ADVANCED DREDGING TECHNIQUES:  Succeeding at a Gold Dredging Venture, VOL. 2, Part 2, McCracken. Covers still more on dredging techniques, removal of boulders, diving and dredging, covers about everything any gold dredger should know.
200 pp.  (MG101) $9.95

 ADVANCED PROSPECTING AND DETECTING FOR HARDROCK GOLD, Straight. Covers advanced nugget-shooting for the serious detectorist.  Emphasis on epi-thermal deposits that have formed alluvial placers. How to detect them for gold nuggets. Revised Edition.
40 pp. ( MG109) $19.95

ARIZONA GOLD TREKS, Wielgus. Join the author as he treks the Arizona desert in search of hidden gold placers.  Imagine discovering a gold placer no one has found before.  Oversize.
96 pp. (MG146)  $15.95

DE RE METALLICA, Agricola. Published in 1556, a classic book of ancient mining methods many still used today.  Large format.
670 pp.  (MG103) $38.95

DRYWASHING, Radding. A dry placer gold mining primer for the desert miner.
97 pp. (MG162)  $8.95

DRYWASHING FOR GOLD, Klein.  Describes dry washing, a profitable means of extracting gold in regions where water sources are not available. Updated edition with more on modern electronic prospecting and current day equipment.
(MG104)  $9.95

EXPLORING AND MINING GEMS AND GOLD IN THE WEST.  Written by an old prospector and gem collector, the text offers useful hints on how to locate valuable minerals and gems.
204 pp.  (MG105) $14.95

EXTRACTION OF FREE GOLD, McGowen.  Contains a detailed explanation about modern techniques of working virgin gold placers and what to do with the fine gold you retrieve from them.
64 pp. (MG106)  $8.95

FEE MINING ADVENTURES AND ROCK HUNTING EXPEDITIONS IN THE WEST, Monaco/Monaco. This unique directory locates over 115 collecting locations throughout the country, including fee mines, places to prospect for gold, and sites to hunt rocks and minerals.
133 pp.  (MG133) $15.95

FEE MINING AND MINERAL ADVENTURES IN THE EASTERN UNITED STATES, Monaco/Monaco. A unique guide for mineral enthusiasts and family vacationers. Rocks and minerals, crystals, fossils, gold, treasure, museums, beaches, caves, caverns, historical sites, tours.  Large format.
264 pp. (OD153) $15.95

FINDING GOLD IN THE DESERT, Lynch. Tips and suggestions on how to make this a profitable operation. Includes blueprints for construction of your own dry-washer. From an old-timer who has been around.
30 pp. (MG102)  $5.95

FINDING GOLD NUGGETS II, Normandi. Written by one who knows - no duplication from Vol. 1. Chock full of all sorts of information to make you successful.
80 pp. (MG138)  $9.95

FISTS FULL OF GOLD:  How You Can Find Gold in the Mountains and Deserts, Ralph. The most complete and updated guide to the art of prospecting now in print. A single source book unlike any  other. Fully illustrated. Large format. 
362 pp.  (MG176) $29.95

FOLLOW THE DRYWASHERS, Vol. 3. "The Nugget-shooter's Bible", Straight.  A comprehensive and definitive work on nugget-shooting.  Learn to locate and "read" dry-washer areas.  14 small scale state maps list locations where gold has been found. Large format.
220 pp.  (MG108) $29.95

GHOST TOWNS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, Silverberg.  The American mining frontier can be traced in the ghost towns - from the camps of California’s forty-niners to the twentieth-century ruins in the Nevada desert.
309 pp.  (GT215) $12.95

GOLD, THE ABC'S OF PANNING, LeGaye.  Written for the beginner in layman's language.  Revised and enlarged fourth edition.
82 pp. (MG165)  $11.95

GOLD! GOLD! A Beginners Handbook:  How to Prospect for Gold, Petralia. You can find gold! It's history, recovery methods, and identification techniques are revealed in this book.
111 pp.  (MG143) $12.95

GOLD FEVER:  the Art of Panning and Sluicing, De Lorento.  Reading this book could infect you with GOLD FEVER and you may never be the same again.
80 pp. (MG179)  $8.95

GOLD IN PLACER, Douglas. How to find it, how to get it, desert lore and prospecting experiences for the beginner prospector. A good basic how-to-do-it book written in layman's language.
123 pp.  (MG111) $8.95

GOLD MINING IN OREGON, Webber, Editor. How to pan for gold. Where to go and what to do when you get there.  Includes selected text from Bulletin 61 of the Oregon Dept. of Geology & Mineral Industries:  “Gold and Silver in Oregon”.  Bibliography, Special Index of Mines, Large format.
331 pp.  (MG174) $29.95

GOLD PANNER'S MANUAL, Basque.  The author has compiled a fascinating, factual and comprehensive history of gold, complete with details of how to search for and find nuggets and placer lodes.
108 pp.  (MG148) $12.95

GOLD PROSPECTING:  The Ultimate Adventure, Larson. Travel with the author through the adventures that have occupied most of his life.
249 pp.  (MG177) $14.95

GOLD PROSPECTOR'S HANDBOOK, Black. Written to show the beginner how to get started, and progress to the point where he can become an advanced, proficient amateur at prospecting and small mining operation.
176 pp.  (MG154) $12.95

30 pp. (MG126)  $6.00

HOW TO FIND GOLD, Garrett. Another pocket-sized book by Charles Garrett.  Finding gold by panning and with a metal detector.
84 pp. (MG175)  $3.95

HOW TO FIND GOLD, Klein/Keene. An introduction to gold prospecting from two seasoned experts. All the basics are covered.  Where to look for gold, tools and equipment, panning, sluicing, dredging, metal detecting, staking a claim and more.
124 pp.  (MG169) $9.95

LOOKING FOR GOLD, Angier.  Here are the facts about prospecting today - from success stories to places to start, equipment, laws and regulations, staking a claim and analyzing ore, and working a claim in the U.S. and Canada.
218 pp.  (MG168) $19.95

LOST LEDGES OF THE WEST, Carson. Long lost mines and ledges, how to locate. Also covers lodes, chimneys, outcroppings, plus more.
96 pp. (MG118)  $9.95

THE MAGNIFICENT QUEST, Straight. A guide to prospecting, dry-washing and nugget-shooting in the desert.
51 pp. (MG158)  $10.95

MAINE MINING ADVENTURES, Stevens.  Easy to follow instructions on how and where to find minerals and gold. Many locations are listed, and seasoned miners share their experiences as they give advice and guidance.
208 pp.  (MG139) $10.00

MEMOIRS OF A MAINE GOLD HUNTER, Stevens. This book is a window on the world of mining in Maine.
286 pp.  (MG170) $12.00

METHODS OF PLACER MINING, Basque.  This book explains the various methods used to recover gold from winnowing, one of the crudest methods, to the modern sluice, dredge, and spiral gold panner, Included are maps and both historic and recent photographs.
88 pp. (TH179)  $9.95

256 pp.  (MG167) $14.95

MINING DISTRICTS AND MINERAL RESOURCES OF NEVADA, Lincoln. Presents authentic information concerning the mining districts and mineral resources of Nevada. A reprint of the 1923 edition.
295 pp.  (MG163) $19.95

MODERN GOLD MINING TECHNIQUES (on DVD or VHS video), McCracken. Covers the basic of gold geology and shows you where to locate deposits. Demonstrates proper panning and sluicing techniques, mossing, sampling, fanning, dry-washing, electronic prospecting, under-water prospecting, the basics of gold dredging, cleaning and amalgamating and much more.  If you can afford only one video, this is the recommended one. Top quality.
90 minutes
DVD (TH185)  $49.95
VHS Video  (VI107) $49.95

MODERN GOLDSEEKERS MANUAL, Bryant. An excellent all-inclusive book on the subject of prospecting. Chapters on the Goldspear, techniques of panning with both round and square pans, "trouble shooting", helpful suggestions on dredges, jigs, rockers, spiral drums, sluices, gold wheels, separating tables, the separating process and excellent information on amalgamation using mercury.
223 pp.  (MG120) $21.00

"THE NEW" GOLD PANNING IS EASY, Lagel. Tells it all - a fine step-by-step, how-to instruction for both wet and dry panning.  Easy to follow directions.  Lots of useful information included for in the field.
134 pp.  (MG121) $9.95

NUGGETSHOOTING DRY PLACER AREAS, Straight. Covered is equipment, techniques, soil matrix, maps, detector tips, hot rocks, coil advantages, audio enhancers, and more.
50 pp. (MG136)  $12.95

PANNING GOLD FOR THE RANK BEGINNER (on video), Nevada John. Let Nevada John show you how to pan gold. He'll show you the basics from locating bedrock to separating your gold dust from the black sand.
40 minutes (VI139)  $16.95

PAN YOUR OWN GOLD, LeGaye. Panning with the new patented Garrett gravity trap gold pan.
42 pp. (TH168)  $6.95

* LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE * PLACER MINER’S MANUAL, VOL. 1-3, vonMueller.  These volumes contain the complete parts 1-3 of “Placer Mining in the Western United States” by Gardner/Johnson of the Bureau of Mines with additional editorial and technical information provided by Karl von Mueller.

    Vol. 1 History of placer mining, geology, sampling, surf washers, classification, panning, sluicing, dry washers, weight conversion table, other tables, illustrations and maps.
    99 pp. (MG140)  $10.00

    Vol. 2 Hydraulicing, placer mining equipment, sluice boxes and riffles, cleaning up, separation of gold from concentrates, amalgamators, weighing gold, melting gold, sampling, and all of the closely related processes and procedures.
    111 pp.  (MG141) $10.00

    Vol. 3 Excavating, dredging, screening, gold saving, modern dredges, re-soiling, safety, drift mining, breasting, representative mining practices, ancient gravels, milling, more tables, sections and layouts, mine maps, illustrations, and flow sheets.
    103 pp.  (MG142) $10.00

    Set of all 3 above volumes:  $25.00

PROSPECTING FOR GOLD (on video or DVD), Roush. Illustrated are the six basic methods of finding gold and tips and information for the beginning or experienced gold seeker.  Shows how to find gold bearing areas and where gold accumulates, demonstrates and explains proper panning and sluicing techniques, operation of wet and dry washers, effective metal detecting in dredging and accessories like classifiers, black sand magnets, and view plates.
63 minutes VHS Format (VI108) $36.95     DVD format (DV108)  $36.95

PROSPECTING FOR LODE GOLD, Stone.  An excellent book on where to look, what to look for and how to proceed after you’ve made your find.  Includes assaying.  An easy to understand book on lode gold.
50 pp. (MG137)  $10.95

RECREATIONAL GOLD PROSPECTING FOR FUN AND PROFIT, Butler.  If you are just starting out in gold prospecting, this is the book for you. Straightforward and complete answers to all of your questions about where to go, what to bring, what to do when you get there, and also when you get back home with your new-found gold.
206 pp.  (MG156) $12.95

SAM RADDINGS BOOK OF PLANS, Radding. Easy to understand, custom designed plans for the construction of lightweight recreational gold mining equipment.

    VOL. 1:  Drywashers, conveyer belts, rocker boxes, concentrators, sluices.
    80 pp. (MG152)  $15.95

    VOL. 2:  Drywashers, view scopes, suction sticks, sniping tools, gold screens, and more.
    88 pp. (MG153)  $15.95

SECRETS OF GOLD PANNING, Kahler. Small pocket-size booklet revealing 9 secrets plus more inside information on how to successfully pan gold when others may fail.
20 pp. (MG129)  Just  $2.25

SIMPLE METHODS OF MINING GOLD, Faulk.  What you need.  Where to look for gold. How to find and refine gold.  All the things you need to know without excess material to cause confusion.
36 pp. (MG166)  $4.50

STAKE YOUR CLAIM:  How to Find Gold and Stake a Mining Claim, Silva. Revised edition. Includes listing of more than 300 resources detailing exact placer gold locations throughout the U.S.  Spiral bound.
125 pp.  (MG128) $19.95

SUCCESSFUL GOLD DREDGING MADE EASY (on DVD or VHS video), McCracken. An excellent educational presentation on the complete subject of dredging. Quality of film is tops and material presented can be found nowhere else.
60 minutes
DVD  (TH184) $49.95
VHS Video  (VI112) $49.95

THREE HOURS TO GOLD FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Straight.  Metal detecting for eolian and eluvial placer using VLF and PI-type detectors within the Randsburg Quadrangle and outlying districts.
115 pp.  (TH209) $22.95

WEEKEND PROSPECTING (on video), Garrett. This information packed video takes you to the Northwest where Charles Garrett and his companions prospect for gold with metal detectors, dredges and gold pans. Many secrets of recovering gold are made simple while the viewer learns where to find the precious metal and how to take it from fields and streams. VHS.
50 minutes (VI118)  $14.95

YOU CAN FIND GOLD WITH A METAL DETECTOR, Garrett/Lagal.  Proven techniques for using a metal detector to find that "elusive" gold.  This book replaces the out of print title MODERN ELECTRONIC PROSPECTING by the same authors.
Approx. 90 pp. (MG119)  $9.95

YOURS FOR THE TAKING, or Getting More of Your Share of Desert Gold, Wielgus. Details a number of productive areas and explains how to hunt each type - included is information on sniping, hand sluicing, high-banking, dry prospecting and other methods of successful recovery. Text is complimented with maps, diagrams and photos. Oversized. No duplication on other Wielgus book.
114 pp.  (MG134) $18.95


ANCIENT RIVER OF GOLD, Wallace.  From Alaska to the Andes of South America, the rich, gold laden, prehistoric, Ancient River of Gold produced untold millions for the "49ers".  Less than 100 miles of the rivers were discovered and originally worked. Once relocated, any portion of this river bed could produce untold amounts of gold nuggets.  The index is a Who's Who in historical gold strikes, locations and forgotten names and places.  Large format.
160 pp.  (GP100) $19.95

ARIZONA GOLD PLACERS AND PLACERING, Wilson.  Guide book to locations.
148 pp.  (GP102) $13.95

ARIZONA LODE GOLD MINES AND GOLD MINING, Wilson. His book covers information on most of the known gold mines in the State of Arizona at the time of publication.
254 pp.  (GP208)

ARIZONA'S LITTLE KNOWN GOLD PLACERS, Wielgus.  An easy-to-read guide to rarely visited gold placers.  Detailed instructions.  Large format.
128 pp.  (GP151) $22.95

COLORADO PLACERS AND PLACERING, Parker.  The most comprehensive document ever published on the subject.
112 pp.  (GP157) $11.95

DISCOVERING WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC MINES, VOL. 1: The West Central Cascade Mountains. This first volume documents the history, geology, and locations of all the known hard rock mines between Darrington and North Bend. Each mine is rated for hiking difficulty and distance.
230 pp.  (GP168) $26.95

DISCOVERING WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC MINES, VOL. 2: The East Central Cascades and the Wenatchee Mountains. You'll find everything from little glory holes to the mighty Cannon and Lovitt Mines in these pages.  Each mine is rated for hiking difficulty and distance.  Large format.
336 pp.  (GP172) $34.95

DISCOVERING WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC MINES, VOL. 3: The Northern Cascade Mountains.  This volume caps the series off by exploring mines that lie north of those in the first two volumes, clear to the Canadian border.  Large format.
315 pp.  (GP193) $39.95

DISCOVERING WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC MINES, VOL. 5, Woodhouse/ Jacobson/Pisoni. The Okanogan Highlands and Ferry Counties of Washington. Solving the problems of getting equipment into these remote areas, and getting the ore out of them.  Large format.
287 pp.  (GP203) $34.95

DISCOVERING WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC MINES, VOL. 6, Woodhouse/ Jacobson/Pisoni. Covers Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties in Washington State.
310 pp.  (GP211) $34.95

THE ELUSIVE “POCKET GOLD” OF SOUTHWESTERN OREGON, Bohmker. Revised and expanded.  Searching techniques, history, understanding small mine workings & geology, hard-rock pan testing, metal detecting advice for hard-rock gold and where to go to find it.
81 pp. (GP183)  $17.50

FINDING POCKET GOLD IN CALIFORNIA’S KLAMATH MOUNTAINS, Bohmker.  Explains how pockets are formed, research strategies, gives tips, includes pocket gold geology, maps, case studies, various types of pocket occurrences, famous pocket finds. Large format.
71 pp. (GP202)  $18.50

GOLD AND DIAMONDS IN INDIANA, Hill.  Revised and updated.  16 counties are listed where gold has been found and three places where diamonds have been located in the state.
56 pp. (GP109)  $7.95

GOLD AND SILVER IN OREGON, Brooks. The defacto standard of gold and silver mining in Oregon.  This rare book was originally published in 1968 by the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Resources. Large format.
337 pp.  (GP204) $29.95

GOLD AND SILVER IN TEXAS, Evans. Details where gold and silver can be found in the state by district.  Describes types and locations of mines and prospects. Maps, large format.
36 pp. (GP110)  $7.95

GOLD CREEKS AND GHOST TOWNS OF NORTHEAST WASHINGTON, Barlee. Ghost towns, mining towns, lost mine and treasure locations in Northeastern Washington.
223 pp.  (GP160) $17.95

GOLD DIGGER’S ATLAS, Johnson.  This map book only purports to show where gold has been found. Upon reaching an area, much depends on the reader’s own ingenuity. After all - gold is where you find it, and no book can claim credit for your discoveries.
64 pp. (GP103)  $7.50

GOLD IN IDAHO, Staley. Originally published by the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology in 1946. One of the most comprehensive books on gold in the State of Idaho. A must-have publication for those seeking gold in Idaho. Large format, numerous maps.
32 pp. (GP173)  $14.95

GOLD IN MICHIGAN.  References and photocopies of selected out-of-print publications of the DNR Geological Survey Division.  Large format.
83 pp. (GP158)  $19.95

GOLD IN ONTARIO , Barnes.  A inside look at the evolution of gold prospecting and mining in Ontario which produced almost half of the more than $1 billion in gold mined annually in Canada. Large format.  Cloth.
144 pp.  (GP189) $27.95

GOLD IN VIRGINIA, Sweet. Details every gold location within the state.  Indexed for easy use. Covers 13 counties.  31 maps, large format.
77 pp. (GP113)  $14.95

GOLD IN WASHINGTON, Hunting. The book was originally published by the State of Washington Division of Mines and Geology in 1955. It shows gold occurrences in the state by county, listing each known deposit.
158 pp.  (GP205) $12.95

GOLD NUGGET-TEERING IN NEVADA, Book One, Toole.  Detailed info on where to prospect for gold in Nevada.  Gold placer mining districts with maps and directions to each site. Indexed by counties.
140 pp.  (GP163) $22.95

GOLD NUGGET-TEERING IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Toole. Contains maps and directions to each site mentioned in the book.  Large Format.
140 pp.  (GP170) $22.95

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO EASTERN OREGON, Bohmker/Humbird.  Where and how to pan, prospect, metal detect for lode, “pocket” and placer gold with maps, history, advice from experts, success stories and more.
124 pp.  (GP200) $19.95

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO IDAHO, Bohmker. Includes a complete reprinting of the 1946 classic reference work “Gold in Idaho” by W.W. Staley. Also contains maps showing hundreds of gold locations. Large format, 80 maps.
220 pp.  (GP209) $21.95

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO THE BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA, Bohmker. Revised, updated and expanded edition. Long appreciated by gold prospectors/miners, novice gold panners & history buffs. Written by a third generation gold digger who enjoys sharing his passion for mining with others.
98 pp. (GP186)  $18.95

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO THE OREGON CASCADES, Bohmker. How and where to pan, sluice, and dredge without a claim.  Large format.
85 pp. (GP196)  $17.50

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO THE OREGON COAST, Bohmker.  The special panning and recovery techniques of beach gold are covered as well as the coastal streams and lode deposits. The text covers mining basics and coastal mining history and stories.  Large format, many b/w and color maps.
85 pp. (GP201)  $18.50

GOLD PANNER’S GUIDE TO WASHINGTON STATE, Bohmker.  Includes reprint of Handbook of Gold Prospectors in Washington, by Wayne S. Moen and Marshall T. Hunting, plus new updated maps, stories and how-to information.  Large format.
134 pp.  (GP197) $21.95

GOLD PANNING FRASER, THOMPSON AND COLUMBIA RIVER SYSTEMS, Lewis/Lewis. A prospector’s treasure trail to creeks of gold in the Interior of British Columbia. This book provides priceless information on the gold-bearing creeks, their bars, banks, history and the areas where placer gold is known to exist.
94 pp. (GP181)  $9.95

GOLD PANNING AND STREAM PROSPECTING IN SOUTHWESTERN COLORADO, Benham.  2-color map showing principal gold producing areas in 17 southwestern counties and leading placer areas. Reverse full of useful information.  18x24".
(GP105)  $3.25

GOLD PANNING IN THE CARIBOO, Lewis/Hart. A prospector's treasure trail to creeks of gold. Numerous maps and photos.  Detailed directions.
96 pp. (GP165)  $9.95

GOLD PANNING IN NEW MEXICO, Wilson.  Where and how to pan for gold from reading the map to staking the claim.
62 pp. (GP108)  $9.95

GOLD PANNING SOUTHWESTERN B.C. AND VANCOUVER ISLAND, Lewis/Hart. Detailed directions and information about 50 creeks, rivers and river bars where placer gold is known to exist. Numerous maps and photos.
96 pp. (GP164)  $9.95

GOLD RESOURCES OF NORTH CAROLINA, Carpenter. Summary of gold mine locations and history within the state.  Gives history and location of the mines by district.
(GP114)  $10.95

GUIDE TO GOLD PANNING IN UTAH, Chenworth.  This book is intended to be a guide to the prospector who would like to go out on the weekend, take in some beautiful scenery, get some exercise, and maybe find some gold.  Numerous photos and topographic maps.
209 pp.  (GP195) $12.95


Price is $9.95 each. State title when ordering


MICHIGAN GOLD, Fountain. From 1840's to modern mining, the only complete history of Upper Michigan's Gold Mines. More than 75 gold mining ventures detailed.
163 pp.  (GP150) $12.95

MOTHER LODE ADVENTURER’S GUIDE, Granville. Gold.  Where to find it, how to recover it, and detailed maps to gold-bearing areas. Large format.
64 pp. (GP199)  $12.95

PLACER AND LODE GOLD DEPOSITS OF NEW MEXICO, Johnson.  A compilation of three rare and long-out-of-print publications:  USGS Bulletin 1348, Placer Gold Deposits of New Mexico by Johnson, US Bureau of Mines Circular 6987, Gold Mining in New Mexico by Metzger, and New Mexico Bureau of Mines Circular #5, Gold Mining and Gold Deposits in New Mexico by Wells and Wooton
71+ pp.  (GP207) $17.95.

PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF NEVADA, Johnson. Lists the location, topography and geologic maps, access and production history. Good bibliography of additional literature and geological map references.
118 pp.  (GP134) $12.95

PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF NEW MEXICO, Johnson. Covers 33 placer deposits in depth and mentions minor ones. Lists topographic and geologic maps that are available, also access. Large Map.
46 pp. (GP135)  $9.95

PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF THE SIERRA NEVADA, Morrison. More than 20 county maps complete this valuable guide to prospecting in the Gold Country of California.
192 pp.  (GP161) $12.95

PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF UTAH, Johnson. A catalog of location, geology, and production, with lists of annotated references pertaining to the placer districts.
26 pp. (GP132)  $9.95

41 pp. (GP139)  $8.95

PRINCIPAL GOLD PRODUCING DISTRICTS OF THE UNITED STATES, Koschmann/Bergendahl. A description of the geology, mining history, and production of the major gold-mining districts in these states:

1. AL, GA, NC, SC, PA, TN, and VA
2. Alaska
3. Arizona
4. California
5. Colorado
6. Idaho
7. MI, WY, SD
8. Montana
9. Nevada
10.  New Mexico
11.  Oregon
12.  Utah
13.  Washington

Please indicate which states wanted.

(GP156)  $5.95 each

RIVERS OF GOLD, Lee/Lee. A true Yukon story.  Marauding bears, flash floods, and bone-chilling winter supply trips are just a few of the challenges the Lee family of Langley, B.C. faces in its modern-day quest for Klondike gold.
202 pp.  (GP185) $19.95

SECOND REPORT ON THE GOLD DEPOSITS OF GEORGIA, Jones.  A very comprehensive work.  Detailed descriptions of mines (with locations) in 38 counties, including White County.  Has pocket map included.
283 pp.  (GP111) $24.95

TAILINGS FROM THE GOLDEN WEST, Mitchell. The rich gold discoveries detailed in this book will inspire the reader to seek out new gold deposits armed with the geologic clues included within these pages.
176 pp.  (GP187) $14.95

WHERE TO FIND ARIZONA'S PLACER GOLD, Toole.  This book is a must for the beginner and the pro. If you are about to search for Arizona gold, this book should be your starting point.  Maps with directions.
144 pp.  (GP130) $22.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD AND GEMS IN NEVADA, Klein.  Maps and descriptive text on each county.  Maps.
110 pp.  (GP143) $8.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Klein.  Significant amounts of gold were found and mined in Northern California during the Gold Rush, and it's still there to be found, if you know its secrets.
153 pp.  (GP162) $10.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD IN OREGON, Toole. Identical format as the above book but with all the information relative to the state of Oregon.
139 pp.  (GP148) $22.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Klein.  Updated.  All new maps and an added chapter on the Kern River area.  Good introduction to the gold bearing areas.
108 pp.  (GP145) $9.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD IN THE DESERT, Klein. Newly listed areas in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah, along with updated Ariz. and Calif. locations. New maps make locating areas easy. Nugget shooting chapter.
144 pp.  (GP141) $9.95

WHERE TO FIND GOLD IN THE MOTHER LODE, Klein.  Info on the areas in which "seekers" are doing the best - also discusses other possibilities of lost treasure in the area (Calif.)
179 pp.  (GP142) $9.95

X MARKS THE SPOT...NEVADA, Johnson.  Research for the small miner and prospector.  GPS locations on most mines in Nevada. Large format, spiral bound.
121 pp.  (GP184) $24.95


THE BEAUTIFUL MINE:  Women Prospectors of the Old West, Enss.  Often portrayed as “camp followers” or “sporting women” in association with the gold rushes of the Old West, women actually made fortunes panning and mining as well.
148 pp.  (GH133) $12.95

BLOWN TO BITS IN THE MINE, Twitty. A history of mining and explosives in the United States. The author explains the tools and equipment of the miner in a way that will appeal to the mining historian.
208 pp. (GH120) $25.95

BONANZA WEST, Greeves. The story of the Western Mining Rushes, 1848-1900. One of the top mining books of all time.
430 pp.  (GH116) $16.95

CARIBOO GOLD RUSH. In 1858 30,000 gold seekers stampeded to the Fraser River. Their discovery resulted in today's province called British Columbia.
94 pp. (GH114)  $8.95

* NEW * CITIES OF GOLD, Yenne. The exploration for real and  mythical treasures in the Americas from the rain forests and mountains of Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Guiana to the deserts and Peaks of Mexico and the United States.  Cloth.
319 pp.  (GH140) $26.00

COLORADO GOLD: From the Pike's Peak Rush to the Present, Voynick. About the boom, the busts, the dashed hopes, the people lured to find it, then forever changed by their success or failure.
206 pp.  (GH117) $14.00

COLORADO MINING STORIES, Arlen.  Caroline Arlen present a rich new look at an American history through the first-person narrative of an array of tough, brave, strange and fascinating people.
176 pp.  (GH136) $12.95

COLORADO'S LOST GOLD MINES AND BURIED TREASURE, Bancroft.  30 romantic and fabled tales of Colorado's misplaced wealth.
56 pp. (GH100)  $5.95

CRIPPLE CREEK BONANZA, Cunningham. The Cripple Creek Gold Rush of 1891 turned Colorado citizens into overnight millionaires and set off a hard rock mining operation that is still going on today.
218 pp.  (GH112) $12.95

DAYS OF GOLD, Rohrbough. A comprehensive history of the California Gold Rush, the consequences of which spread outward in ever widening circles to touch the lives of families and communities everywhere in the United States. Cloth.
363 pp.  (GH115) $14.95

ELDORADO:  The California Gold Rush, Walker. The complete, often gaudy, always fascinating story of the California Gold Rush, the greatest mining bonanza in all of American history.
379 pp.  (GH123) $27.95

FOUR DAYS FROM FORT WINGATE: The Lost Adams Diggings, French. In 1864 a party of miners, a guide, and a freighter set off in search of a rich canyon of gold, Arizona Territory.  Their guide led them through Apacheria in unexplored western New Mexico. There in the sandy floor of a hidden canyon, they found a fabulous bonanza of gold. Indians attacked, many of the men were killed. The survivors escaped the attack, leaving behind a wealth of treasure. It has reportedly never been found.  Bibliography, maps.
259 pp.  (GH108) $9.95

FROZEN GOLD, Gould.  A treatise on early Klondike mining technology, methods, and history. Large format.
106 pp.  (GH126) $10.95

GOLD OF THE AMERICAS,  Marx. Natures gold, its origin, how its formed, plus many stories of explorers and their quest for gold.  Gold in the U.S., the 49ers, the Klondike, Black Hills, Carolinas, Georgia, California, Rockies, plus much more.
168 pp.  (GH111) $12.95

GOLD IN THEM HILLS, Glasscock. The story of the West's last wild mining days. A reproduction of the 1932 first edition. This book will be enjoyed by all who love old Nevada.
330 pp.  (GH118) $15.95

GOLD RUSH GATEWAY: Skagway and Dyea, Alaska, Cohen. The early history of these two towns is interrelated, but today they are vastly different.  Large format.
138 pp.  (GH125) $9.95

THE GOLD SEEKERS:  Gold, Ghosts and Legends from Carolina to California, Roberts.  From 1804 to 1828, all domestic gold coined at the U.S. Mint came from North Carolina.  The only experienced miners in the Western gold fields were the miners of Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia. This is the first book to tie the earlier gold rush in 1829 in the South to the better-known California Gold Rush of 1849.  It presents a history of the southern gold rush and the legends that have grown up around it.
164 pp.  (GH103) $13.95

LIES, LEGENDS & LORE OF THE SAN JUANS, Henn. Tales of early miners, lost gold mines, boyhood adventures, ghost stories and other delightful and informative lore about times long ago in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
186 pp.  (GH129) $14.95

THE LOST ADAMS DIGGINGS, Purcell.  Myth, mystery, and madness. The secrets behind the legend of the Lost Adams Mine. Large format.
232 pp.  (GH119) $24.95

MILE-HIGH FEVER: Silver Mines, Boom Towns, and High Living on the Comstock Lode, Drabelle.  Fraud, larceny, downright theft, untrammeled greed, not to mention fancy women, gambling dens, demented journalists... all adding up to incredible fun. Cloth.
282 pp.  (GH137) $25.95

ON THE TRAIL TO THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH, Delano.  Alonzo Delano bid farewell to his wife and children and joined the rush to El Dorado.  He persevered in writing his remarkable detailed diary, recounting his experiences among the more than 30,000 gold-seekers.
384 pp.  (GH132) $16.95

PERILOUS PASSAGE, Purple.  A narrative of the Montana Gold Rush 1862-63. Purple’s never before published, first-person account of his encounters along the trail from Salt Lake City to Montana and at the Bannack City goldfields, where he prospected and peddled in the first year of the town’s existence.
211 pp.  (GH131) $15.95

RICHES TO RUST, Twitty.  A guide to mining in the Old West.  Can be used as a field guide for exploring the many old mine sites across the West, and understanding the relics found strewn around an abandoned mine.
383 pp. (GH121) $24.95

SOURDOUGHS, CLAIM JUMPERS, AND DRY GULCHERS, Mayo. Fifty of the grittiest moments in the history of frontier prospecting.
299 pp.  (GH139) $16.95

THE STREETS WERE PAVED WITH GOLD, Cohen. A pictorial history of the Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-1899.
202 pp.  (GH127) $12.95

TERROR IN THE KLONDIKE, Coppock. Vivid detail on the outlaw Soapy Smith’s reign of terror in Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897.  Also covers his criminal life in Colorado boomtowns and his on and off partnership with Old West legends Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp.
160 pp.  (GH134) $16.95

TOMBSTONE ARIZONA, TOO TOUGH TO DIE, Bailey. The rise, fall and resurrection of a silver camp, 1878-1990. This 398-page book is exhaustively researched and documented with end notes, bibliography, and index. Included are 57 halftones, line drawings, and maps.
398 pp.  (GH128) $25.00

THE TRAIL OF GOLD AND SILVER:  Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009, Smith. A superb overview of Hardrock mining from bonanzas such as Cripple Creek to Summitvilles environmental disaster.
320 pp.  (GH135) $21.95

WAYBILL TO THE LOST ADAMS DIGGINGS, Stewart. Some new info on a legendary gold bonanza. Newly discovered document lends credence to the existence of a "lost diggings" which could be worth billions. Detailed, comprehensive.
32 pp. (GH106)  $6.95  
YUKON GOLD, Preyde.  This book celebrates the centennial of the Klondike Gold Rush and covers all of the important events of the discovery of gold and the subsequent stampede.  Striking photographs.
95 pp. (GH109)  $12.95


1849's GOLD RUSH KIT.  Includes standard 14" Garrett pan, 10 1/2" finishing pan, classifier and how-to booklet.
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GOLD PANNING KIT (Everything but the stream).  Learn gold panning with this complete kit.  12" thermoplastic pan, gold ore for panning, secrets of gold panning book, hand lens, eyedropper, vial for gold, instructions.
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GEM ORE FOR PANNING. Pan out the gems in these packets of at least 20 polished stones from a selection of over 25 different varieties of gemstones.
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GOLD ORE FOR PANNING.  Pan out the gold in this native material from Colorado. Gold bites/flakes average about 6-7 nice specimens per bag. Includes instructions.
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SAMPLE BOTTLES.  Clear glass.  Used as a standard for determining weight.  .5 oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz. sizes.
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SNIFTER BOTTLES. Handy, squeeze bottle that sniffs up the finest specks of gold in the pan.
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