Gems and Minerals

ARIZONA ROCKS AND MINERALS:  A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon State, Lynch/Lynch. Full color photos and the details you need to know for identifying and collecting Arizona’s rocks and minerals.
262 pp.  (GE200) $14.95

A COAST TO COAST GEM ATLAS, Johnson. Revised 28th edition.  Overview maps of gem finding locations throughout the Continental U.S.  Includes site information and local rock shops.
59 pp. (GE125)  $11.50

COLLECTING ARKANSAS MINERALS.  The keys to successful collecting are knowing what you are after, how to recognize it, its physical characteristics, associated rocks and minerals, how to preserve it.  Added to these keys are hard work, lots of time, and a whole lot of luck. A reference and guide.
149 pp.  (GE191) $14.95

COLORADO GEM TRAILS AND MINERAL GUIDE, Pearl.  Sketch maps and mileage logs help locate little-known hunting areas as well as some more common and familiar deposits.
222 pp.  (GE173) $16.95

COLORADO ROCKHOUNDING: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils, Voynick.  A complete guide to the state; sites for agate, petrified wood, dinosaur tracks on hogback ridges, where to pan gold in mountain streams, hunting gemstones and searching for metal sulfide minerals in historic mining districts - it's all there.
392 pp.  (GE137) $20.00

COLORADO ROCKS AND MINERALS, Lynch/Lynch.  A field guide to the Centennial State.  Full-color photos and the details you need to know for identifying and collecting. Easy to use format.
280 pp.  (GE212) $14.95

COMMON ROCKS AND MINERALS OF MISSOURI, Keller. Prepared with the intention of answering the questions most commonly asked about Missouri rocks and minerals.
78 pp. (GE174)  $10.95

COMPLETE IDENTIFICATION OF ROCKS, CRYSTALS, MINERALS, Hankin (Ed.) Concise description of each rock, crystal, and mineral with symbols providing at-a-glance info on distinctive features, composition, and physical properties.  Striking color photos of specimens from around the world. Covers more than 200 rocks, crystals, and minerals.  Cloth.
224 pp.  (GE199) $9.95

DESERT GEM TRAILS, Strong. Field guide to the gems and minerals of the Mohave and Colorado deserts. Includes maps and photos.
80 pp. (GE171)  $10.95

FIELD GEOLOGY ILLUSTRATED, Maley.  This is a fantastic aid in recognizing, interpreting, and describing geologic features in the field.  The book contains 682 b/w photos, and over 300 interpretive sketches.
704 pp.  (GE202) $35.00

FIELD GUIDE TO ROCKS AND MINERALS OF NORTH AMERICA, National Audubon Society.  794 full-color photographs.  Twice as many descriptions and color plates as any other rock and mineral guide. Includes guidelines for collecting procedures, key to identification, and a mineralogical glossary.
850 pp.  (GE189) $21.95

FLORIDA'S GEOLOGICAL TREASURES, Comfort. This book will tell you where to collect every type of mineral and fossil in Florida, and explain how they got there. Includes maps of the collecting areas, tips on caving, collecting, tools and much more.
128 pp.  (GE178) $11.95

GEM IDENTIFICATION MADE EASY, Matlins/Bonanno. New, revised, expanded edition.  Covers the latest gems, synthetics, treatments and instruments. Practical, easy to use, non-technical. Shows how to identify pearls, diamonds and colored gemstones, and separate them from fakes and look-a-likes.
344 pp.  (GE156) $36.95

GEM MINERALS OF IDAHO, With Field Trip Maps, Beckworth.  Idaho conceals dazzling mineral wealth as yet untouched by gem hunters.
129 pp.  (GE154) $11.95

GEM ORE FOR PANNING. Pan out the gems in these packets of that least 20 polished stones from a selection of over 25 different varieties of gemstones.
(TL165)  (GEM) $7.00

GEM TRAILS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, Bacon. From agate to fossils, this is the definitive guide to collection sites throughout southern British Columbia.
96 pp. (GE177)  $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF IDAHO AND WESTERN MONTANA, Ream. Long-awaited guide to 99 of the best collecting sites in this geographically dramatic and varied region.
256 pp.  (GE215) $14.95

GEM TRAILS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Mitchell. The most complete guide to Northern California features sites from the Oregon border south to San Luis Obispo. Detailed text and maps making locating collection areas easy.
160 pp.  (GE142) $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Mitchell. The newest and most definitive guide to 71 of the best collecting sites for gems, minerals and fossils in Southern California from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. Detailed maps, text.
184 pp.  (GE141) $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF PENNSYLVANIA AND NEW JERSEY, Stepanski/Snow. Newly revised and updated. 45 sites where beautiful mineral specimens and fossils can be found. Authoritative text includes information on equipment, clubs and tourist attractions.  Detailed maps and a striking color insert.
168 pp.  (GE140) $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF TEXAS, Cross.  Revised and expanded edition. The go-to field guide for Rockhounding in the Lone Star State. Over 50 collecting sites are mapped in detail and subdivided into six geographic regions, with handy at-a-glance overviews of each locale.
175 pp.  (GE105) $14.95

GEMS AND MINERALS OF ARIZONA, Panczner.  A guide to localities.
48 pp. (GE145)  $6.95

GEMS AND MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA: A Guide to Localities. Similar to above.
48 pp. (GE146)  $6.95

GEMS AND MINERALS OF COLORADO, McKinney. A guide to Colorado’s native gemstones.  Colorado has more than 400 identified minerals.
48 pp. (GE190)  $6.95

GEMS AND MINERALS OF THE SOUTHWEST, Sano.  Features over 90 minerals, including both real and “fools gold”, familiar gems such as opal and garnet, and more surprising specimens such as hairy blue-green cyanotrichite, fluorescent purple flyorite, petrified wood, and talc.
95 pp. (GE197)  $14.95

GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD, Schumann.  Fourth Edition. This definitive guide takes the mystery out of appreciating, buying, and selling gemstones.  1800 gemstones are covered in this book.  Many charts, diagrams, and color photos.  Cloth.
320 pp.  (GE195) $24.95

GEODES, NATURE’S TREASURES, Cross/Zeitner. Opening a geode and being the first to ever see the captivating treasure inside is a thrill to anyone of any age.  Numerous color photos.
292 pp.  (GE192)   $19.95

GOLD, SILVER, AND GEM SITES, THEN AND NOW, Preston.  A packet of maps showing the location of gold, silver, gem, and mineral deposits of the state complete with overlays of the modern road system for reference purposes.

    Arizona  (MP207)
    Colorado (MP217)
    Idaho  (MP197)
    Montana  (MP219)
    New Mexico (MP223)
    Nevada (MP214)
    Northern California  (MP208)
    Oregon (MP195)
    Southern California  (MP209)
    Washington (MP196)

    All map sets are $12.95 each.

GPS GUIDE TO WESTERN GEM TRAILS, Kelty.  Revised and updated edition.  The must-have accompaniment to the “Gem Trails” series and other guide books.  Covers over 1200 sites.
240 pp.  (GE175) $17.95

GUIDE TO THE ROCKS AND MINERALS OF THE NORTHWEST, Learning.  Introductory full-color photo guide that highlights the best and much-prized rocks and minerals of the Northwest.
32 pp. (GE206)  $5.95

HANDBOOK OF ROCKS, MINERALS & GEMSTONES, Schurmann.  Written for the layman and scientist, with a description of the properties and characteristics of each rock and mineral.  Contains 600 color photos.
380 pp.  (GE205) $25.00

HOFFMAN’S ROCKHOUND GUIDE, Hoffman/Hoffman.  Includes How to Pan for Gold, Rock Hunting, Gem Identification, Tumbling Gems, Jewelry Making, and Museums.
102 pp.  (GE163) $9.95

 IDAHO MINERALS, Ream. 2nd Edition, revised and updated.  The complete reference and guide to the minerals of Idaho that should serve both the amateur collector and the professional mineralogist.
373 pp.  (GE129) $27.95

ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO COMMON ROCKS AND THEIR MINERALS, Brown/Allan. Provides the basic groundwork for understanding and identifying common rocks. Packed with practical information for anyone interested in rocks and minerals. Divided into three parts, the last part of the book aids the reader in the identification of rocks.
59 pp. (GE120)  $5.95

JADE FEVER:  Hunting the Stone of Heaven.  Examines jade’s appeal as a global industry, a Divine inspiration, a medium for artistic expression, and even as a precipitator of some bizarre crimes.
191 pp.  (GE194) $19.95

METEORITE HUNTING: How to Find Treasure From Space, Notkin. An engaging, comprehensive, and easy-to-use guide to recovering, identifying, and excavating meteorites. A must-have book for the meteorite hunter and collector.
83 pp. (GE 216) $24.95

MINERALOGY OF ARIZONA, Anthony et al.  Third Edition.  A completely revised and greatly expanded edition of a book first published in 1977 and previously updated in 1982. New material covers 232 minerals discovered in Arizona since the first edition, including 28 first identified in the state.
508 pp.  (GE203) $39.95

MINERALS OF ARIZONA: A Field Guide for Collectors, Bearce.  The complete guide for both novice rock-hounds and experienced mineral collectors. Includes topographic maps.
224 pp.  (GE117) $23.00

MINERALS OF THE WORLD, Schumann. Second Edition.  Identify more than 500 minerals quickly and easily.  The perfect field and reference guide for making fast and accurate classifications.
232 pp.  (GE201) $14.95

NEVADA / UTAH GEM ATLAS, Johnson.  A whole book of detailed maps showing gold and mineral locations with mileages and the type of material to be found.
48 pp. (GE112)  $3.50

NEW MEXICO ROCKHOUNDING: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils, Voynick.  This county-by-county guide describes where to go, and what you’ll find at more than 150 mineral, rock, gemstone, or fossil collection sites in the Land of Enchantment.
305 pp.  (GE124) $25.00

NEW MEXICO ROCKS AND MINERALS: The Collecting Guide, Kimbler/Narsavage.  125 plus sites, county maps with collecting locations, bibliography. Locations are specific - no generalizations.
76 pp. (GE122)  $14.95

NW GEM FIELD & GHOST TOWN ATLAS, Johnson.  Whether a billion-year-old rock or a fifty-year-old whiskey bottle strikes your fancy, the Northwest has treasures to uncover.  If you are a rockhound, relic hunter, prospector, treasure hunter, history buff, or photographer, this book of maps is for you.
47 pp. (GE132)  $5.50

30 pp. (GE150)  $4.25

ROCK, GEM AND MINERAL COLLECTING SITES IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, Jacquot. 53 of the best sites in the area. Includes maps and GPS coordinates, restrictions, owners and fees.  What you need, and what you will get.
192 pp.  (GE179) $14.95

ROCKHOUND AND PROSPECTOR’S BIBLE, Ettinger.  A reference and study guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones, and prospecting in general. This compact reference for mineral collectors and prospectors contains information on local geology, mineral formation, collecting, prospecting techniques, and tools.
136 pp.  (GE153) $15.00

ROCKHOUNDING CALIFORNIA, Butler. Although known for its gold production, California is a virtual haven for rock and gem collectors. This book describes 75 of of the state’s best rockhounding sites including commerical and little-known areas.
200 pp.  (GE183) $16.95

ROCKHOUNDING COLORADO, Kappele/Kappele. A fascinating treasure hunt awaits you in the Centennial State. This book directs you to nearly 100 of the best rockhounding sites in the state.
243 pp.  (GE176) $16.95

ROCKHOUNDING MONTANA, Feldman. Revised - was "Rockhounds Guide to Montana".
154 pp.  (GE151) $14.95

ROCKHOUNDING NEVADA, Kappele.  A guide to the 94 best rockhounding sites in the state. Agate, opal, jasper, fossils, fluorescent minerals, obsidian, chalcedony, wonderstone, malachite, petrified wood. ...and more
156 pp.  (GE172) $12.95

ROCKHOUNDING NEW ENGLAND, Cristofono.  A complete guide to finding, collecting, and preparing the minerals, gems, and fossils of the six New England states.
312 pp.  (GE217) $21.00

ROCKHOUNDING NEW MEXICO: A Guide to New Mexico’s Best Rockhounding Sites, Freed/Vaskys.  2nd Edition.  A guide to New Mexico’s best rockhounding sites.  Describes 140 of the state’s best rockhound sites, covering popular and commercial sites as well as numerous little-known areas.
192 pp.  (GE196) $15.95

ROCKHOUNDING OREGON, Johnson.  A guide to this state’s best rockhounding sites.  Features maps, detailed directions, advice on field techniques, and collecting and preparing specimens.
280 pp.  (GE218) $19.95

ROCKHOUNDING PENNSYLVANIA AND NEW JERSEY, Beard. This book offers a complete introduction to this many-faceted hobby and is an invaluable sourcebook.
277 pp.  (GE214) $16.95

ROCKHOUNDING UTAH, Kappele.  How to find your way to the best collecting sites in the Beehive State and what mineral samples, rocks, and formations are to be found there.
180 pp.  (GE185) $12.95

ROCKHOUNDING WYOMING, Graham.  An introduction to a fascinating treasure hunt for those seeking jade, agate, bloodstone, fossils, petrified wood, fluorite, or other precious stones.  75 sites are described.
158 pp.  (GE186) $12.95

THE ROCKHOUND'S HANDBOOK, Mitchell.  Written by the author of numerous gem and trail books. This is an indispensable how-to book for the beginner, and a handy reference guide for the experienced collector.
297 pp.  (GE152) $15.95

ROCKS AND MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, Brown. Here is a book to take into all parts of California.  Saves hours of time by only describing and picturing just those kinds found in this state.
200 pp.  (GE114) $13.95

ROCKS AND MINERALS OF THE NORTHWEST, Leaming.  A great little booklet on the rocks and minerals of this area.
32 pp. (GE138)  $5.95

ROCKS FROM SPACE:  Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters, Norton. Hurtling through space from points unknown, these thunderstones crash-land on Earth where they remain to be found by rock-hounds and metal detector operators.  This is the first non-technical guide to this fascinating world of cosmic debris.  Over 200 photos.
467 pp.  (GE133) $35.00

TREASURE HUNTER'S GEM & MINERAL GUIDE, Where and How to Dig, Pan, and Mine Your Own Gems and Minerals, in Four Regional Volumes, Rygle/Pedersen. Revised 2nd editions.  Equipment and clothing, mining techniques, state-by-state listings, indexed by state, indexed by gem & mineral, and a yearly gem-related events calendar.

    NE Edition:  CT, DC, IL, IN, MA, ME, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WI.
    144 pp.  (GE157) $14.95

    SE Edition:  AR, AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV.
    150 pp.  (GE158) $14.95

    SW Edition:  AZ, CA, CO, HI, KS, NM, NV, OK, TX, UT.
    184 pp.  (GE159) $14.95

    NW Edition:  AK, IA, ID, MN, MT, NE, ND, OR, SD, WA, WY.
    156 pp.  (GE160) $14.95

WESTERN GEM HUNTER’S ATLAS, Johnson. A whole book of detailed maps showing gem and mineral locations with mileages and the type of material to be found. 
79 pp. (GE113)  $10.00

WASHINGTON & OREGON ROCKS AND MINERALS, Lynch/Lynch. A field guide to the Evergreen and Beaver States. Discover 124 rocks and minerals that can be found in the Evergreen and Beaver States with maps and photos.
320 pp.  (GE211) $14.95

WHAT’S SO MYSTERIOUS ABOUT METEORITES, Norton/Norton.  Where these mysterious rocks come from, what they’re made of, and what happens when asteroids strike Earth.
92 pp. (GE209)  $16.95


Each of the following titles is detailed in the location of gems and minerals within the designated area. Maps, locations given, of various minerals with directions to the deposits.

GEM TRAILS OF ARIZONA (Revised edition)
184 pp.  (GE102) $12.95
160 pp.  (GE142) $12.95

176 pp.  (GE141) $12.95

104 pp.  (GE105) $12.95

119 pp.  (GE106) $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF NEW MEXICO (Revised edition)
160 pp.  (GE107) $12.95

GEM TRAILS OF OREGON (Revised  edition)
192 pp.  (GE108) $18.95

GEM TRAILS OF UTAH (Revised edition)
168 pp.  (GE109) $14.95

200 pp.  (GE103) $18.95


   Prairie States (ND,SD,NE,IA,KS,MO)
  (GE111)  $10.95

WESTERN GEM HUNTERS ATLAS. 17 states, revised & updated.
(GE113)  $10.00

(GE114)  $13.95