Ghost Towns

ABANDONED VILLAGES AND GHOST TOWNS OF NEW ENGLAND, DíAgostino. Stories from 30 ghost towns in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
190 pp.  (GT214) $15.00

ARIZONA'S GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS:  A Travel Guide and History, Varney. The state is divided into 8 regions with an overview history of each.  Reliable travel info to the ghosts is provided as well as up-to-date accounts of the locations that tell what each site is like today. An interesting history of Arizona's mining boom.  10 maps.
136 pp.  (GT171) $14.95

ARIZONA TREASURE HUNTER'S GHOST TOWN GUIDE, Fox. 1868 and 1881 maps of the state show 1,200 place names, abandoned roads, forts and mining camps.
24 pp. (GT100)  $5.95

ATLAS OF COLORADO GHOST TOWNS, Boyd/ Carson. A truly remarkable piece of work.
  Vol. I - The first 31 of Colorado's 63 counties.
  134 pp.  (GT101) $16.95

  Vol. II - The last 32 of Colorado's 63 counties.
  182 pp.  (GT102) $16.95

BLACK HILLS GHOST TOWNS, Lambert/Parker. No doubt the best book written on the ghost towns found in the Hills (S.D.). 600 towns detailed. Maps, large format, 368 illustrations.
215 pp.  (GT103) $24.95

BOOM TOWNS AND RELIC HUNTERS OF NORTHEASTERN WASHINGTON, Smith.  There are a lot of ghosts to chase in this part of the county and for those of you who are ghost town-conscious here are some of NE Washington's most picturesque abandoned sites.
124 pp.  (GT203) $19.95

CALIFORNIA GHOST TOWN TRAILS, Browman. Factual, historical data on over 132 ghost towns.  Maps with mileage to some shown to the tenth of a mile.
78 pp. (GT105)  $9.95

CALIFORNIA/NEVADA GHOST TOWN ATLAS, Johnson. Listed are hundreds of possible sites within this two-state region.
48 pp. (GT106)  $4.50


Written by Aldrich, each title contains a history of the towns, current status, the geology of the area and an easy to read 16x20" pull-out topo map on which the towns are located. The books are divided by area.
Full color photos. Excellent value. $12.95 each. (Please indicate title when ordering.)

Caribou, Nederland, Ward (2008)
(GT112)  58 pp.

St. Elmo, Tin Cup, Turret (2000)
(GT116)  48 pp.

Georgetown, Idaho Springs (1997)
(GT109)  60 pp.

Holy Cross, Fulford, Hahnís Peak (2009)
(GT219)  60 pp.

Creede, Summitville (1997)
(GT120)  48 pp.

Central City, Black Hawk (2008)
(GT110)  44 pp.

Leadville, Independence (1997)
(GT114)  60 pp.

Fairplay, Alma (2008)
(GT111)  60 pp.

Aspen, Marble, Crested Butte (1992)
(GT117)  59 pp.

Westcliffe, Crestone, Bonanza (1997)
(GT118)  48 pp.

Breckenridge, Keystone (1997)
(GT113)  60 pp.

Cripple Creek, Victor (1994)
(GT115)  62 pp.

Silverton, Lake City, Ouray (1998)
(GT121)  66 pp.

Telluride, Rico, Durango (1997)
(GT122)  52 pp.

MY FAVORITE GHOSTS (Due out 11/1/09)

COLORADO GHOST TOWNS, Bauer. Over 40 ghost towns located and described. Highway locations are shown on beautiful 7-color map.
48 pp. (GT144)  $6.95

COLORADO GHOST TOWNS, PAST AND PRESENT, Brown. History, nostalgia, and detailed travel directions combine to provide background for exploring sixty-five of CO's ghost towns and mining camps.
322 pp.  (GT195) $14.95

COLORADO GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS, Dallas. 147 towns and camps listed.  Special maps of the region have been prepared since most of the places are no longer shown on modern day maps.  14 maps, large format, paperback.
264 pp.  (GT108) $32.95

DEAD TOWNS OF ALABAMA, Harris. Once again available.  A thoroughly absorbing panorama of Alabama's history. A vivid look at 83 Indian towns, 77 fort sites, and 112 colonial, territorial and state towns.
155 pp.  (GT124) $19.95

DEATH VALLEY GHOST TOWNS, VOL. 1, Paher. Although best known for the borax mining, there are two distinct periods of gold and silver mining.  About 35 mining camps included. Map, large format.
48 pp. (GT125)  $6.95

DEATH VALLEY GHOST TOWNS, VOL. 2, Paher. An addition to the above title with no duplication. Map, large format.
32 pp. (GT126)  $6.95

DUST IN THE WIND, Speck. The first and only guidebook to focus on the best ghost towns in all 50 states.  Over 500 locations from across the U.S. are featured.
256 pp.  (GT178) $19.95

EASTERN CALIFORNIA TREASURE HUNTER'S GHOST TOWN GUIDE, Fox.  1860 and 1881 maps show 700 place names, mining camps, abandoned roads, springs, all in Alpine, Mono, Inyo, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.
24 pp. (GT127)  $4.95

FADED DREAMS:  MORE GHOST TOWNS OF KANSAS, Fitzgerald. 106 previously un-described ghosts of the state. Provided is info on whether the site is a total ghost and completely gone, or just a site of abandoned ruins or foundations, or if there are a few remaining inhabitants. Historical descriptions of all. 10 maps.
304 pp.  (GT170) $14.95

GHOST SITES OF SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO, Carson. Sites, mines, stations, old trails.  Large format.
40 pp. (GT132)  $7.95

GHOST TOWN LOCATIONS IN FLORIDA, Warneke.  Back in print!  Revised and updated.  350 forgotten ghost towns pinpointed by county.  A comprehensive list and history of the state's ghosts.
16 pp. (GT136)  $6.00

GHOST TOWN SITES, THEN AND NOW, Preston. A packet of maps locating the ghost towns of the state complete with overlays of the modern road system for reference purposes.

    Arizona  (MP206)
    Colorado (MP218)
    Idaho  (MP198)
    Montana  (MP220)
    Nevada (MP213)
    New Mexico (MP224)
    Northern California  (MP210)
    Oregon (MP201)
    Southern California  (MP211)
    Washington (MP202)

    All map sets are $12.95 each.

GHOST TOWNS AND DROWNED TOWNS OF WEST KOOTENAY, Turnbull.  Arrowhead, Beaton and Needles are among the drowned, Cody, Three Forks, Poplar, Waterloo, Goldfields, Gerrard, Brooklyn, Cascade and a host of others vanished. Here is the story of over 50 ghostly relics of West Kootewnay.
110 pp.  (GT197) $11.95

GHOST TOWNS AND HISTORICAL HAUNTS IN ARIZONA, Heatwole.  Photos are used to illustrate the stories and historical events of the state. Maps.
144 pp.  (GT133) $12.95

GHOST TOWNS AND LOST TREASURES, Traywick.  Lost mines and treasures above and below the international border with Mexico, and a brief history of Cochise County, Arizona ghost towns.
199 pp.  (GT205) $14.95

324 pp.  (GT168) $19.95

GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS OF NEW MEXICO, Sherman. 10 Maps, large format.
280 pp.  (GT134) $24.95

GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS OF THE BOUNDARY COUNTRY, Basque.  History of a forgotten part of British Columbia from Osoyoos east to the Kootenays. Several maps and town-site plan are included.
152 pp.  (GT190) $22.95

GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS OF VANCOUVER ISLAND, Paterson/Basque. Numerous maps and black and white, and full colored photos, of the ghost towns and mining camps of Vancouver Island.
104 pp.  (GT185) $21.95

GHOST TOWNS AND OTHER QUIRKY PLACES IN THE NEW JERSEY PINE BARRENS, Solem/Stull. This book tells about whole Pine Barrens towns that have disappeared and what role they played before they disappear into history.
350 pp.  (GT213) $19.95

GHOST TOWNS OF ALBERTA, Fryer. Company town, religious settlement, lumber and mining camps, forts, and sometimes no more than a store and grain elevator, this was a typical small Alberta town at the turn of the century.
190 pp.  (GT219) $5.95

GHOST TOWNS OF ARIZONA, Bauer. Remnants of the mining days. Full-color pages with a center-spread map of the ghost towns.
48 pp. (GT173)  $6.95

GHOST TOWNS OF ARIZONA, Sherman. Covers the entire state. 13 maps, large format.
218 pp.  (GT135) $24.95

GHOST TOWNS OF CALIFORNIA. Remnants of the Mining Days. Full color guide, bound in water-repellent film laminated cover.  Extensive center-spread map of the ghost locations highlighted.
48 pp. (GT174)  $6.95

GHOST TOWNS OF MICHIGAN, Wakefield.  These are stories of land speculators, wildcat bankers, boom-and-bust lumber barons, pioneers who refused to give up, and small towns with big ideas that didn't quite pan out.

  VOL. I 183 pp.  (GT152) $16.95

  VOL. II  266 pp. (GT153)  $16.95 

  VOL. III 146  pp. (GT200)  $15.95

GHOST TOWNS OF MONTANA:  A Classic Tour Through the Treasure Stateís Historic Sites, Miller.  An invaluable resource for ghost town tourists and history buffs alike.
166 pp.  (GT212) $16.95

GHOST TOWNS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Varney.  Ghost town authority Varney brings this region to life.  Large format, 159 color photos, 13 maps, index, bibliography.
160 pp.  (GT194) $21.95

GHOST TOWNS OF OKLAHOMA, Morris. Title says it all. Maps, large format.
240 pp.  (GT139) $21.95

GHOST TOWNS OF TEXAS, Baker. 88 of the "best" ghost towns in the state. Criteria for the selection of the towns included three items; the site had to have something to be seen (ruins, abandoned buildings, etc.) second, the sites had to have public access and third, all the state had to be represented. Each town site includes map and full directions for reaching it with details as to the town as it once was and as it looks today. Bibliography for further research. 89 maps, large format.
208 pp.  (GT141) $24.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, Silverberg.  The American mining frontier can be traced in the ghost towns - from the camps of Californiaís forty-niners to the twentieth-century ruins in the Nevada desert.
309 pp.  (GT215) $12.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE COLORADO ROCKIES, Brown.  This book features information and travel directions for sixty of Colorado's ghost towns and mining camps.  Photos, maps.
401 pp.  (GT182) $17.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE MOUNTAIN WEST, Varney.  Your guide to the hidden history and old west haunts of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. Featured are maps, directions, town histories, and stunning color photographs of more than 50 sites.
320 pp.  (GT217) $24.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE NORTHWEST, Weis.  Sixty-two ghost towns from OR, WA, ID, WY, MT are individually described with directions on how to find them.
319 pp.  (GT183) $17.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Varney.  Both a fascinating history of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and a trustworthy travel guide to the regionís ghost towns. Arranged geographically and featuring detailed maps that make traveling the area a breeze.  Rich color photos, large format. 
160 pp.  (GT208) $19.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE ROCKIES, Burkholder.  Tours over 60 towns in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah that experienced boom and bust cycles. Juicy pieces of history captured in sidebars.
192 pp.  (GT216) $17.00

GHOST TOWNS OF THE SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, Young.  A fascinating human and cultural history of the Santa Cruz Mountains from 1850 to the middle of the 20th Century.
144 pp.  (GT204) $14.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE SOUTHWEST, Hinckley and James.  This is your guide to the historic mining camps and ghost towns of Arizona and New Mexico.  Historic buildings, abandoned schoolhouses, old mills, and overgrown cemeteries offer fascinating glimpses of the past.
255 pp.  (GT218) $21.95

GHOSTS OF THE COLORADO PLAINS, Eberhart. The author traces some 150 ill-fated settlements south and east of Denver, providing accounts of their birth, peak activity, and ultimate demise.
253 pp.  (GT192) $29.95

GHOSTS OF THE GLORY TRAIL, Murbarger.  274 ghost towns are listed for all Nevada counties with an additional listing providing the names of 225 other sites which include some in eastern California and western Utah.
316 pp.  (GT145) $19.95

GOLD TOWN TO GHOST TOWN, The Story of Silver City, Idaho, Welch.
128 pp.  (GT151) $12.95

GUIDE TO THE COLORADO GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS, Eberhart.  If you can only afford one ghost town book for the state, this is the one. Maps.
496 pp.  (GT146) $19.95

GULF SOUTH JOURNAL, Serpas.  Originally written as a guide to the back locations of the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Florida, this book has turned into a treasure source for locations of old forts, camps, towns, pirate lures, etc.
166 pp.  (GT147) $12.95

HAUNTED HIGHWAYS, Looney.  Ghost towns of New Mexico.  Photos and easy to read historical background material. Large format.
220 pp.  (GT148) $17.95

HISTORICAL GUIDE TO UTAH GHOST TOWNS, Carr.  Vivid descriptions of over 150 sites are accompanied by 194 photographs, 26 maps, and Stephen Carrís detailed classification for each town. Large format.
174 pp.  (GT198) $24.95

HUNTING THE GHOST TOWNS, Carson. Ever popular book on ghost-towning, mainly centered on Colorado towns.  Techniques and information provided on hunting ghosts can be applicable to other states as well.
84 pp. (GT172)  $8.95

LUMBER GHOSTS: A Travel Guide to the Historic Lumber Towns of the Pacific Northwest, Erickson.  Guides the back roads traveler to about 80 historic sawmill towns in various stages of decline. Organized into six different auto tours with detailed directions, maps, old town plans and historic photos.
120 pp.  (GT177) $16.95

MICHIGAN GHOST TOWNS, Dodge. Very little has been written about Michigan ghost towns. This series of books is the first ever published on the subject.

   Lower Peninsula  312 pp. (GT181)  $15.95

MINING CAMPS AND GHOST TOWNS ALONG THE LOWER COLORADO IN ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA, Love.  A history of the mineral frontier in the lower Colorado region. Many chapters are devoted to detailing and pinpointing places in the search.  Cloth.
192 pp.  (GT154) $19.95

THE MINING CAMPS SPEAK, Sagstetter/Sagstetter. If you have visited ghost town sites and were disappointed because there was "nothing left" here is the book you have been waiting for.  Illustrated with 100s of photographs.  Large format.
293 pp.  (GT199) $22.95

MONTANA GHOST TOWNS/MINING CAMPS, Whitfield. The book provides a detailed on-the-site description and 450 crisp photographs of some 71 historic locations in Montana.  Regions covered include Garnet Range, the Big Hole Basin, the Deer Lodge area, Clark Fork country, the Great (Continental) Divide, Missouri Headwaters, the Big Belt District, and Montana Territory.
240 pp.  (GT211) $19.95

MONTANA PAY DIRT, Wolle. A classic guide to the mining camps of Montana. One of the best sources available. 22 maps, large format.
436 pp.  (GT155) $24.95

MORE TEXAS GHOST TOWNS, Baker. A companion volume to his "Ghost Towns of Texas".  Includes 24 sites not covered in the previous edition. Many have never before appeared in any ghost town guide.
210 pp.  (GT207) Cloth $34.95 Paper $24.95

MYSTERIES AND LEGENDS OF GEORGIA, Rhodes.  True stories of the unsolved and unexplained. Fourteen mind-boggling tales from the Peach State.
181 pp.  (HR268) $14.95

MYSTERIES AND LEGENDS OF TEXAS, Ingham.  True stories of the unsolved and unexplained. A dozen mind-boggling tales from the Lone Star State.
177 pp.  (HR267) $14.95

NAMELESS TOWNS, Texas Sawmill Communities, 1880-1942, Sitton/Conrad. Sawmill communities were once the thriving centers of East Texas life.
257 pp.  (GT184) $24.95

NEVADA GHOST TOWN TRAILS, Browman. Listed are 120 ghost towns within the state with detailed maps.
80 pp. (GT157)  $12.95

NEVADA TREASURE HUNTER'S GHOST TOWN GUIDE, Fox.  24 page booklet with early 1867 and 1881 maps of the state showing 800 locations, mining camps, abandoned roads.
24 pp. (GT156)  $5.95

NEVADA'S TURBULENT YESTERDAY, Ashbaugh.  Tales of long-gone boom towns and the rugged individuals who built them.  More than 3,000 listed. Cloth.
349 pp.  (GT158) $22.95

NEW MEXICO, TEXAS GHOST TOWNS, Florin. One of a series of books by Florin.  A guide to ghost towns in these states, and how to get there.
80 pp. (GT189)  $5.95

NEW MEXICO'S BEST GHOST TOWNS, Varney. A  practical guide - good directions given along with short historical background.  Large format.
190 pp.  (GT159) $17.95

ROMANCING NEVADA'S PAST: Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander and White Pine Counties, Hall.  (Central/eastern Nevada)  Both a history and guidebook to sites and towns - arranged alphabetically county-by-county for quick reference. Easy to follow directions for locating.  4 maps.
264 pp.  (GT169) $24.95

SILENT TOWNS ON THE PRAIRIE, Brovald.  North Dakotaís disappearing towns & farms.  The essence of why these towns were born and why they are now disappearing and becoming ghost towns. Large format.
121 pp.  (GT209) $19.95

SOME DREAMS DIE: Utahís Lost Towns and Lost Treasures, Thompson.  400 towns listed. Probably the most thorough guide to Utahís ghosts ever assembled.  Large format, 12 maps.
264 pp.  (GT161) $25.00

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEST GHOST TOWNS:  A Practical Guide, Varney.  A guide to 60 of the best ghosts in the state - grouped in four chapters - Inyo County, Death Valley, the Mohave Desert and Kern River and the area surrounding LA and San Diego.  Map for each chapter with directions to location.  Also tips on use of particular topo maps for further research. Cloth, maps, large format.
192 pp.  (GT162) $19.95

SOUTHERN IDAHO GHOST TOWNS, Sparling.  Maps pinpoint the locations of these old towns scattered throughout the state.  84 names covered.
135 pp.  (GT160) $12.95

SOUTHWESTERN GHOST TOWN ATLAS, Johnson.  A do-it-yourself guide to lead you back to the scenes and towns of our early west.  Cities and towns of modern times are shown in black ink.  Ghost towns and historic places appear with anecdotes giving their years and importance, all in red outline.
48 pp. (GT163)  $5.95

STAMPEDE TO TIMBERLINE, Wolle. This book includes the story of 240 of Colorado's mining camps with emphasis on the human side. 22 maps give the location of each one and serve as a guide for those who want to reach them.
583 pp.  (GT187) $34.95

TALES AND TOWNS OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY, Beck.  Does for northern New Jersey what the previous books did for southern New Jersey.
347 pp.  (GT131) $18.95

TEXAS FORGOTTEN PORTS, VOL. 2, Guthrie.  River ports on the Red, Brazos and Rio Grande Rivers, includes landings on Caddo Lake, ports of Jefferson, Houston and Galveston, Buffalo Bayou landings, San Luis, Freebooters. Notes, bibliography, 13 maps, cloth.
292 pp.  (GT175) $23.95

UNIQUE GHOST TOWNS AND MOUNTAIN SPOTS, Bancroft. Points of interest are discussed that are often overlooked.  (Colo. material).
100 pp.  (GT165) $5.95

UTAH GHOST TOWNS, Carr.  The historical guide to Utah ghost towns. Vivid descriptions of over 150 sites are accompanied by 194 photographs, 26 maps and Stephen Carrís detailed classification for each town.
174 pp.  (GT198) $24.95

WESTERN ARIZONA GHOST TOWNS, Paher.  Covers Yuma area, Gila City, Laguna, LaPax, Ehrenburg, in addition to many, many others. Large format.
64 pp. (GT166)  $12.95

YUKON GHOST TOWN ATLAS, Basque.  Limited quantity. Designed in such a way that the reader should have no difficulty understanding the maps or following their progression into the Yukon.  Large format.
32 pp. (GT167)  $4.95