AMERICA B.C., Fell.  The first major work to penetrate the mysteries of ancient European inhabitants in America as far back as 800 B.C. Enhanced with over 100 photos and sketches.  Bibliography.
352 pp.  (SI115) $14.95

BAD MEN AND BAD TOWNS, Lee.  Frontier days were rugged in early Nebraska and this book chronicles the violent events from 1823 to 1925, from Indian conflicts to criminal acts that destroyed the peacefulness of the prairie. Large format.
(HR119)  $14.95

BATTLEFIELDS OF NEBRASKA, Phillips.  Nebraska has been the scene of some of the most significant clashes in Western history, but they are too often only dimly remembered.  Index, bibliography.
200 pp.  (HR263) $18.95

A BUMPY RIDE:  A History of Stage-coaching in Colorado, Burke. Passengers often overlooked the hardships and only remembered the speed, the beauty, and the excitement of a Colorado stagecoach trip.
202 pp.  (HR255) $15.95

THE CONQUEST OF THE MISSOURI, Hanson.  This is the 1909 story of the opening of the Northwest told from the perspective of Capt. Grant Marsh who helped to survey the Upper Missouri River and pioneered steamboat travel to the area.
480 pp.  (HR229) $12.95
CRAZY WATER: The Story of Mineral Wells and Other Texas Health Resorts, Gowler. A look at mineral water resorts, large and small, from one end of the state to the other.  Photos, map.
292 pp.  (HR121) $15.95

THE DAKOTA WAR OF 1862:  Minnesota’s Other Civil War, Carley.  The Dakota War erupted during the summer of 1862 while the Civil War raged in the South and East. It was one of the bloodiest of the U.S. Indian Wars and eventually resulted in the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. Large Format.
102 pp.  (HR254) $16.95

DEADLY DAYS IN KANSAS, Lee.  This state was the scene of some of the most violent incidents in Western history. This book documents those wild early days in the Jayhawk State.
130 pp.  (HR200) $14.95

DESERT LAKE, Wheeler.  The story of Nevada's Pyramid Lake. Revised. A large portion of the book is devoted to the history of the area which includes relations with the Indians.
139 pp.  (HR122) $10.95

DESPERADOES OF THE OZARKS, Wood. Sensational true stories, from the 1860s through the 1960s. Robberies, murders, hijackings, heists, and feuds are the subject of this collection of criminal incidents throughout the Ozarks. Includes more than 20 stories.
240 pp.  (HR266) $15.95

DILLINGER: The Untold Story, Girardin/Helmer. A most unusual book in the annals of modern true-crime writing.  The bulk of the text was written 60 years ago and never before published. 64 b/w photos, 22 illustrations.
368 pp.  (HR224) $21.95

EARLY KANSAS:  An Historical Atlas, Preston/Preston. A compilation of early and current maps illustrating the historical changes of the state.  A "must have" for researchers of Kansas history.
124 pp.  (HR223) $19.95

FORGOTTEN TALES OF FLORIDA, Patterson. With such a rich and significant history, it’s only natural that some of the best stories from the Sunshine State have been forgotten over time.
128 pp.  (HR271) $15.00

FRONTIER ILLINOIS, Davis.  The story of Illinois from the Ice Age to the eve of the Civil War. 13 b/w photos, 5 maps, notes, bibliography.
432 pp.  (HR216) $18.95

FRONTIER INDIANA, Cayton.  A readable and rewarding history of Indiana from 1700 to 1850.  Clayton makes the experience of exploration and settlement real and exciting for all readers.
360 pp.  (HR217) $19.95

FRONTIER KENTUCKY, Rice. The early history of the Bluegrass State is a colorful and significant chapter in the expansion of the American Frontier. Cloth.
139 pp.  (HR221) $19.95

FRONTIER TALES OF TENNESSEE, Davis.  A collection of tales of people and events that span two centuries from pre-revolutionary days into the 1800s.
190 pp.  (HR213) $14.95

GHOST CAMPS AND BOOM TOWNS, Roe. An important and eminently readable account of camps and towns that made northwest history in the state of Washington.
282 pp.  (HR210) $14.95

THE GREAT AMERICAN OUTLAW: A Legacy of Fact and Fiction, Prassel. An engaging and anecdotal exploration of the background, history, legends, social context and representation of the outlaw from Robin Hood to Thelma and Louise.
412 pp.  (HR208) $16.95

GREAT LAKES HEROES AND VILLAINS, Kadar.  Stories of the heroes of the U.S. and Canadian Lifesaving Service and Coast Guard.  Also stories of pirates, lumber thieves and gangsters who controlled prostitution, illegal liquor sales, murder for hire, drug sales and anything else illegal in the Great Lakes, and who would kill to protect their profits.
200 pp.  (HR270) $16.95

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF ARIZONA, Walker/Bufken.  Seventy-one detailed maps.  Good maps on gold/mineral locations, stage stops, forts, etc. Large format.
152 pp.  (HR132) $24.95

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF KANSAS.  Large format. Similar to the above listing.  89 Maps.
187 pp.  (HR135) $24.95

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF OKLAHOMA, Morris.  Revised edition.  Cloth, large format, maps.
166 pp.  (HR138) $39.95

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF TEXAS, Stephens/Holmes.  Like all other historical atlases, this will not pertain 100% to treasure hunting, however, there will be enough in it to provide some help, especially the maps showing the historical progression of the state.  64 maps, bibliography, large format.
160 pp.  (HR139) $24.95

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF WASHINGTON STATE, Scott. In 77 maps and accompanying texts, this atlas presents the history of Washington state from prehistoric times to the present.  Cloth, large format.
180 pp.  (HR219) $29.95


These titles written as WPA projects during the Depression are some of the best treasure guides to the states that you can find anywhere. Great for coin-shooters and ghost-towners. REMEMBER!! Research Unlimited was the first to bring these to the attention of treasure hunters for their research aid.

442 pp.  (HR127) $24.95

713 pp.  (HR277)   $24.95

489 pp.  (HR204) $22.50

514 pp.  (HR107) $17.95

235 pp.  (HR108) $16.95

430 pp.  (HR188) $23.95

424 pp.  (HR257) $19.95

458 pp.  (HR112) $34.95

601 pp.  (HR110) $39.95 (Cloth)

441 pp.  (HR248) $19.95

740 pp.  (HR231) $35.00 (Cloth)

651 pp.  (HR248) $19.95

HISTORICAL SPRINGS OF THE VIRGINIAS, Cohen.  The historic springs, spas and resorts of both states have been an important part of the area economy for over 200 years. 75 resorts covered and information completed. Many have already passed into oblivion.  Maps, 250 photos, large format.
216 pp.  (HR143) $17.95

HISTORIC TOWNS OF TEXAS, Davis.  Fascinating accounts of people, places and things in Texas.

    VOL. 1 East & West Columbia, Egypt, Matagorda, Houston, Texana, Helena. Cloth.
    269 pp.  (HR131) $24.95

    VOL. 2 Gonzales, Jefferson, Columbus. Cloth.
    291 pp.  (HR148) $24.95

HISTORY FROM THE HIGHWAYS: WYOMING, Schmidt/Blevins.  Discover the fascinating heritage of the Cowboy State in this comprehensive and detailed traveler's guidebook.
272 pp.  (HR144) $18.95

ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE SITES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Ney.  Over 100 battlefields, military parks, forts, historic sites and buildings, museums and archives are covered. Includes visitor information for all of the sites listed.  Includes 135 historical and full-color illustrations and 20 pages of maps.
272 pp.  (HR260) $19.95

A LIVING HISTORY OF THE OZARKS, Rossiter.  Covers all six of the major regions that make up the storied Ozarks.
487 pp.  (HR207) $19.95

LOOTING SPIRO MOUNDS, LaVere.  How an ancient North American civilization was plundered in the 20th century.  Every Oklahoman and every student of Indian history will be richer for reading this gripping and detailed account of the looting of Spiro Mounds.  2 maps.
256 pp.  (HR258) $24.95

MICHIGAN ROGUES, DESPERADOES, CUT-THROATS, Powers. Ruthless killers, cruel predators, bold outlaws, unprincipled scoundrels, rowdy misfits. The stories of these characters, and their supporting staff, in frontier Michigan are told in this book.
132 pp.  (HR232) $12.95

MONTANA'S HISTORICAL HIGHWAY MARKERS, Bradshaw.  164 locations with the history of the sign and its creators. Over 30 fort locations, robbers roost, trails, mines, Indians, battles, etc. Remember:  Most historical markers are on but a very small part of the historical site, if at all. Sometimes the marker is just on the edge or a little distance away from the actual site. There may be plenty of surrounding land or the exact site itself to hunt if you do a little further research and obtain the necessary permission.
136 pp.  (HR177) $13.95

MORE TALES OF TENNESSEE, Davis.  More stories about the people and events that went into the making of the great state of Tennessee.
192 pp.  (HR214) $14.95

MORE TRUE TALES OF OLD-TIME KANSAS, Day. A sequel to the above title. No duplication.  Stories of outlaws and lawmen, buried treasures, trail ride adventures and more. Also included the exploits of bank/train robber Bill Doolen, hermits, trappers, the revenge and vengeance of Bloody Bill Anderson and Dutch Henry and others.
228 pp.  (HR151) $12.95

THE NEVADA DESERT, Wheeler.  Information on the historical aspects of the Nevada desert from Indian affairs to memories of living persons.  Accounts of archeological explorations at Tule Springs and The Lost City - also the Indian war of 1855-1866.  Covers modern day recreational areas too.
168 pp.  (HR152) $10.95

NEVADA TOWNS AND TALES, Paher. Divided into northern and southern Nevada editions.  Chapters on each county, with much material on ghost towns, legends, Indians. Large format, index.
Volume 1:  Northern Edition  (HR153) 224 pp.  $24.95.
Volume 2:  Southern Edition  (HR154) 224 pp.  $24.95

NEVADA'S BLACK ROCK DESERT, Wheeler. The fascinating history of this unusual part of our earth found in Nevada - from the first white explorers to the lost mines and Indian wars.
196 pp.  (HR155) $9.95

THE OHIO FRONTIER, Hurt. Anyone conducting research on the history of the Northwest Territory and the Ohio Frontier will want to start with this book.
418 pp.  (HR212) $21.95

OLD RAIL FENCE CORNERS, Morris.  Frontier tales told by Minnesota pioneers.  Personal stories of hardship and happiness told by 154 early Minnesota settlers from 1840-1860.
344 pp.  (HR162) $16.95

OLD TRADING POSTS OF THE FOUR CORNERS, Burkholz. A guide to early-day trading posts established on or around the Navajo, Hopi, and Ute Mountain Ute reservations.
192 pp.  (HR256) $16.95

OLD YAMHILL: The Early History of Its Towns and Cities, Stoller.  The early history of 10 towns of the county. Excellent local history (Oregon).  Large format, vintage photos, maps.
106 pp.  (HR163) $15.00

OWYHEE TRAILS: The West's Forgotten Corner, Hanley/Lucis.  The Owy-hees have been the site of mining booms and Indian battles, holdups and range wars. Precious metals abound on their slopes.
225 pp.  (HR164) $14.95

OZARKS, BAPTIZINGS, HANGINGS AND OTHER DIVERSIONS, Gillmore. Excellent source for coin-hunters paradise. Locations given of historic gatherings of the rural folk through the years.  Material dated from 1885-1910. Cloth, map.
296 pp.  (HR165) $19.95

OZARKS, GUNFIGHTS, AND OTHER NOTORIOUS INCIDENTS, Wood.  From Wild Bill Hickock’s quick-draw duel in Springfield, Missouri, to the escapades of Roy “Arkansas Tom” Daugherty, readers will be intrigued by the incidents chronicled in this account of mayhem in the Ozarks.
240 pp.  (HR264) $15.95

PIONEER DAYS IN THE EARLY SOUTHWEST, Foreman.  This pioneering work is about the traders, trappers, and explorers in the vast area that would become Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado.
345 pp.  (HR265) $14.95

QUEST FOR EMPIRE:  Spanish Settlement in the Southwest, Cutter/Endstrand.  A unique look at the interaction between Native peoples and the first Europeans who explored and settled in the area that is now the southwestern United States.  Cloth.
358 pp.  (HR261) $27.95

THE ROBIN HOOD OF EL DORADO, Burns.  The saga of Joaquim Murieta, famous outlaw of California's Age of Gold.
304 pp.  (HR227) $17.95

SOLDIERS OF TEXAS, (7 authors).  The tenth in an outstanding series of books on Texas history. The fighting units covered range from the Texas Army during the San Jacinto Campaign to the 36th Division of World War II.  Cloth.
160 pp.  (HR211) $24.95

SOUTH CAROLINA AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Gordon.  An estimated one-third of all combat actions in the American Revolution took place in South Carolina.  In the end, South Carolina became the decisive battleground.
260 pp.  (HR250) $19.95

SOUTH CAROLINA'S REVOLUTIONARY WAR BATTLESITES, Barbour. More Revolutionary War battles were fought in South Carolina than in any other state. At least 250 well-documented conflicts took place in the Palmetto State, including three of the war’s most decisive battles:  Camden, Cowpens, and Kings Mountain. Details and directions to forty-five of the sites are found in this book.  Includes maps and photographs.
128 pp.  (HR230) $14.95

SPAIN IN THE SOUTHWEST, Kessell. A narrative history of Colonial New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California.  Well illustrated.
462 pp.  (HR234) $24.95

SPANISH TEXAS, 1519-1821, Chipman. The story of Spain’s 300-year presence and continuing influence in the land that has become Texas.
343 pp.  (HR243) $19.95

THE SPRINGS OF TEXAS, Vol. 1, Brune. Revised second edition.  Historically the springs provided refreshing stops for early explorers, stage coaches, and river boats; power for mills and health-restoring minerals at spas.  Many towns grew up around springs, and more recently they have been important recreation centers.
566 pp.  (HR242) $75.00

STAGE-COACH DAYS IN THE BLUEGRASS, Coleman Jr. First published in 1935, a rich and rewarding glimpse into life in nineteenth-century Kentucky.  An entertaining narrative certain to delight modern-day readers.  Cloth.
286 pp.  (HR235) $27.50

STAGECOACH, Fradkin. Wells Fargo and the American West. A fascinating and rare combination of western and business history.  Cloth.
250 pp.  (HR240h)  $27.50

STAGECOACH AND TAVERN TALES OF THE OLD NORTHWEST, Cole.  Life in the taverns along the stagecoach lines in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois from the early 1800s until the 1880s.
376 pp.  (HR196) $19.95

TAKING THE WATERS IN TEXAS, Valenza. Springs, Spas and Fountains of Youth:  Though most are closed and nearly forgotten today, Texas spas and resorts once drew thousands of visitors from across the country.
265 pp.  (HR246) $24.95

THIS HERE’S A STICKUP: The Big Bad Book of American Bank Robbery, Sweirczynski. The first comprehensive history of American bank robbers and their ever-evolving methods of making large withdrawls...illegally.
289 pp.  (HR252) $16.95

TRAILS TO GOLD, Vol. 1, Patenaud.  Pioneer inns of the Gold Rush.  Miners, murderers, and missionaries, hurdy-gurdy girls and high court judges; all sorts of people headed for the gold fields of British Columbia beginning in the 1850s, and they all had to eat and sleep on the way...
201 pp.  (HR241) $14.95

TRAILS TO GOLD, Vol 2, Patenaud. Of the nearly one hundred roadhouses that existed between 1858 and the 1930s only a few are still standing, and two of those have become provincial parks, open to the public.
288 pp.  (HR244) $18.95

TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE PONY EXPRESS TRAIL, Bensen.  For a brief period in 1860-1861, an elite group of daring young couriers raced between St. Joe, MO. and Sacramento, CA. to deliver mail and messages.  They traveled 1,966 miles in just ten days. Details where to go, what to see and what to do along this famous route.
200 pp.  (HR189) $12.95

TRUE TALES OF OLD-TIME KANSAS, Day.  True-life episodes from Kansas' past. One chapter on treasure - Quantrill, Daltons, DuPratz, gold mines. Excellent source material.
336 pp.  (HR150) $9.95

VIOLENCE IN THE BLACK PATCH OF KENTUCKY AND TENNESSEE, Marshall. The author provides a thorough, engrossing depiction of the role played by violence in the development of the Black Patch culture of western Kentucky and middle Tennessee.  Cloth.
198 pp.  (HR237h)  $39.95

WATER MILLS OF THE MISSOURI OZARKS, Suggs. Tells the stories of twenty Ozark mills. Tourists, mill enthusiasts and armchair historians will want to won this book.
204 pp.  (HR180) $19.95

WILD TOWNS OF NEBRASKA, Lee. Almost every pioneer town in Nebraska, large or small, had skeletons to tuck away in its closet.  The author has uncovered some of these. He covers ten towns - river towns, ranch towns, railroad towns, towns along the Texas and Black Hills. Trails.  Large format.
147 pp.  (HR182) $17.95

THE WISCONSIN FRONTIER, Wyman. In this volume the author describes for us the vast panorama of varied peoples and diverse landscapes that would come to be known as Wisconsin. 7 maps, cloth.
360 pp.  (HR218) $29.95

WPA GUIDE TO 1930’s IOWA, Federal Writer’s Project.  A panorama of the Hawkeye State as it was during the Great Depression. Rarely has so much information about a place been gathered in a single volume.
623 pp.  (HR259) $24.95

WPA GUIDE TO NEBRASKA. First published in 1939, the guide to the Cornhusker State makes available to the reader information that is not readily accessible outside of archives.  Rewarding reading for the armchair traveler and a companion for the tourist.
424 pp.  (HR257) $19.95

WPA GUIDE TO SOUTH DAKOTA. This unique guide has much more than nostalgia to offer today’s readers. Essays on major themes such as native peoples, history, architecture, transportation, and recreation provide an authentic self-portrait of 1930s South Dakota in humorous, loving, and literary prose.
441 pp.  (HR249) $19.95

* NEW * WPA Guide to the Golden State: California in the 1930s. More than 700 pages of information describing the history, culture and roadside attractions of California in the 1930s.
713 pp.  (HR277)   $24.95

WPA GUIDE TO VIRGINIA. A reprint by the State Library of Virginia.  Compiled by the workers of the Writer's Program of the WPA in the State of Virginia.  101 illustrations.  Cloth.
740 pp.  (HR231) $35.00

WPA GUIDE TO WISCONSIN.  A candid, detailed, and lively introduction to the state and its people.  An evocative reminder of the state’s past and a challenge to contemporary readers who seek to find how the past lives on today.
651 pp.  (HR248) $19.95


ROADSIDE HISTORY OF ARKANSAS, Paulson. The story of stock-raising highlanders and slave-owning lowlanders whose different ways of life clashed and divided the state. Arkansans lived well from the bounty of the land until war tore this "Land of Opportunity" apart and it plummeted into economic ruin - a condition from which it has been slow to emerge.
480 pp.  (HR176) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF ARIZONA, Trimble.  A grand tour along the highways of one of the last frontiers where the remnants of pre-historic cities are scattered across the state's deserts, canyons and plateaus. The area is alive with rustic ghost towns reflecting stories gold and silver rushes of the past.  Good for the armchair adventurer as well as the man in the field.
480 pp.  (HR167) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA, Pittman. Takes you over mountains, across deserts, and along shorelines to places where history happened.  The author writes about the gold rush, the missions, the cultural diversity and issues as old as the state - water social programs, the environment, and much more.
415 pp.  (HR195) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF COLORADO, McTighe. Revised edition. Highway travel in Colorado will never be dull with this gold mine of state history close at hand.
400 pp.  (HR198) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF FLORIDA, Waitley.  An excellent historical introduction to many of the most interesting cities and sights in the Sunshine State.  Of great value to visitors, but also to native Floridians who want to visit historic places within the state.
383 pp.  (HR184) $17.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF IDAHO, Derig.  Page after page, the most telling and compelling episodes of Idaho's past leap forth to quench your thirst for knowledge, feed your hunger for history, and satisfy your curiosity.
480 pp.  (HR175) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF LOUISIANA, Robinson, An appealing adventure through Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and of course, The Big Easy, as well as historic plantations, tiny bayou towns, and old railroad stops.
350 pp.  (HR251) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF MONTANA, Spritzer. More than a travel guide and warmer than an academic history book.
432 pp.  (HR209) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF NEW MEXICO, Fugate.  For 40 years, the authors have traveled the state probing its unique history. Today's highways follow the ancient trails of yesteryear and this book is written to give the reader an appreciation of the past as he travels in the present.
336 pp.  (HR169) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF NEBRASKA, Moulton. From early French and Spanish explorers to modern agriculture and the ongoing plight of Native Americans, the complete story of Nebraska unfolds here.
450 pp.  (HR194) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF NEVADA, Moreno.  There's more to Nevada than one-armed bandits, cheap buffets, and Elvis impersonators and this book proves it.
286 pp.  (HR215) $21.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF OKLAHOMA, Fugate.  A view of the state that will increase your appreciation for it. Chock-full of stories about conflict, settlement, enterprise, and victory.
456 pp.  (HR170) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF OREGON, Gulick.  Takes readers through time from Lewis and Clark's journey to Chinese miners working the depths of Hells Canyon, to lighthouses off the storm-wracked coast and more.
48 pp. (HR171)  $23.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF SOUTH DAKOTA, Hasselstrom. The history, the mines, the towns and the events of importance that helped shape the state.  Maps.
480 pp.  (HR173) $17.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF TEXAS, Metz. An intimate look at the state - a historical chronicle of people and events spanning the lifetime of the state. Maps.
489 pp.  (HR174) $19.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF UTAH, Bennett. Details the state's major  historical events.  Historical tales and insightful commentary.
500 pp.  (HR206) $17.95

ROADSIDE HISTORY OF WYOMING, Moulton.  Native Americans, mountain men, emigrants, cattle and sheep drovers, miners, builders, merchants, politicians and their descendants. They are all in these pages.
480 pp.  (HR181) $17.95