Cole Younger before his outlaw career.  A good read.
322 pp.  (CW201) $16.95

CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS:  A Touring Guide, Eicher.  Clear easy-to-follow directions and touring routes. 1,353 specific battlefield features. 41 detailed area and battlefield maps plus numerous photographs.
228 pp.  (CW224) $15.95

CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS AND LANDMARKS:  A Photographic Tour, Highsmith/Landphair. This book relives the war as curious traveler might, by visiting battlefields where the great armies clashed and stopping to reflect at memorials and other sites that forever remind the nation of the valor, sacrifice, and ironies of that bloody war. Cloth, large format.
128 pp.  (CW210) $16.95

CIVIL WAR BATTLES OF THE WESTERN THEATRE, Bush.  Never has anything comparable to this massive volume been published on the Western Theatre in America's War Between the States. Nearly 700 photos, maps and drawings, cloth.
204 pp.  (CW182) $49.95

THE CIVIL WAR BOOKSHELF: 50 Must-read Books About the War Between the States, Wooster.  Lists and ranks 50 works that should comprise the core of every Civil War library, and be read by anyone who wishes to explore the trutrh behind the battles that pitted brother against brother.  Cloth.
280 pp.  (RE186) $22.50

THE CIVIL WAR IN THE AMERICAN WEST, Josephy. An attempt to recognize a part of the nation and its different peoples who are customarily left out of the general histories of the Civil War.
448 pp.  (CW189) $16.00

THE CIVIL WAR IN APACHELAND, Hand. The diary of Sergeant George Hand. In graphic soldier terms it records the day-to-day brutal, disgusting, often humorous and always riveting saga of the life, times, dreams and nightmares of a Union Man and a toiling, misfit army.
215 pp.  (CW164) $13.95

THE CIVIL WAR IN LOUISIANA, Winters. Too often the war waged west of the Mississippi has been given the short end by historians who always seem to focus on the eastern battles.  This book looks in detail at the military operations that occurred in Louisiana - most of them minor skirmishes, but some of them battles and campaigns of major importance.
534 pp.  (CW104) $23.95

THE CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI DAY BY DAY:  1861-1865, Bartels. A detailed accounting of each day's events in Missouri throughout the Civil War.
(CW155)  $21.95

CIVIL WAR IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY, Cottrell. From its beginning with the bloody Battle of Wilson's Creek on August 10, 1861, to its end in surrender on June 23, 1865, the Civil War in the Indian Territory proved to be a test of valor and endurance for both sides. Maps.
112 pp.  (CW151) $12.95

CIVIL WAR IN KANSAS, Bird. Historian Roy Bird examines the personalities involved in this violent era, including William Clarke Quantrill, Jim Lane, “Red Leg” Charles Jennison, and General James Blunt.
152 pp.  (CW219) $14.95

THE CIVIL WAR IN KENTUCKY, Harrison. An interesting, highly readable account of the Civil War in the state that gave presidents to both sides. Anyone interested in Kentucky history will profit from reading this book. Cloth.
123 pp.  (CW211) $16.00

CIVIL WAR IN NORTH CAROLINA, Barrett.  Eleven battles and 73 skirmishes were fought in the state during the Civil War.  Maps.
485 pp.  (CW105) $22.50

THE CIVIL WAR IN TENNESSEE, Cottrell.  This descriptive history begins with Shiloh, Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, and Stones River and ends with the terrible carnage that was Franklin.
112 pp.  (CW187) $14.95

THE CIVIL WAR IN TEXAS & NEW MEXICO TERRITORIES, Cottrell. Texas & New Mexico Territory (AZ & NM) were the scene of fierce fights and courageous actions on both sides.  This book presents stories of those skirmishes, strategies and soldiers.
141 pp.  (CW162) $12.95

CIVIL WAR IN THE OZARKS, Steele/Cottrell.  Chronicled are the bloody and fearsome events of the westernmost frontier.  The neutral citizens of Missouri were often caught in the crossfire of raids between the abolitionist Kansas Jayhawkers and slave holders in Arkansas and Missouri. Relocation of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole and Creek Indians was part of the violence. Extensive research of the battles between 1861-1865. Map.
112 pp.  (CW144) $15.95

CIVIL WAR IN WEST VIRGINIA, Cohen. Depicts the occurrence of the more than 600 minor battles, skirmishes and raids between 1861 and 1865.
170 pp.  (CW108) $17.95

THE CIVIL WAR IN THE WESTERN TERRITORIES:  Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, Colton.  For the South, control of these territories by a Western Confederacy promised an outlet from the Rio Grande in Texas through California to the Pacific, mineral-rich lands, military stores, and the possibility of Indian aid. None of these dreams came true.  An excellent work on the struggle between the Union and Confederate supporters for control of this area. Maps, bibliography.
240 pp.  (CW106) $19.95

CIVIL WAR KANSAS:  Reaping the Whirlwind, Castel.  The best book we have on the Civil War in Kansas.  Provides an understanding of issues and leaders in a state which entered the Union just as "erring sisters" were attempting to depart.
251 pp.  (CW194) $15.95

CIVIL WAR ON THE WESTERN BORDER 1854-1865, Monaghen. The bloody first phase of the Civil War was fought west of the Mississippi at least six years before the attack on Ft. Sumter. A new look at Quantrill's sacking of Lawrence, KS, and border battles that cost thousands of lives.  Development of the conflict is traced from passage of Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854.
454 pp.  (CW107) $21.95

CIVIL WAR RAILROADS: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States, 1861-1865, Abdill.  Vintage photos of trains and the part they played in the Civil War.  Cloth.
192 pp.  (CW103) $44.95

CIVIL WAR SITES IN THE EASTERN THEATER.  The Eastern Theater - the land east of the Appalachian Mountains from Harrisburg, PA to the Atlantic Coast and south to the Virginia-North Carolina border. Let this book be your guide as you set out to explore the region’s top Civil War attractions.
194 pp.  (CW217) $15.95

CIVIL WAR SITES IN VIRGINIA: A Tour Guide, Robertson, Jr. No state contributed more to the Southern Confederacy, or suffered more from the Civil War, than did Virginia.
108 pp.  (CW192) $7.95

CIVIL WAR SOURCE BOOK, Burd. The complete guide to people, places, events and products. Dealers, museums, shows, internet sites, and more.
144pp. (CW166)  $10.00

CIVIL WAR SOURCE BOOK, Katcher.  This book provides a unique, single-volume reference source on the armies, battles, weapons, and leaders of America’s Bloodiest War.
318 pp.  (CW203) $18.95

THE CIVIL WAR WALL CHART.  Lavishly illustrated, fold out wall chart.  15 separate panels, each 17 ½1/2 x 12 ½ 1/2" unfold to produce a colorful, chronological listing of battles and events measuring 16 feet in length. Hard, glossy finish, full color.
(CW146)  $19.95

CIVIL WAR WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT, Pritchard.  A superbly illustrated and detailed examination of the key uniforms, major weapons, and special equipment of the combatants of America’s Civil War.  Cloth.
128 pp.  (ID197) $22.95

COMBINED OPERATIONS IN THE CIVIL WAR, Reed.  A splendid account of the Union combined operations during the Civil War. Stresses the planning of Army-Navy operations, their relation to Federal objectives, the effect of technological change and the political factors influencing the employment of combined operations.
468 pp.  (CW222) $17.95
THE CONFEDERACY'S LAST HURRAH: Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville, Sword.  A dramatic account of a final and fatal invasion by the Army of Tennessee that resulted in 23,500 Confederate casualties - 7,000 in one battle.  Yet, Hood pressed on to Nashville and yet more defeats. The story of the heroism, missed chances, backbiting and flawed rebel leadership underlying the outcome of these bloody battlegrounds.
512 pp.  (CW143) $27.95

CONFEDERATE CAVALRY WEST OF THE RIVER, Oates.  The story of the Cavalry of the Trans-Mississippi west...a region including Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, the Indian Territory and parts of Louisiana.  Maps and illustrations.
234 pp.  (CW135) $17.95

THE CONFEDERATE INVASION OF NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA:  1861-1862, Kerby. The Civil War as fought in the far west.
159 pp.  (CW163) $18.95

CONFEDERATE PRIVATEERS, Wm. Robinson Jr. This book recounts the exploits of the Confederacy's privately armed ships and their sea battles with the Union forces.
372 pp.  (CW167) $15.95

DARK LANTERNS, Klement.  Secret political societies, conspiracies, and treason trials in the Civil War.
263 pp.  (CW111) $14.95

DECISIONS IN THE WEST: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864, Castel.  A well-researched book. The fullest and most intelligible study of the Atlanta Campaign that is available. Highly recommended for all libraries. 18 maps, illustrations. Now available in paper.
670 pp (CW112)  $19.95

THE DEVIL KNOWS HOW TO RIDE, Leslie. The true story of William Clarke Quantrill and his Confederate raiders. The guerilla’s engagements and forays in much more detail than other Quantrill books.
534 pp.  (CW212) $24.00

FINDING CIVIL WAR CAMPSITES IN RURAL AREAS, Poche. Reveals 3 basic things necessary to successfully discover Civil War (and also Revolutionary War) campsites, plus other secrets.
44 pp. (CW190)  $11.95

THE GALVANIZED YANKEES, Brown. The fascinating and little known story of the Galvanized Yankees-those Confederate soldiers who were recruited from Union prison camps in the North to serve in the West. From 1864-1866, six regiments of these Yankees fought Indians, escorted supply trains along the Oregon and Santa Fe trails, accompanied expeditions, guarded surveying parties for the Union Pacific railroad and manned lonely outposts on the frontier. Notes.
243 pp.  (CW114) $12.95

GLORY AT A GALLUP, Brooksher/ Snider.  Tales of the Confederate Cavalry. Here are the facts about Jeb Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forest, Wade Hampton, and many more.
280 pp.  (CW191) $18.95

GONE DIGGIN: Memories of a Civil War Relic Hunter, Law.  In “Gone Diggin” the author relates not only his own relic odyssey; he tells the story of every one of us who has ever felt the urge to find a Civil War artifact.  Cloth.
149 pp.  (CW196) $24.95

GRAY GHOSTS OF THE CONFEDERACY, Brownlee.  The history of the Confederate guerrilla warfare in the west 1862-1867. As early as 1862, the guerrillas dominated Missouri to such an extent that the Union army had stationed sixty thousand troops in the state to try to control the violence - troops which could have served a better purpose if stationed elsewhere.  Among the guerrillas, Quantrill, "Bloody Bill" Anderson, the Jameses and the Youngers. This title fills a gap which has been too long evident in the history of the Civil War.
296 pp.  (CW115) $24.95


Eyewitness accounts by participants make these guides an invaluable resource for students of the War. Explicit directions to points of interest and maps, illustrating the action and showing the detail of troop positions, roads, rivers, elevations and tree lines as they were 135 years ago. They have been said to be the most thorough, detailed and accurate books of their kind. Available are:

GUIDE TO THE BATTLE OF ANTIETAM. The Battle of Antietam on Sept. 17, 1862,  left more dead American soldiers in its wake than any other 24-hour period in history. 29 illustrations, 24 maps.
336 pp.  (CW171) $14.95

GUIDE TO THE BATTLES OF CHANCELLORSVILLE AND FREDERICKSBURG.  This guide contains remarkable detail on several firsts and rarities for the time period.  24 maps, photos.
364 pp.  (CW116) $14.95

GUIDE TO THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA.  Not far from Chattanooga in northern Georgia, the Confederacy won one of its most decisive battles.  This guide uses first hand accounts to illustrate how this skirmish, only two days long, turned into one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War with a total of 34,000 plus Union and Confederate troops being killed, wounded or captured.  19 maps, photos.
208 pp.  (CW117) $15.95

GUIDE TO THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. A day-by-day, hour-by-hour account of one of the bloodiest battles in history.  Unlike other volumes on Gettysburg, this guide provides a unique blend of documentary sources and terrain descriptions with 25 stops arranged in the order of the actual battles as it unfolded. It combines official reports and observations of the commanding officers.  Photos, 16 maps.
242 pp.  (CW149) $12.95

GUIDE TO THE BATTLE OF SHILOH. One of the bloodiest and most bitterly fought battles of the Civil War took place at Shiloh Church (and Pittsburg Landing) in Tennessee on April 6-7, 1862. 41 illustrations, 20 maps.
232 pp.  (CW172) $12.95

GUIDE TO THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN. A US Army War College Guide to Civil War Battles.
482 pp.  (CW133) $17.95

IF I AM FOUND DEAD:  Michigan Voices from the Civil War, Poremba (Ed.) The words of four soldiers from Michigan, all too aware of their mortality during wartime, describe life in the camps and on the battlefields after they enlisted.
245 pp.  (CW208) $26.95

ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, Davis. Contains more than 400 full-color and black-and-white original photos, drawings and lithographs. Cloth.
264 pp.  (CW165) $26.95

IN SEARCH OF THE CIVIL WAR, Book 1, Trevillian.  The definitive handbook for unearthing relics and artifacts from America's Greatest War. Chapters includes artifacts ID guide, research, equipment needed and searching techniques. Presented in an easy to read style with many helpful hints and suggestions to make the hunter more successful in the field.
93 pp. (TH131)  $10.95

INTERPRETING HISTORY FROM RELICS FOUND IN CIVIL WAR CAMPSITES, Poche.  This is the second of a series of "How to" manuals in relic hunting of rural Civil War campsites.
60 pp. (CW195)  $13.50

JEFF DAVIS’S OWN:  Cavalry, Comanches, and the Battle for the Texas Frontier, Arnold.  The men of the Second Cavalry went to Texas to fight Indians, then they returned home to fight each other.  Sixteen of the officers who accepted appointments to the elite Second Cavalry in and after 1855 became Civil War generals.  Cloth.
378 pp.  (CW225) $30.00

JESSE JAMES AND THE CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI, Dyer. Discusses the underlying causes of the Civil War as they relate to Missouri and reveals how the war helped create both the legend and the reality of Jesse James and his gang.
105 pp.  (CW158) $9.95

KENTUCKY’S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS, Bishop. A guide to their history and preservation. Great summaries of the major battles and excellent overviews of the smaller ones that are easily and often overlooked.  66 b/w photos.
360 pp.  (CW227) $25.00

LONE STAR GENERALS IN GRAY, Wooster. More than 70,000 Texans served in the military during the war, the majority in the Confederate Army. Thirty-seven of those who served as general officers for the Confederacy had rights to claim a Texas background, either through birth or residential adoption.  Cloth.
330 pp.  (CW183) $24.95

THE LONG ARM OF LEE, Wise. Originally published in 1915, this book has never been surpassed as an authoritative study of the Confederate artillery in the Civil War. 

    VOL. 1 describes the organization and tactics of the field batteries of Gen. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia from the time of the Battle of Bull Run through the Maryland invasion. Map.
    472 pp.  (CW119) $19.95

    VOL. 2 begins with an account of the Chancellorsville campaign, includes a close look at the Battle of Gettysburg, in which tactical errors made by the Confederate side are reassessed.  Index, battery index, map.
     92 pp.  (CW120) $19.95

THE LOST CAUSE, Pollard. A facsimile of the long out-of-print 1866 edition of the Standard Southern History of the War of the Confederacy.  Includes 24 portraits of Confederate leaders. A fascinating, brilliant book, long overdue on the shelves of modern readers of the North as well as the South.
752 pp.  (CW198) $60.95

THE LOST CAUSE:  The Confederate Exodus to Mexico, Rolle.  Tells of the comparatively little-known exodus of Confederate soldiers to Mexico after the Civil War, such immigration encouraged by Maximilian. Map, illustrations, cloth.
272 pp.  (CW121) $19.95

THE LOUISIANA NATIVE GUARDS: The Black Experience During the Civil War, Hollandsworth, Jr.  After the fall of New Orleans, Gen. Butler brought the Native Guards into Federal military service and increased their numbers with runaway slaves. He intended to use the troops for guard duty and heavy labor. The first large-scale deployment of the Native Guards occurred in May, 1863, during the Union siege of Port Hudson, LA.  This book is the first account to consider the struggle for civil rights taken up by the black soldiers for Louisiana's black population after the war. Maps, cloth.
176 pp.  (CW154) $26.95

MAPPING THE CIVIL WAR. Featuring rare maps from the Library of Congress.  This collection of manuscript and printed maps accompanies narratives of major battles and campaigns. Large format, 120 illustrations (60 in full color), cloth.
176 pp.  (CW188) $39.95

THE MARCH TO THE SEA AND BEYOND: Sherman's Troops in the Savannah and Carolinas Campaigns, Glatthaar.  In this intensively researched and carefully detailed study, the author examines the Savannah and Carolinas Campaigns from the perspective of the common soldiers in Sherman's army, seeking to understand why they did what they did.  The author graphically describes the duties and deprivation of the march, the boredom and frustration of camp life, and the utter confusion and pure chance of battle.  Researched from first hand letters and diaries of Sherman's men.  Said to be one of the best one hundred books ever written about the Civil War.
336 pp.  (CW153) $18.95

MICHIGAN AND THE CIVIL WAR:  An Anthology. This first ever anthology from the editors of Michigan History Magazine emphasizes the Michigan story through the diaries and letters of those men and women who witnessed the most pivotal event in American history
144 pp.  (CW200) $14.95

MINNESOTA IN THE CIVIL WAR, Carley.  A rich, lavishly illustrated account featuring soldier’s diaries and letters, newspaper clips, rare photographs, drawings, maps, uniforms, and equipment. The book offers a wide-ranging picture of the state’s crucial contribution to the Union cause. Large format.
230 pp.  (CW205) $19.95

MISSISSIPPI’S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS, Bishop.  An in-depth look at the state’s major battle sites. Primary documents, maps and nearly 100 photographs depict sites where skirmishes took place.
432 pp.  (CW221) $25.00

THE ORPHAN BRIGADE, Davis. The Kentucky Confederates who couldn't go home.  A first-rate Civil War history about an exceptionally colorful fighting force.  Cloth.
318 pp.  (CW185) $21.95

PEA RIDGE: Civil War Campaign In The West, Shea/Hess. Pea Ridge dramatically altered the balance of power in the Trans-Mississippi. Through their victory, the Federals won control over the vast, sparsely settled area and thereby helped ensure the Union victory more than 3 years later.
417 pp.  18 maps.  (CW139) $22.95

PORT HUDSON, CONFEDERATE BASTION ON THE MISSISSIPPI, Hewitt. Port Hudson, Louisiana, site of which has nearly vanished, has a distinct place in Civil War history. Located just north of Baton Rogue, the village was the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River and the site of the longest siege in American military history.  This is an account of the Confederate occupation and the Union's efforts to capture this stronghold.  Now available in paper.
221 pp.  (CW123) $19.95

PURSUIT, Johnson.  The chase, capture, persecution, and surprising release of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
322 pp.  (CW226) $24.95

QUANTRILL IN TEXAS:  The Forgotten Campaign, Petersen. A vivid treatment of the Missouri guerillas’ sojourns in Texas during the Civil War. A complete and accurate account of the activities of Quantrill’s guerillas in North Texas.  Cloth.
267 pp.  (CW223) $24.95

RAILROADS OF THE CONFEDERACY, Black. Tells the story of the first use of railroads on a major scale in a major war.  With maps of all of the confederate railroads and contemporary photos and facsimiles of documents such as tickets, timetables and soldier's passes.
360 pp.  (CW169) $23.50

THE REBEL AND THE ROSE, Millet/White.  James A. Semple, a navy paymaster, Julia Gardiner Tyler, the widow of  former president John Tyler, and the lost Confederate gold. The authors reveal for the first time what happened to the gold (as well as 160,000 Mexican silver dollars) which if found today would be valued at up to $16 million.  Numerous photos and extensive bibliography.
299 pp.  (TR299) $18.95

REBEL RAIDERS, deKay.  The astonishing history of the Confederacy’s secret navy. An infamous example of British political treachery; and the largest international tribunal; $155,000,000 in gold paid by Britain to the U.S. Source listing, cloth.
254 pp.  (CW202) $25.95

REBEL RIVERS:  A Guide to Civil War Sites on the Potomac, Rappahannock, York and James, Nesbitt.   Control of the 4 Virginia rivers was vital to the campaigning armies in the eastern theater of the Civil War. The Confederates never took advantage of their waterways, however, preferring to use overland routes. This book enables readers to see the war sites the way the soldiers saw them.  The history is complimented with directions to more than 50 sites. 11 maps.
160 pp.  (CW142) $12.95

RELIVING THE CIVIL WAR:  A Reenactor’s Handbook, Hadden. Recruits joining the growing ranks of civil war re-enactors will find this book a useful introduction to the exciting and challenging field of living history.
243 pp.  (CW161) $17.95

RIVER RUN RED, Ward. The Fort Pillow Massacre in the Civil War. The fullest, most accurate account of the battle yet written. One of the most controversial events in American history.
531 pp.  (CW207) $18.00

THE SABLE ARM: The Black Troops in the Union Army 1861-1865, Cornish. An excellent history with full notes and a valuable bibliography. "Civil War Times Illustrated" lists it as one of the 100 best books ever written on the Civil War.
342 pp.  (CW125) $14.95

SCOUTS AND SPIES OF THE CIVIL WAR, Beymer. The Civil War was the backdrop for the formation of numerous secret service organizations and the theater for a host of characters involved in espionage from both the North and the South.
221 pp.  (CW209) $19.95

SECRET MISSIONS OF THE CIVIL WAR, Stern. The stories of the secret missions undertaken by men and women who were active in the underground.  Discussions of codes and ciphers used during the war. Cloth.
320 pp.  (CW126) $8.95

SHERMAN'S MARCH THROUGH THE CAROLINAS, Barrett.  Description of Sherman's march from Savannah through South and North Carolina to Virginia.
325 pp.  (CW128) $19.95

SOLDIERING IN THE ARMY OF TENNESSEE, Daniel. A portrait of life in the Confederate Army.  Cloth.
231 pp.  (CW140) $32.50

SOUTHERN FIRE, Campbell. The exploits of the Confederate Navy.  “Southern Fire” brings the action to life and paints a vivid picture of Southern ships and Southern men fighting desperately for their country’s freedom.
263 pp.  (CW197) $24.95

SPIES OF THE CONFEDERACY, Bakeless.  The Confederacy maintained a well-organized and highly effective system of espionage throughout the Federal Government, especially in the War Department.
456 pp.  (CW173) $9.95

THE SWAMP FOX & THE COLUMBINE, Koblas. At the end of the Civil War, J.J.Dickison, Florida's Swamp Fox, and his small band held the distinction of never having lost a single battle and having managed to sink the Columbine with only land-based forces.
224 pp. (CW199) $16.95

TENNESSEE’S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS, Bishop.  This book recalls the thirty-eight major battles that took place between 1862 and 1864 in Tennessee.  A valuable reference for scholars.  Includes maps and 100-plus photos.
456 pp.  (CW220) $25.00

TEXANS IN THE CONFEDERATE CAVALRY, Bailey. This is the story of their battles and skirmishes where the frequently outnumbered cavalry often helped turn the tide of battle.
95 pp. (CW174)  $11.95

THE THIRD TEXAS CAVALRY IN THE CIVIL WAR, Hale.  This unit was one of the most famous Confederate units from the Lone Star State.  From their enlistment in 1861 to their surrender in 1865, these stalwart horse soldiers from East Texas participated in seventy-two separate engagements beginning with Wilson's Creek, Chustenahlah and Pea Ridge in the Trans-Mississippi region, including the decisive campaigns around Vicksburg and Atlanta, and ending with the retreat of Hood's army from Nashville. This is their story. 10 maps.
384 pp.  (CW130) Cloth $29.95 Paper  $19.95

THOSE DAMN HORSE SOLDIERS: True Tales of the Civil War Cavalry, Walsh.  Wild charges, sabers against muskets, gallops down precipices, perfidy and gallantry, night prowls thorough black forests, dawn charges - a great read about a romantic service in a dashing era, the more so because it is straight out of the records. Cloth.
477 pp.  (CW218) $27.95

THREE YEARS WITH QUANTRILL:  A True Story, Barton. This famous memoir by John McCorkle is the best published account by a scout who "rode with Quantrill". McCorkle displayed a violent nature while he participated in raids and engagements including the massacres at Lawrence and Baxter Springs, Kansas and Centralia, Missouri.  In 1865, he followed Quantrill into Kentucky where the notorious leader was killed and his followers surrendered and were paroled by Union authorities. This account offers valuable information not to be found elsewhere.  Map.
240 pp.  (CW131) $19.95

TREASURE LEGENDS OF THE CIVIL WAR, Mills.  Included are treasures of the Far West, sea treasures, lost plantation hoards, lost mines and hidden caves and the lost Confederate treasury.  Covers over 100 plus Civil War treasures lost in seventeen states.
99 pp. (CW132)  $7.25

VICTORY RODE THE RAILS, Turner.  The railroads played a strategic role in the Civil War. This is the story as it related to both sides. Maps, index.
419 pp.  (CW150) $17.95

WARMAN’S CIVIL WAR WEAPONS, Smith. Over 160 weapons featured with a history and specifications for each. Includes chapters on pistols and revolvers, carbines and rifles, swords and other edged weapons and artillery pieces.  Over 300 color photos, 65 b/w photos and more.  Large format.
256 pp.  (ID214) $25.00