Mountain Men

THE AMERICAN FUR TRADE OF THE FAR WEST, Chittenden.  TWO VOLUMES:  A detailed and comprehensive account of the fur trade of the Trans-Mississippi West that remains the standard.  A reprint of the original 1935 edition, excellent bibliography and editorial notes at the end of each chapter.

    VOL. 1 - Includes the organization and financing of the trade and a detailed history of the major American companies operating in the Trans-Mississippi West to the year 1843.
    608 pp.  (MM101) $19.95

    VOL. 2 - Portrays notable characters and events connected with the fur trade against the natural environment of the trans-Mississippi West. Lots of primary material in appendixes.
    496 pp.  (MM102) $19.95

THE BEAVER MEN:  Spearheads of Empire, Sandoz. Authoritative account of the beaver trade in America from its earliest days to 1834.  Maps, notes.
360 pp.  (MM103) $19.95

BILL SUBLETTE: Mountain Man, Sunder.  A hardy mountain man, he ranged the Missouri, Big Horn, Yellowstone and Sweetwater River country between 1823 and 1833 hunting beaver, fighting Indians, and unwittingly opening the West for settlers. Maps.
279 pp.  (MM104) $19.95

BROKEN HAND, Hafen.  The Life of Thomas Fitzpatrick, Mountain Man, Guide and Indian Agent.
359 pp.  (MM105) $24.95

FRENCH FUR TRADERS & VOYAGEURS IN THE AMERICAN WEST, Hafen.  This volume documents the French domination of the nineteenth-century fur trade in the United States.
333 pp.  (MM130) $15.00

FUR TRADE OF THE AMERICAN WEST, 1807-1840, Wishart.  The entire fur trade system is traced out from the Green River rendezvous or the Fort Union post to the trading houses of St. Louis and the auctions in New York and Europe. Maps.
237 pp.  (MM126) $19.95

FUR TRAPPERS AND TRADERS OF THE FAR SOUTHWEST, Hafen.  The organization and practices of the Southwestern fur trade differed in a number of ways from the mountain trade of the central and northern Rockies.
336 pp.  (MM124) $24.95

FUR TRADERS, TRAPPERS AND MOUNTAIN MEN OF THE UPPER MISSOURI, Hafen. The book focuses on eighteen men who represented the American Fur Company and its successors in the Upper Missouri Trade.
136 pp.  (MM127) $8.95

JEDEDIAH SMITH AND THE OPENING OF THE WEST, Morgan.  The remarkable story of the fur trapper who, with other mountain men, blazed the trails across the west. Map.
458 pp.  ((MM106)  $19.95

JIM BECKWOURTH, Wilson.  Black mountain man, war chief of the crows, trader, trapper, explorer, frontiersman, guide scout, interpreter, adventurer, and gaudy liar.
248 pp.  (MM128) $19.95

JOURNAL OF A MOUNTAIN MAN, Clyman. The author's experiences on the plains and in the mountains during the heyday of the American fur trade and during the peak of emigration to Oregon and California.
295 pp.  (MM109) $17.95

JOURNAL OF A TRAPPER, Russell. An account of a trapper in the Rocky Mountains when the trade was at its peak. Maps.
203 pp.  (MM110) $14.95

MOUNTAIN MEN, Hollihan.  The mountain men of the North American frontier were a breed apart living in isolation in the wildest places of the frontier. This is a series of accounts about some of the most colorful of these high-country heroes.  28 b/w photographs, 3 maps.
224 pp.  (MM131) $14.95

MOUNTAIN MEN AND FUR TRADERS OF THE FAR WEST, Hafen. 18 biographical sketches of mountain men.
401 pp.  (MM114) $19.95

THE RIVER OF THE WEST: THE ADVENTURES OF JOE MEEK: The Mountain Years, Vol I, Victor.  Joe Meek was one of the West's most irresistible characters.  This edition deals with Meek's years as one of the legendary mountain men, the fur trappers of the Rocky Mountains. Map, notes, illustrations.
320 pp.  (MM115) $15.95

THE RIVER OF THE WEST: THE ADVENTURES OF JOE MEEK: The Oregon Years, Vol II,  Victor.  This edition  shows him as a pioneer, sheriff, U.S. Marshall, and legislator.
382 pp.  (MM116) $18.95

TAOS TRAPPERS: Fur Trade in the Far Southwest 1549-1846, Weber. An excellent history of the Southwest. Numerous treasure leads for the Taos and Santa Fe areas.  Maps.
263 pp.  (MM121) $19.95

TRAPPERS OF THE FAR WEST, Hafen. Companion to the above title.  This edition lists another 17 mountain men with biographical sketches.  No duplications in the two books.
379 pp.  (MM123) $29.95