AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF TEXAS FORTS, Timanus.  This guide presents over one hundred Texas forts and camps in the order that they came into being, and illustrates their history with period drawings, plans and maps.
232 pp.  (FT120) $18.95

BENT'S FORT, Levander. A huge private fort on the upper Arkansas River in present day southeastern Colorado. The center of the Indian trade of the central plains until 1849.
479 pp.  (FT117) $19.95

BROADAXE AND BAYONET, Prucha.  The role of the United States Army in the development of the Northwest, 1815-1860.  A study of the thirteen army posts in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and northern Illinois.
236 pp.  (FT124) $19.95

THE FETTERMAN MASSACRE, Brown. The only real documented account of this tragic occurrence in history (Wyoming material). Map.
251 pp.  (FT103) $19.95

FORT ANDERSON: Battle for Wilderness. A complete accounting of the role Fort Anderson played in the defense of the South’s major blockade running seaport at Wilmington, North Carolina.
121 pp.  (FT108) $12.95

FORT GIBSON: Terminal on the Trail of Tears, Agnew. Research from official reports, letters, newspaper accounts and other sources.  Ft. Gibson held not only the role of peacekeeper but also served as a major staging point for western explorers and maintained a civilizing influence on the entire region.  A chronicle of the fort's purpose.  Maps, notes.
288 pp.  (FT104) $19.95

FORT LARAMIE AND THE PAGEANT OF THE WEST, 1834-1890, Hafen/Young.  A history of the fort from its establishment as Fort John in 1834 to its abandonment in 1890. It was a vital supply center and rest stop for a tide of emigrants, and a rendezvous points for trappers.  The fort was converted from a trappers' post into a military fort as the westward movement grew.  The peace council of 1851 - one of the largest gatherings of tribes ever seen in the Old West, is described in fascinating detail.  Photos.
428 pp.  (FT106) $14.95

FORT LARAMIE, OUTPOST ON THE PLAINS, Webber/Webber.  This fort was a major stopping place along the Oregon Trail.  It was an Army outpost to protect the pioneers, and a meeting place for Indians and whites to negotiate treaties.  Currently a National Historic Site. Large format, 112 photos, maps, bibliography.
70 pp. (FT118)  $12.95

FORT MEADE & THE BLACK HILLS, Lee. Fort Meade existed for sixty-six years, from 1878-1944.  It was the home of the famous Seventh Cavalry after its ignominious defeat in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
321 pp.  (FT122) $22.95

FORT STANTON AND ITS COMMUNITY: 1856-1896, Ryan. For more than 40 years this fort provided protection to the civilian population and played a significant role in controlling the Mescalero Apaches.
160 pp.  (FT121) $14.95

FORT RENO AND THE INDIAN TERRITORY FRONTIER, Hoig. The book deals not only with Fort Reno, but also with the Darlington Agency, The Chisholm Trail, and trading activities in Indian Territory from 1874 to approximately 1900.
285 pp.  (FT126) $16.95

FORT UNION AND THE SANTA FE TRAIL, Utley.  Established in 1851 in the Wolf Creek Valley of New Mexico.
42 pp. (FT115)  $10.00

FORTS, FIGHTS, AND FRONTIER SITES: Wyoming Historic Sites, Mouiton. A book that explores some of the lesser-known historical sites in the state.
232 pp.  (FT130) $17.95

FORTS OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS, Barnes.  The forts of the Northern Plains were both centers of commerce and sources of conflict. The integral role 51 of those forts played is recounted in this informative book.
220 pp.  (FT128) $19.95

FORTS OF THE WEST, Frazer. Military forts, presidios and posts west of the Mississippi to 1898. Date of establishment, location, reason for establishment, name, rank, changes in name or location, present status or date of abandonment. Map of each state with location of forts.  Good reference.
246 pp.  (FT109) $19.95

FRONTIER CROSSROADS: Fort Davis and the West, Wooster.  Located astride communication lines linking San Antonio, El Paso, Presidio, and Chihuahua City the Army post at Fort Davis commanded a strategic position at a military, cultural, and economic crossroads of nineteenth century Texas. This book will delight military and social historians, Texas history buffs, and those seeking a record of adventure. Cloth.
210 pp.  (FT131) $24.95

FRONTIER FORTS AND POSTS OF THE HUDSON BAY COMPANY, Perry. This book offers a brief historical account of the fur-trading outposts in the Pacific Northwest. A comprehensive collection of western forts and posts. Large format.
96 pp. (FT127)  $16.95

FRONTIER FORTS OF IOWA:  Indians, Traders, and Soldiers, 1682-1862, Whittaker. At least 56 frontier forts once stood in, or within view of what is now the state of Iowa. Included is a section on visiting original and reconstructed forts today.
267 pp.  (FT129) $29.95