AMERICAN AXES, Kauffman. Illustrates and identifies the great variety of North American axes dating from the Colonial period to the present.  Includes a unique roster of all known American axe manufacturers since the 18th century.
152 pp.  (ID218) $14.95


2016 NORTH AMERICAN COINS & PRICES, Krause.  A guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican coins.
541 pp.  (ID100) $23.00

EARLY AMERICAN TOKENS, 1700-1832, Rulau. Every known private token and counter-mark coin issued during the period from 1700-1832 is catalogued and valued. Illustrated, large format.
96 pp. (ID101)  $12.95

LATIN AMERICAN TOKENS, Rulau.  An illustrated, priced catalog of the unofficial coinage of Latin America from 1700 to the 20th Century.
415 pp.  (ID173) $29.95

OFFICIAL 2016 BLACKBOOK PRICE GUIDE TO U.S. COINS, Hudgeons/Hudgeons. 39th edition.  More than 16,500 prices listed.
596 pp.  (ID172) $8.95

SPANISH COLONIAL GOLD COINS IN THE FLORIDA COLLECTION, Craig.  For collectors scholars, and everyone else who has ever been fascinated by Spanish treasure fleets, this book offers countless hours of enjoyment and information.  Cloth.
112 pp.  (ID175) $49.95

SPANISH COLONIAL SILVER COINS IN THE FLORIDA COLLECTION, Craig.  Outstanding specimens from the Florida collection are depicted in numerous superb photographs. 292 silver coins, 47 illustrations, 5 maps, 28 tables, 3 appendixes, notes, bibliography, index, cloth.
272 pp.  (ID176) $49.95

TOKENS AND MEDALS, Alpert/Elman. A guide to the identification and values of U.S. exonumia. 1000s of excellent illustrations.  One chapter divided into states with examples of tokens from there, the types and values.  Large format.
300 pp.  (ID104) $19.95

UNITED STATES MERCHANT TOKENS: 1845-1860, Rulau. Covers pre-Civil War.  Illustrations, large format.
192 pp.  (ID106) $16.95

YEOMAN'S 2016 OFFICIAL "RED BOOK" OF COIN PRICES. "The Book" on coin values.
(ID108)  $14.95




BUCKSKINS, BLADES AND BISCUITS, Johnston.  A sketchbook  of design and comment, detailing how to make accoutrements and clothing of the American Frontier from 1700-1850.
175 pp.  (ID161) $22.95

FIREARMS, TOOLS AND TRAPS OF THE MOUNTAIN MEN, Russell.  This one should be in every treasure hunters library, especially if they are interested in caches and relics.  Encyclopedia guide to equipment and iron artifacts: rifles, hatchets, axes, knives, traps. From early 1800 to mid-1840. Over 400 illustrations.
448 pp.  (ID112) $22.95


ARROWHEADS AND PROJECTILE POINTS, Hothem.  Identification and values.
223 pp.  (ID160) $7.95

ARROWHEADS AND STONE ARTIFACTS:  A Practical Guide for the Surface Collector and Amateur Archaeologist, Yeager. Lists the do's and don'ts of arrowhead hunting, where to look for arrowheads and how to spot them. Also clues to identifying various stone artifacts.
160 pp.  (ID113) $16.95

ARROWHEADS OF THE CENTRAL GREAT PLAINS, Fox. An identification and value guide. Large format.
207 pp.  (ID190) $19.95

ARROWPOINTS, SPEARHEADS & KNIVES OF PREHISTORIC TIMES, Wilson. An in-depth, fascinating account of the tools early humans used during the Paleolithic period in Western Europe and America. Heavily illustrated.
267 pp.  (ID215) $14.95

COLLECTING INDIAN KNIVES:  Identification and Value, Hothem. Includes Paleo, Archaic, Woodland-Mississippian, hafted knives, caches, ceremonial historic, plus much more. Large format.
152 pp.  (ID178) $19.95

DIGGING UP TEXAS, Marcom.  A guide to the archaeology of the state.  The resources alone will be worth the price of the book.
251 pp.  (ID189) $18.95

EASTERN FLUTED POINTS, Peck. Results of over 18 years of research on the distribution and compilation of fluted points from all over the Eastern U.S.
40 pp. (ID170)  $10.00

FIELD GUIDE TO PROJECTILE POINTS OF THE MIDWEST, Justice/Kudlaty.  A handy beginner's reference to spear and arrow points found in the Midwest.
72 pp. (ID182)  $12.95

A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS, Turner/Hester.  Identifies and describes more than 200 dart and arrow projectile points and stone tools used by prehistoric Native Americans in Texas.
395 pp.  (ID199) $18.95

A GUIDE TO PROJECTILE POINTS OF IOWA, Part 1, Tiffany. Paleoindian, Late Paleoindian, Early Archaic, and Middle Archaic points. The two parts depict a total of sixty-one full-size stone points in color by archeological period.
Chart. (ID216)  $9.95

A GUIDE TO PROJECTILE POINTS OF IOWA, Part 2, Tiffany. Middle Archaic, Late Archaic, Woodland, and Prehistoric points.  The first guide to provide color photographs to scale for all types found in Iowa.
Chart. (ID217)  $9.95

INDIAN ARTIFACTS OF THE MIDWEST, Hothem. Profusely illustrated, this includes value guide.  Oversized.  Photos for easy identification of the artifacts.  One of the best books around on this subject.
206 pp.  (ID116) $14.95
INDIAN ARTIFACTS OF THE MIDWEST - BOOK 2, Hothem.  Identification and price guide. Covers KY, OH, IN, IL, IA and MO.  Covers Paleo, Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian Periods.  Numerous photos, large format.
286 pp.  (ID121) $16.95

INDIAN ARTIFACTS OF THE MIDWEST - BOOK 3, Hothem.  Book number three in the series.  Large format.
344 pp.  (ID122) $18.95
INDIAN ARTIFACTS OF THE MIDWEST - Book 4, Hothem.  Book number four in the series. Over 2,000 photos.  Size, dates, location, plus more. Large format. 
356 pp.  (ID177) $19.95

INDIAN ARTIFACTS, THE BEST OF THE MIDWEST, Hothem. The latest in the Midwest series, the book displays some of the finest artifacts ever recovered. There are over 2000 color photographs with no repeats from earlier volumes.  Cloth, large format.
459 pp.  (ID213) $29.95

INDIAN AXES AND RELATED STONE ARTIFACTS, Hotham. Second Edition.  Identification and value guide. Large format.
239 pp.  (ID191) $19.95

INDIAN PEACE MEDALS IN AMERICAN HISTORY, Prucha. Silver medals played an important role in American Indian policy for more than a century.  Because medals were marks of rank within the tribes, they were highly prized. This book tells the story not only of the use of medals in Indian relations, but also of their design and production. Included are illustrations (in actual size) of all Indian peace medals struck by the U.S. for official presentation to the Indians.  An essential work for medal collectors and students of American Indian policy.   Illustrations, notes.
186 pp.  (ID158) $24.95

INDIAN TRADE RELICS, Hothem. 1,150 artifacts in full color from glass beads, cloth, and ornaments to knives, firearms, traps, and axes.  Also gunflints, arrowheads, tomahawks, kettles, Indian pipes, and other misc. trade goods.
320 pp.  (ID194) $29.95

LOOTING SPIRO MOUNDS, LaVere.  How an ancient North American civilization was plundered in the 20th century.  Every Oklahoman and every student of Indian history will be richer for reading this gripping and detailed account of the looting of Spiro Mounds.  2 maps.
256 pp.  (HR258) $24.95

NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPONS, Taylor. Surveys weapons made and used by American Indians north of present-day Mexico from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century, when European weapons were in common use.  155 photos and illustrations.
128 pp.  (ID181) Paper  $16.95  Cloth $24.95

* OUT OF PRINT - LIMITED SUPPLY * NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN ARTIFACTS, Hothem.  6th Edition. Completely revised with 2000 new photos and new pricing. Great reference for the collector of pottery, rugs, jewelry and anything else Indian in nature.
493 pp.  (ID117) $32.95

NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN TRADE SILVER, Carter.  Revised.  A comprehensive picture of one commodity used in the fur trade era: silver.
218 pp.  (ID169) $16.95

OHIO’S INDIAN PAST, Hothem.  Interesting and often little-publicized information and facts about Ohio’s Indian and archaeological past. Includes photos of artifacts done in flint, slate, and hard-stone.
165 pp.  (ID 195)  $14.95

OVERSTREET'S INDIAN ARROWHEADS IDENTIFICATION & PRICE GUIDE. Arrowheads, spears, knives, fully illustrated at actual size, plus tips on how to spot sites, how to classify and more.  New 11th Edition.  More than 4,900 photos.
951 pp.  (ID119) $31.95

PICTURE WRITING OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS, Mallery.  For anthropologists, sociologists, historians, students, and artists, Col. Mallery's account is still the basic study of North American Indian picture writing. Included are nearly 1,300 pictures and 54 plates illustrating the material covered.

    VOL. I 460 pp.  (ID162) $15.95

    VOL. II  362 pp. (ID163)  $12.95

A PROJECTILE POINT GUIDE FOR THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER VALLEY, Boszhardt.  This useful guide provides a key to understanding the various styles of points found along the Upper Mississippi River stretching from Dubuque, Iowa to the Falls of St. Anthony at Minneapolis-St. Paul.
91 pp. (ID201)  $14.95

PROJECTILE POINT TYPES OF AMERICAN INDIANS.  Small book showing points for identification.
(ID120)  $2.95

SOUTHWESTERN ARCHAEOLOGY, Kidder. An introduction to the study of southwestern archaeology and an unsurpassed summary of Pueblo archaeology.
388 pp.  (ID196) $18.95

STONE AGE SPEAR AND ARROW POINTS OF THE MIDCONTINENTAL AND EASTERN U.S., A Modern Survey and Reference, Justice.  The first paperback edition of the standard reference guide for spear and arrow points of this area. This book surveys, describes and categorizes the projectile points and cutting tools used in prehistory by the Indians in what are now the middle and eastern sections of the U.S. from 12,000 BC to the beginning of the historic period. Described are over 120 separate types of stone arrowheads and spear points according to period, culture, and region.  Detailed drawings show how Native Americans shaped their tools, what styles were peculiar to which regions, and how the various types can best be identified. Over 485 drawings organized by type cluster and other identifying characteristics. 10 Maps.
304 pp.  (ID159) $29.95


AMERICAN MILITARY BELT PLATES, O’Donnell/Campbell. This massive volume contains the most information ever published on the subject. Cloth, large format.
616 pp.  (ID179) $49.95

AMERICAN MILITARY BELTS AND RELATED EQUIPMENT, Dorsey. Covers edged weapons, cartridge belts, cartridge pouches and boxes, swords, sabers and attachments, sword and saber belts, waist, etc.  Full of historical notes plus exact info for identifying. Fully illustrated.
129 pp.  (ID147) $17.50

AMERICAN MILITARY BUTTON MAKERS AND DEALERS, THEIR BACKMARKS AND DATES, McGuinn/Bazelon.  A comprehensive listing and discussion of makers and suppliers of American military and related uniform buttons covering the period from circa 1790 to circa 1945. Cloth.
160 pp.  (ID164) $25.00

THE AMERICAN SWORD, Peterson.  An invaluable reference for collectors, curators, historians, and others interested in weaponry. More than 400 photographs and illustrations from catalogs, manuals, and other rare documents.
346 pp.  (ID198) $24.95

ARMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE CIVIL WAR, Coggins.  The first military conflict to use iron-clad gunboats, metallic cartridges and submarines.  The Civil War also introduced such inventions as the telegraph and the military balloon utilized by the signal corps.
160 pp.  (ID202) $12.95

CARBINES OF THE CIVIL WAR,1861-1865, McAulay.  A guide for the student and collector of these colorful arms used by the Federal cavalry.
123 pp.  (ID184) $12.95

CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS, Crouch. Pictures the artifacts in crisp, sharp photos and discusses them in detail.
240 pp.  (ID171) $39.95
CIVIL WAR COLLECTOR'S PRICE GUIDE. 11th Edition.  Current values on all major categories of Civil War collectibles from rare uniforms and weapons to common excavated bullets. Several new categories have been added.  A must for collectors, relic hunters and Civil War enthusiasts. Large format.
124 pp.  (ID124) $39.95

116 pp.  (ID133) $12.95

CIVIL WAR KNIVES, Newman.  The abundance of surprising information and wealth of photos make this book an essential reference for both the serious and novice collectors of Civil War knives, weapons, and memorabilia. Large format.
109 pp.  (ID206) $24.00

CIVIL WAR PROJECTILES II:  Small Arms and Field Artillery with Supplement, McKee/Mason.  Reprinted and once again available.  Photos, illustrations and detailed diagrams with dimensions.  A work that will enable collectors to look up most any bullet or shell of the Civil War period.  Don’t hesitate to order because they will go fast. Cloth.
203 pp.  (ID145) $39.95

CIVIL WAR VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS, REUNIONS AND BADGES. Filled with numerous photos and listings of badges and info on the Grand Army of the Republic, Sons of the Union Veterans, Daughters of Union Veterans, United Confederate Veterans, Military Order of Stars and Bars, Grand Army of the Republic Encampments plus more.  Excellent I.D. piece for collectors of this type of military items.  Large format.
32 pp. (ID152)  $7.50

CIVIL WAR WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT, Pritchard.  A superbly illustrated and detailed examination of the key uniforms, major weapons, and special equipment of the combatants of America’s Civil War.  Cloth.
128 pp.  (ID197) $22.95

COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO AMES U.S. CONTRACT MILITARY EDGED WEAPONS, 1832-1906. A complete guide to U.S. edged weapons manufactured by Ames Mfg. Company.  Values. Fully illustrated, identification, historical data.  Large format.
70 pp. (ID151)  $17.95

COLLECTOR'S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Neumann/Kravic.  A showcase of more than 2,300 artifacts made, worn, and used by those who fought in the War for Independence. Mid to late 1700's.  Also includes "how to" preserve artifacts section.  Good identification book.  Large format.
286 pp.  (ID137) $32.95

COMBAT UNIFORMS OF THE CIVIL WAR, Lloyd. A detailed account of the uniforms worn by both sides in the Civil War and their significance:  Hood's Brigade, Confederate Navy, Privateer and blockade runner, medical corps, So. and No. Carolina regiments and more. Full color illustrations, oversized, cloth.
220 pp.  (ID148) $19.95

CONFEDERATES ON THE CANEY: An Illustrated Account of the Civil War on the Texas Gulf Coast, McKinney. Deals with the events on the Texas coast from Galveston Island to the port at Indianola, Texas.  Contained are site photos, over 100 photos of relics dug from coastal CW camps and fort sites, list of Confederate and Union regiments serving on coastal duty, official documentation and official record reports plus 13 national archive CW maps showing the CW sites to which the book relates.
131 pp.  (ID150) $14.95

GUIDE TO CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY PROJECTILES, Melton/Pawl. During the American Civil War, more varieties of cannon and projectiles were used than in any other time in military history.  Cloth.
96 pp. (ID174)  Cloth $19.95  Paper $11.95

HANDBOOK OF CIVIL WAR BULLETS AND CARTRIDGES, Thomas/Thomas. A source of accurate and up-to-date information on bullets, cartridges, and their manufacturers. Items are listed and followed by dimensions, weights, and other available information.  Numerous photographs. A must-have for the Civil War collector.
88 pp. (ID208)  $9.95

ILLUSTRATED CATALOG OF CIVIL WAR MILITARY GOODS as supplied by Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, a major source of material for the Union Army, Navy, Marines and Revenue Corps.  Schuyler.  Listed are regulations for the uniform dress code of these branches of the service, along with illustrations of uniforms, arms, swords/sabers, foils/fencing masks, saddles, bits, bridles and more.  An entire section given to rifles, carbines, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, cartridges.  An excellent source of identification for the present day Civil War buff. Deals heavily in cloth items.  Large format.
160 pp.  (ID129) $12.95

ILLUSTRATIONS OF U.S. MILITARY ARMS, 1776-1903, AND THEIR INSPECTION MARKS.  A reprint from Bannerman's Catalog of Military Arms - 1949. Large format.
(ID186)  $7.00

MILITARY BUTTONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, McGuinn / Bazelon.  A comprehensive, in-depth, examination of the military buttons of the British, American and French forces during the American Revolution. Cloth.
180 pp.  (ID209) $39.95

NEW YORK CITY’S BURIED PAST, Apuzzo. A guide to excavated New York City’s Revolutionary War artifacts, 1776-1783.
163 pp.  (ID211) $24.95

PICTORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CIVIL WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT, VOL. 1, Dammann. A pictorial encyclopedia of one of the largest private collections of Civil War medical instruments and equipment in the U.S., includes a short narrative of medical practices of the time.  A welcome addition for Civil War enthusiasts. Large format, 200 photos.   
104 pp.  (ID131) $9.95

PICTORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CIVIL WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT, VOL. 2, Dammann. A companion volume to the above title with all new information.  No duplication. Large format, 296 photos.
96 pp. (ID132)  $9.95

PICTORIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CIVIL WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT, VOL. 3, Dammann. This third volume offers even more new information and photographs on this fascinating area of American history.
132 pp.  (ID168) $9.95

PLATES AND BUCKLES OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY 1795-1874, Kerksis.  Heavily illustrated. Excellent reference material.  Large format, cloth.
568 pp.  (ID134) $42.95

RECORD OF AMERICAN UNIFORM AND HISTORICAL BUTTONS, Albert. An encyclopedia of every known button for the relic collector. 80 years of research is in this work.  Listed by category, detailed photos of every button with exact measurements. Valued by rarity system. Illustrated, cloth.
487 pp.  (ID135) $47.95

UNIFORMS OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY, 1774-1889, Ogden.  This striking collection of lithographs is a marvelous sampling of military, social, and costume history. It features a wealth of richly colored, hand-tinted prints portraying the gamut of U.S. uniforms from fatigues to full dress between 1774 and 1889.
44 plates. (ID207)  $9.95

WARMAN’S CIVIL WAR WEAPONS, Smith. Over 160 weapons featured with a history and specifications for each.  Includes chapters on pistols and revolvers, carbines and rifles, swords and other edged weapons are artillery pieces.  Over 300 color photos, 65 b/w photos and more.  Large format.
256 pp.  (ID214) $25.00


ANCIENT TREASURES OF THE SOUTHWEST, Folsom/Folsom. Information on all the ancient ruins in the four southwestern states (AZ, CO, NM, UT) accessible to modern visitors is readily found in this easy-to-use guide to archeological sites and musems. Large format.
130 pp.  (ID203) $9.95

COLLECTING THE OLD WEST, Schaut/Schaut.  Packed with over 500 pictures, descriptions, prices, and even a few history lessons to help you become a better collector.  Large format.
208 pp.  (ID200) $21.95