THE AMERICAN INDIAN (on CD).  Federal treaties, George Catlin's letters and notes, Schoolcraft Encyclopedia, and many other books, documents and graphics too numerous to list.
(IN100)  $49.95

THE BATTLE OF THE WASHITA: The Sheridan-Custer Indian Campaign of 1867, Hoig. Reveals the competency and frailties of the army officers including Gen. Custer. Maps.
268 pp.  (IN101) $17.95

BATTLES AND SKIRMISHES OF THE GREAT SIOUX WAR 1876-77: The Military View, Greene.  Covers the vast plains of present east-central WY, southeast MT, western SD and northwest NE.  This book offers accounts of the many battles and skirmishes as observed by the participants. Military maps of the encounters, together with illustrations of battle scenes, add to the appeal of this book for relic hunters.  13 maps.
256 pp.  (IN122) Cloth $24.95 Paper $19.95
CAMPAIGNING WITH CROOK, King.  One of the most interesting accounts (first published in 1880) of Indian warfare in the Wyoming and Dakota area which has ever been written.
166 pp.  (IN104) $17.95

THE CONQUEST OF APACHERIA, Thrapp. The plundering of the Apache nation by the white man. Number of treasure leads.  Maps.
405 pp.  (IN105) $24.95

CRAZY HORSE, THE STRANGE MAN OF THE OGLALAS, Sandoz. Crazy Horse, military leader of the Oglala Sioux, whose personal power and social non-conformity set him off as "strange" fought in many famous battles including the one at the Little Bighorn. He held out against the government to confine the Sioux to reservations. Finally he surrendered, one of the great chiefs to do so, only to meet a violent death. This is his story. Map.
428 pp.  (IN106) $15.95

THE DAKOTA WAR OF 1862:  Minnesota’s Other Civil War, Carley.  The Dakota War erupted during the summer of 1862 while the Civil War raged in the South and East. It was one of the bloodiest of the U.S. Indian Wars and eventually resulted in the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. Large Format.
102 pp.  (HR254) $16.95

DICTIONARY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN, Stoutenburgh. An A-Z guide to Indian history, legends, and lore. Cloth.
459 pp.  (IN111) $9.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIAN WARS: Western Battles and Skirmishes 1850-1890.  A chronological listing of every significant fight between Indians and the United States Army as well as better-known Indian battles with civilians. Cloth.
438 pp.  (IN133) $28.00

GERONIMO, Barrett. The true story of America’s most ferocious warrior.  A frank first-hand account of the twenty-five years Geronimo spent fighting the U.S. Government.
123 pp.  (IN140) $12.95

GERONIMO:  Stories of an American Legend, Magee. One of the West's most misunderstood Indian Warriors.  Vol. 11 in the Wild West Collection.
144 pp.  (OW308) $7.95

THE GREAT COMANCHE RAID: Boldest Indian Attack of the Texas Republic, Brice.  The great Comanche raid of 1840 is the boldest and most concerted Indian depredation in the history of Texas.  This raid is covered from its beginnings in the Texas Hill Country to the destructive raids on Victoria and Linnville on the Gulf Coast, then the Indians' retreat and subsequent defeat at the Battle of Plum Creek. Cloth, notes, bibliography.
136 pp.  (IN107) $16.95

THE GREAT INDIAN WARS: 1540-1890 (on DVD).  A 5-part documentary series.  This set is filled with insightful and entertaining bonus features including never-before-seen photos, maps and biographies on notable cavalry officers and Indian chiefs.
235 minutes  (IN137) $14.95

GREAT WESTERN INDIAN FIGHTS. Two dozen of the most important Indian battles in American history including: The Little Big Horn, Adobe Walls, the Fetterman, Hayfield, and Wagon Box fights, the Canyon de Chelly rout, the Bannack Indian War and the final tragic massacre at Wounded Knee. Cloth.
336 pp.  (IN120) $19.95

A GUIDE TO THE ANASAZI and Other Ancient Southwest Indians, Ayer.  We have much to learn from the Anasazi and other prehistoric Indian cultures which first inhabited our American Southwest.
48 pp. (IN132)  $6.95

A GUIDE TO THE INDIAN WARS OF THE WEST, McDermott. Explains why these wars occurred and who the participants were. A guide to over 100 historic sites in seventeen western states.
205 pp.  (IN125) $16.95

INDIAN DEPREDATIONS IN TEXAS, Wilbarger. This reprint of a Texas classic was written in the 1880s but covers a period beginning with Texas revolutionary times.  It portrays the hardships, exposures and perils to which the pioneers of Texas were subjected.  Excellent information on possible locations of relic and cache sites.  Index, cloth.
784 pp.  (IN109) $39.95

INDIAN FIGHTS: New Facts on Seven Encounters, Vaughn.  Detailed accounts of the battles, careful descriptions of the battlefields, and interesting asides on the U.S. Army officers and soldiers serving in the West during and after the Civil War.
250 pp.  (IN129) $24.95

LANCE AND SHIELD:  The Life and Times of Sitting Bull, Utley.  The most unbiased and historically accurate biography of Sitting Bull to date.
413 pp.  (IN128) $15.95

THE LAST CHEROKEE WARRIOR, Steele. This book documents the lives of the last Cherokee warriors-Ned Christie and Ezekiel Proctor - two angry men who struggled against the US Government in an effort to slow the encroaching whites and preserve the Cherokee heritage.
111 pp.  (IN124) $10.95

LAST STAND OF THE TEXAS CHEROKEES, Moore.  Chief Bowles and the 1839 Cherokee Was in Texas. Bowles Cherokees and twelve other affiliated Indian tribes ultimately chose to fight a strong force of Texas Rangers, Texas Army and Militiamen in July 1839.
213 pp.  (IN138) $15.95

LOOTING SPIRO MOUNDS, LaVere.  How an ancient North American civilization was plundered in the 20th century.  Every Oklahoman and every student of Indian history will be richer for reading this gripping and detailed account of the looting of Spiro Mounds.  2 maps.
256 pp.  (HR258) $24.95

THE MODOCS AND THEIR WAR, Murray.  In the fall of 1872, along the shores of Tule Lake in northern California, three small bands of Modoc Indians joined forces to hold off more than a 1000 U.S. soldiers and settlers trying to dislodge them from their ancient region in the lava beds.  In these caves and crevices, the 160-odd Indians fought five battles and several skirmishes against the whites, inflicting more casualties on their enemies than their own total strength.  Map, bibliography.
358 pp.  (IN112) $29.95

MY PEOPLE THE SIOUX, Luther Standing Bear. A landmark in Indian literature since it is among the first books about Indians written from the Indian point of view.
288 pp.  (IN113) $12.95

MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF CALIFORNIA AND THE OLD SOUTHWEST, Judson. First published in 1912, here are collected myths of the Zuni, Pima, Paiute, Shastica, and Miwok Indians regarding the creation of the universe, animals. humans, and much more.
192 pp.  (IN139) $8.95

ON THE BORDER WITH CROOK, Bourke.  Capt. Bourke was with Gen. Crook through the Indian campaigns and recorded the history quite accurately.  Much information for geologists and relic hunters.
491 pp.  (IN116) $22.95

PUEBLO INDIAN REVOLT OF 1696 and the FRANCISCAN MISSIONS IN NEW MEXICO, Espinosa.  The Franciscan letters and related documents, translated into English and published here for the first time, describe in detail the Pueblo Indian revolt of 1696 in New Mexico and the destruction of the Franciscan missions. This event was a turning point in the history of the Southwest.  The events are related by the missionaries themselves who had lived side by side with their Indian charges. Map, notes.
336 pp.  (IN117) $29.95

THE PUEBLO REVOLT OF 1680: Conquest and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico, Knaut. In August 1680 the Pueblo Indians of northern New Mexico arose in fury to slay their Spanish colonial overlords and drive any survivors from the land.
248 pp.  (IN135) $19.95

QUANAH PARKER, COMANCHE CHIEF, Hagan.  The son of a white captive, Quanah Parker rose from able warrior to tribal leader on the Comanche reservation.
142 pp.  (IN110) $16.95

SAGA OF CHIEF JOSEPH, Howard.  A detailed story of Chief Joseph with a reevaluation of the five bands engaged in the Nez Perce War and also an appraisal of Joseph as a war leader.
399 pp.  (IN118) $16.95

TRIBAL WARS OF THE SOUTHERN PLAINS, Hoig.  This is a comprehensive account of Indian conflicts in the area between the Platte River and the Rio Grande, from the first written reports of the Spaniards in the sixteenth century through the United States - Cheyenne Battle of the Sand Hills in 1875.  Follow such chiefs as Lone Wolf, Satanta, Black Kettle and Dull Knife as they signed treaties, led attacks, battled for lands and defended their villages in the huge region that was home to the Wichitas, Comanches, Cheyennes, Arapahos, Kiowas, Osages, Pawnees and other Indian nations.  Numerous battles detailed.  Cloth.
272 pp.  (IN119) $34.95

THE TRUTH ABOUT GERONIMO, Davis. This book throws light upon many incidents in the career of Geronimo which have hitherto been obscure.
253 pp.  (IN134) $16.95

WAR PATH AND BIVOUAC or the Conquest of the Sioux, Finerty.  A detailed account of the Dakota Indian Wars of 1876 and the Nez Perce Indian Wars of 1877. Covers the action of George Crook's campaign against the Sioux and northern Cheyenne Indians and Nelson Miles's campaign against the Nez Perce. Written by a Chicago Times newspaper reporter who took his place in the thick of battle. One of the best, most accurate accounts. Map.
358 pp.  (IN123) $17.95

WITHOUT QUARTER: The Wichita Expedition and the Fight on Crooked Creek, Chalfant. The story of the major U.S. army expedition against the Comanches between the Mexican and Civil wars.  Late in 1858, under the leadership of Captain Dorn, units of the Second Cavalry marched north from Fort Belknap, TX and established a temporary post, Camp Radziminski, at the southwest edge of the Wichita Mountains. Searching the country in all directions for Comanches, the Wichita Expedition precipitated two major engagements, known as the Battle at the Wichita Village and the Battle of Crooked Creek. This is a detailed account of the expedition.  6 maps, bibliography, notes, cloth.
192 pp.  (IN121) $24.95