100 Years in the San Juan's Jeep Guide, Benham.  (Colo) Repro of Kibbe's 1881 map of the Region which includes Lake City, Ouray, Telluride, Silverton, Rico and Durango. Historical information on mining camps, towns and existing roads.
(MP131)  $6.00

(MP228)  $3.95

(MP226)  $3.95

(MP227)  $6.50

COVERED WAGON ROADS TO THE AMERICAN WEST. This full-colored map, offered flat or folded, features all the major trails to the West: Oregon, Santa Fe, Lewis & Clark, Pony Express, and Anza. 24" x 36"
(MP192)  Rolled  $9.95 Folded $8.95

FLORIDA TREASURE MAP.  Shipwrecks as well as other treasure locations are given. Location indications are quite general, however enough information is provided for further study.  23” x 29”.
(MP133)  $12.95


Up-to-the minute maps of the states. Very detailed in their offering. Maps are colored, easy to read, clear and concise. All maps are topographical unless marked with a **.  Shown are landmarks, beaches, recreational areas, mines, ghost towns, campgrounds, and other areas of interest. Many hunters use these as log books, actually making notations on the various maps to indicate sites which were productive, areas to hunt in the future, etc. Large 12x15 ½" format. Please indicate which state when ordering.

  ALABAMA: 49 maps, 64 pp. 
  (MP181)  $19.95

  ALASKA:  134 maps, 152 pp.
  (MP100)  $19.95

  ARIZONA: 55 maps, 76 pp.
  (MP101)  $19.95

  ARKANSAS:  43 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP167)  $19.95

  CALIFORNIA:  160 pp.
  (MP225)  $24.95

  COLORADO:  90 maps, 104 pp.
  (MP104)  $19.95
  (MP184)  $19.95

  FLORIDA: 94 maps, 127 pp. (Rev.)
  (MP105)  $19.95

  GEORGIA: 60 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP176)  $19.95

  HAWAII:  64 pp.
  (MP183)  $19.95

  IDAHO: 46 maps, 63 pp.
  (MP106)  $19.95

  ILLINOIS:  81 maps, 96 pp.
  (MP107)  $19.95

  INDIANA: 47 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP170)  $19.95

  IOWA:  51 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP173)  $19.95

  KANSAS:  65 maps, 80 pp.
  (MP163)  $19.95

  KENTUCKY:  67 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP171)  $19.95

  LOUISIANA: 51 maps, 104 pp.
  (MP169)  $19.95

  MAINE:** 78 maps, 96 pp.
  (MP109)  $19.95

  (MP108)  $19.95

  MASSACHUSETTS: 54 maps, 80 pp.
  (MP182)  $19.95

  MICHIGAN:**  103 maps, 120 pp.
  (MP110)  $19.95

  MINNESOTA: 77 maps, 96 pp.
  (MP111)  $19.95

  MISSISSIPPI: 47 maps. 64 pp.
  (MP194)  $19.95

  MISSOURI:  58 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP168)  $19.95

  MONTANA: 74 maps, 97 pp.
  (MP152)  $19.95

  NEBRASKA:  65 maps, 80 pp.
  (MP155)  $19.95

  NEVADA:  55 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP162)  $19.95

  NEW HAMPSHIRE:** 67 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP112)  $19.95

  NEW JERSEY:  56 maps, 84 pp.
  (MP188)  $19.95

  NEW MEXICO:  46 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP180)  $19.95

  NEW YORK STATE:  80 maps, 104 pp.
  (MP113)  $19.95

  NORTH CAROLINA:  74 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP114)  $19.95

  NORTH DAKOTA:  55 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP193)  $19.95

  OHIO:  64 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP115)  $19.95

  OKLAHOMA:  56 maps, pp.
  (MP178)  $19.95

  OREGON:  72 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP116)  $19.95

  PENNSYLVANIA:  71 maps, 96 pp.
  (MP117)  $19.95

  SOUTH CAROLINA:  48 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP179)  $19.95

  SOUTH DAKOTA:  61 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP174)  $19.95

  TENNESSEE: 63 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP118)  $19.95

  TEXAS: 126 maps, 168 pp.
  (MP153)  $24.95

  UTAH:**  46 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP119)  $19.95

  VERMONT:** 62 maps, 88 pp.
  (MP120)  $19.95

  VIRGINIA:  64 maps, 80 pp.
  (MP121)  $19.95

  WASHINGTON ST.:  97 maps, 120 p.
  (MP122)  $19.95

  WEST VIRGINIA: 44 maps, 64 pp.
  (MP164)  $19.95

  WISCONSIN: 81 maps, 104 pp.
  (MP123)  $19.95

  WYOMING: 54 maps, 72 pp.
  (MP124)  $19.95

GHOST TOWN/SITES, THEN AND NOW, Preston. A packet of maps locating the ghost towns of the state complete with overlays of the modern road system for reference purposes.

    Arizona  (MP206)
    Colorado (MP218)
    Idaho  (MP198)
    Montana  (MP220)
    Nevada (MP213)
    New Mexico (MP224)
    Northern California  (MP210)
    Oregon (MP201)
    Southern California  (MP211)
    Washington (MP202)

    All map sets are $12.95 each.

GHOST TOWNS OF CALIFORNIA. 300 of California’s ghosts are detailed on this state map. Listed by county, a short historical description follows each ghost’s name. 18”x24”
(MP134)  $5.50

GHOST TOWNS OF NEVADA. 359 ghost town locations pinpointed on large map.  One of the most comprehensive compilations of the many early towns of the state. A brief story given of each town.
(MP136)  $5.50

GOLD BELT MAP OF EASTERN OREGON. Reproduced from the Mineral Resources Map or Oregon.  11”x17”, laminated.
(MP241)  $4.00

GOLD, SILVER, AND GEM SITES, THEN AND NOW, Preston.  A packet of maps showing the location of gold, silver, gem, and mineral deposits of the state complete with overlays of the modern road system for reference purposes.

    Arizona  (MP207)
    Colorado (MP217)
    Idaho  (MP197)
    Montana  (MP219)
    New Mexico (MP223)
    Nevada (MP214)
    Northern California  (MP208)
    Oregon (MP195)
    Southern California  (MP209)
    Washington (MP196)

    All map sets are $12.95 each.

GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECK CHARTS, Ackerman.  For scuba divers, snorkelers, beach combers.  Hundreds of principal shipwreck sites located and identified.  Individual maps for Lake Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Superior. 23" x 35", parchment.
(MP185)  Specify lake desired. Folded $10.00 Rolled $12.50

    Lake Michigan South Shore ( Waukegan, IL to South Haven, MI ) 19"x25", parchment.
    (MP186) Folded $5.00 Rolled $6.25

    Set of all six maps. Folded $45.00  Rolled $55.00

HIDDEN TREASURES OF IDAHO. 38 locations where lost treasures and gold mines may be found within the state.  Historic and interesting stories about the lost gold locations are given with locations indicated on adjoining map.  17x22".
(MP135)  $5.50

HIDDEN TREASURES OF UTAH.  36 treasures are explained in print and then located on adjoining state map. The information on the various treasures is worth the price of the map.  22x17"
(MP137)  $5.50

HIKING AND JEEP TRAILS, DURANGO-GRAHAM PEAK, TACOMA, YELLOWJACKET, BAYFIELD, TUCKERVILLE, (Colorado). 24x35" map at scale of 1" to 1 mile. Easy to read.
(MP138)  $6.00

IDAHO RECREATIONAL MAP.  More than 1000 recreation sites and 400 points of interest listed.  Includes campgrounds and picnic groves, rest areas, mining districts, mountain ranges, and climate data.
(MP132)  $3.95

LAPLATA MINERAL BELT.  (Colorado) Jeep and hiking trails, mines, passes and railroads, locations of placer deposits, names of mines and prospects which are cross-referenced to location on the map.  Historic explanation of area given.  24x35"
(MP139)  $6.00

MAP OF CENTRAL TEXAS.  Covering the area in between Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  Backroads, scenic drives, parks, points of interest and much more.
(MP238)  $4.95

MAP OF SOUTH TEXAS.  From Houston to San Antonio to Monterrey, Mexico. Covering the Texas coast from Freeport to South Padre Island.
(MP239)  $4.95

MAP OF THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. This map exhibits the route of the expedition to the Red River of the North in the summer of 1849.  Excellent readable quality. Forts, battle sites, other locations noted. Large size.
(MP141)  $15.00

MAPS OF THE CALIFORNIA TRAIL, Franzwa. The entire California Trail has been mapped over a grid of the latest 1:100,000 USGS topographic quadrangles as a gray line, beneath which the current roadways are visible.  Includes the Council Bluff Road, the Platte River Road, The Mormon Trail, Hastings Cutoff, Applegate Trail, Lassen Road, Lander Road, and the Hensley Cutoff.
277 pp.  (MP191) $29.95

MAPS OF THE OREGON TRAIL, Franzwa. Includes new lines of the trail as well as the discovery and mapping of the route of the old road from Cayuse Post Office to the Whitman Mission. 133 full page trail maps, along with 9 detailed maps. The Trail and a number of alternates is superimposed in red on up-to-date maps of all the counties en-route. These are not generalizations but plotted to topographic maps.  Maps. Large format.
299 pp.  (MP142) $18.95

Covers Silverton on the north, extending south just past the old Columbine Guest Ranch north of Durango. Covers Weminucke, Stony Pass, Columbine Pass, Chicago Basin and Hermasas Creek.
(MP144)  $6.00

NEVADA ADVENTURE MAP.  Adventure roads, hidden treasures, cities & towns, museums, dirt roads, campsites, hot springs, ghost towns, state parks, national parks, wilderness areas. This map is intended to help you find your way to what you enjoy in Nevada’s great outdoors.
(MP231)  $8.95

NEVADA GHOST TOWN AND MINING CAMP ATLAS, Paher.  Now in a new revised edition. For the back-road explorer, here is the perfect companion to Stan Paher's ghost town classic.

    Vol. 1 Northern Nevada - Reno, Austin, Ely, and points north.  295 illustrations, 28 maps.
    104 pp.  (MP203) $16.95

    Vol. 2 Southern Nevada - Death Valley, Mojave Desert.  295 illustrations, 27 maps.
    104 pp.  (MP204) $16.95

    Combined Vol.
    (MP205)  Cloth $39.95 Paper  $32.50

(MP230)  $3.95

OLD OREGON TRAIL MAP.  This three-color map shows the routes of thirteen western trails, including Oregon, Barlow, Lewis & Clark, Santa Fe, Overland Stage, Pony Express and many others. 24x16 ½".  Strong Mylar film lamination.
(MP145)  $4.95

PADRE AND MUSTANG ISLANDS. The Texas treasure coast from pirates to pelicans, from seashells to shipwrecks. A travel adventure map of fact, history, and legend.
(MP212)  $4.95

PONY EXPRESS WALL MAP. 30x19" map of the Pony Express route in full color with sturdy Mylar film lamination. Sent rolled.
(MP146)  $4.95

SAN JUAN TRIANGLE JEEP AND HIKING TRAILS, MINES AND RAILROADS (Colorado).  Covers the area between Lake City, Ouray, Telluride and Silverton. Map reproduced from 1904-1911 USGS maps that note old mining camps, prospectors' cabins, narrow gauge lines, etc. Some mines.
(MP149)  $6.00

SOUTHWESTERN BRITISH COLUMBIA ROAD AND RECREATIONAL ATLAS. Covers all of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland north to Lillooet and east to Manning Park with great detail.
104 pp.  (MP132) $22.95

SPANISH EXPEDITIONS INTO TEXAS, 1689-1768, Foster. For the first time, an accurate mapping of the eleven Spanish expeditions from northeastern Mexico into what is now east Texas during the years 1689 to 1768.  The author drew information from the detailed diaries that each expedition kept of its route, cross-checking the journals and against previously unused 18th century Spanish maps, modern detailed topographic maps, aerial photographs, and on-site inspections.  22 maps, 12 line drawings.
368 pp.  (OW203) $22.95

TREASURE MAP OF GALVESTON BAY. Known and legendary treasure locations from the book “The Treasures of Galveston Bay”.  17” x 23”.
(MP215)  $6.00

UTAH GHOST TOWNS / SITES MAPS, Preston.  A packet of maps locating the ghost towns of the state complete with overlays of the modern road system for reference purposes.
(MP240)  $12.95

UTAH GOLD & GEMS MAPS: Reported Occurrences, Preston. 5 maps.
(MP236)  $12.95

(MP229)  $3.95

WYOMING'S GHOST TOWNS AND HIDDEN TREASURES.  Listed by counties, both ghost towns and 28 treasure sites are detailed in print and then located on adjoining map. This is an excellent ghost town map of the state. 18x24"
(MP151)  $5.50


RAND McNALLY 1895 State Maps with Index. Large 11x17", reproductions of original sized maps. Includes a separate, complete index of all cities, towns and villages within the state, what county the town is located in, their geographical position within the county and whether it be a post office, railway station or express office. Excellent resource for ghost towns.  All states (except Hawaii) are available, including Alaska.  Please specify which state you want when ordering.
(MP158)  $7.95 per state.
CRAM'S 1900 State Maps with Index. Separate index shows counties, railroads, cities, towns, villages and post offices.  The Indexes add a new dimension to using these maps.  Large 11x17" reproductions of original sized maps. All states (except Hawaii) available as single state maps except for the following that are only available as dual-state maps:

    *  Massachusetts/Rhode Island  * Maryland/Delaware  * Virginia/West Virginia *  Wisconsin/Michigan *  Kentucky/ Tennessee *  Texas-Eastern Half  * North Carolina/South Carolina *  Texas-Western Half * 
    (Please specify which state needed when ordering)

    (MP159)  Single State Map with Index $7.95 each state

    (MP160)  Dual State Map with Indexes $9.95 each set

RAND McNALLY 1915 Historical State Maps. Large 11x17" reproductions of original sized maps. All states available.  Some states will be two pages just like the originals.  Specify which state when ordering.
(MP161)  $5.95 for each state.

**RESEARCHER'S NOTE: By comparing maps it is easy to determine which towns no longer exist and if a town has changed its name. It is interesting to note that sometimes within a short 3-5 year span many towns disappear from the face of the map.  Excellent research tools. **