Old West

100 OKLAHOMA OUTLAWS, GANGSTERS, AND LAWMEN, 1839-1939, Anderson/Yadon.  The 100 profiles and biographical essays in this volume of popular history include Bonnie and Clyde, Belle Starr, Machine Gun Kelly, the James brothers, the Youngers, the Doolins, the Daltons, and numerous other well-known and unknown criminals and officials.
336 pp.  (OW376) $16.95

200 TEXAS OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN, Yadon/Anderson.  In this book are found accounts of gunfights, robberies and kidnappings.  Besides the familiar faces of Billy the Kid, Machine Gun Kelly, Bat Masterson, and Belle Star, others included are Texas Jack, Rowdy Joe, Mysterious Dave, Longhair Jim, Buckskin Frank, and Curley Bill.
302 pp.  (OW355) $16.95

ACROSS THE NORTHERN FRONTIER, SPANISH EXPLORATIONS IN COLORADO, Carson.  Covers conflicts with Indians, trails and routes traveled, artifacts, missions, Spanish towns, settlements, revolts, outposts, plus much more.
240 pp.  (OW225) $18.00

AGE OF THE GUNFIGHTER: Men and Weapons on the Frontier, 1840-1900, Rosa.  The story of every major gunfighter, peace officer and outlaw of the West, placed within the context of a violent frontier and the coming of law and order.  Complementing the text are outstanding color spreads featuring firearms which these individuals used. It tells of a tempestuous time where few of those who achieved fame and a reputation lived into old age...Wyatt Earp being one exception.  A most interesting book.  Oversized, maps, illustrations, bibliography, cloth.
192 pp.  (OW214) $29.95

THE ALAMO, Myers.  The book sifts, correlates and fuses together all the known data on the Alamo into a readable narrative. Maps.
240 pp.  (OW101) $11.95

APACHE DAYS & TOMBSTONE NIGHTS:  John Clum's Autobiography 1877-1887, Ed. By Carmony. The man who knew Wyatt, Virgil, and Geronimo chronicles Tombstone and the old Southwest as a participant who lived and tasted the life and times of which he wrote.
192 pp.  (OW103) $12.95

APACHE GOLD AND YAQUI SILVER, Dobie. One of the most popular books ever written about treasure in the Southwest. Every treasure hunter's library should have a copy.
366 pp.  (OW102) $21.95

ARIZONA ADVENTURE, Trimble.  (Arizona Trilogy, Vol. 1) Daring deeds and exploits of Wyatt Earp, Buckley O’Neill, the Rough Riders, Arizona Rangers and the notorious Tom Horn. Includes the complete story of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.
160 pp.  (OW349) $9.95

ARIZONA LEGENDS AND LORE, Anderson.  Stories of southwestern pioneers told by a master storyteller. Mysterious Lady in Blue, Captivity of Olive Oatman, Dutchman’s Gold, and more.
176 pp.  (OW350) $9.95

ARIZONA TRAILS AND TALES, Lauer. True adventures in Arizona’s Old West. Exciting stories of Arizona’s history and historical figures.  Travel the Black Canyon Stagecoach Trail, experience life and death in the desert.
192 pp.  (OW351) $14.95

ARIZONIANA, Trimble. (Arizona Trilogy Vol. 3) Stories of Arizona’s history in this fascinating book include:  The Legend of Red Ghost, The Famous Lost Adams Diggings, Con Men of Yesterday and Frank Murphy’s Railroad.
152 pp.  (OW352) $9.95

ARROWS, BULLETS, AND SADDLE SORES, Lauer.  A collection of true tales of Arizona’s Old West complete with photos, maps, bibliography, and a suggested reading list.
181 pp.  (OW328) $9.95

THE AUTHENTIC LIFE OF BILLY THE KID, Pat Garrett.  First-hand account written by Garrett, originally published in 1882, a year after he murdered Bonney.
156 pp.  (OW106) $16.95

BAD BLOOD, The Life and Times of the Horrell Brothers, Nolan.  In six short years, the seven Horrell brothers burned their names into the history books of Texas and New Mexico with deeds of violence and vengeance. Two of the American Southwest's most infamous feuds swirled around them - Lincoln County, New Mexico's, Horrell War in 1873, and Lampasas County, Texas' Horrell-Higgins vendetta of 1874-79. This is the first telling of their tale. Photos, bibliography, cloth.
210 pp.  (OW188) $25.95

BAD MEN: Outlaws and Gunfighters of the Old West, Bell.  The who's who of the bad boys.  They're all in this book.  Profusely illustrated, oversize.
128 pp.  (OW251) $18.95

BALDKNOBBERS:  Vigilantes on the Ozark Frontier, Hartman/ Ingenthron.  An action filled saga of the Bald Knobbers' notorious 8 year rampage, this comprehensive account traces the terror dating from the Civil War and the internal strife that plagues the southern Missouri - northern Arkansas area for 20 years afterward.
306 pp.  (OW109) $11.95

THE BANDIT YEARS:  A Gathering of Wolves, Dugan. True adventures of four outlaws (Billy LeRoy, Bill Miner, Charley Allison, Hamilton White III) during a 10-month period in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.
128 pp.  (OW377) $10.95

BAT MASTERSON, The Man and the Legend, DeArment. This title is the product of more than 20 years of research. A reliable biography of Bat.
384 pp.  (OW110) $24.95

BELLE STARR: The Bandit Queen, Rascoe.  The career of the daring and glamorous lady famed in legend and story throughout the West as the beautiful girl who never would have went wrong if things had not gone wrong.
340 pp.  (OW357) $16.95

BEYOND THE LAW, Dalton.  Written by Emmett Dalton, the only survivor of the Dalton Gang. This is the only first hand account written from that era.
190 pp.  (OW307) $7.95

BILL DOOLIN: Outlaw Oklahoma Territory, Hanes. Called "King of the Oklahoma Outlaws", Bill Doolin first served an apprenticeship as a member of the Dalton gang.  Wisely avoiding the gang's fiasco at Coffeyville, Doolin formed his own gang in 1892 and for the next four years they robbed trains, looted banks and otherwise thumbed their noses at harassed U.S. marshals.  By the time Doolin was ambushed and killed by a heavy shotgun blast, his escapades were providing rich material for legends to follow.
256 pp.  (OW189) $19.95

BILLY THE KID: Beyond the Grave, Jameson.  Traces the life of this famous desperado through his role in the Lincoln County War, his alleged killing by Sheriff Pat Garrett, Billy’s escape, and his life for the next sixty-nine years.
136 pp.  (OW330) $24.95

BILLY THE KID, Tuska.  Tuska provides a carefully documented biography of the Kid, and a chronology of the events surrounding his life and death.
295 pp.  (OW104) $18.25

BLACK, BUCKSKIN AND BLUE, Burton.  An in depth look at African Americans who were scouts and soldiers on the western frontier during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Continuation of the research for "Black, Red and Deadly" by the same author. Cloth.
296 pp.  (OW266) $24.95

BLACK, RED AND DEADLY: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territory, 1870-1907, Burton.  Fills many of the gaps on African American trappers, trailblazers and scouts.
318 pp.  (OW265) $22.95

THE BLACK INFANTRY IN THE WEST, 1869-1891, Fowler. The story of African-American infantry service from 1869-1891 in Texas, Montana and Arizona.
168 pp.  (OW223) $19.95

BLACK RANGE TALES, McKenna.  60 years of adventure in the great southwest  An anthology of prospectors, treasures, cattle rustlers, horse thieves and outlaws.
300 pp.  (OW111) $19.95

BLOODY LEGACY OF PINK HIGGINS, O'Neal. Pink Higgins was a cowboy, Indian fighter, trail driver, stock detective, rancher, and deadly shootist who killed more adversaries than did such renowned gunfighters as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson.
176 pp.  (OW262) $21.95

BUCKSKINS, BEDBUGS AND BACON, Muehl. Daily adventures in the Old West.  Vol. 9 in the Wild West Collection.
141 pp.  (OW297) $7.95

BUFFALO BILL CODY, The Man Behind the Legend, Carter.  The remarkable story of an amazing life.  A fascinating story and a must-read for anyone interested in the evolution of the Western myth.
496 pp.  (OW116) $18.95

THE BUFFALO HUNTERS, Sandoz. Indian ambushes, gun fights, boom towns, frontier characters, and buffaloes. End paper maps.
392 pp.  (OW113) $21.95

THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS, A Narrative of the Black Cavalry in the West, Leckie.  Twenty years of controlling hostile Indians on the Great Plains.
290 pp.  (OW253) $19.95

CALIFORNIA BADMEN: Mean Men With Guns, Secrest. In California Badmen you will find little-known desperadoes and gunmen who couldn’t stay out of trouble if they tried. True stories of men with the bark on.
234 pp.  (OW371) $15.95

CALIFORNIA DESPERADOES, Secrest. Stories of early California outlaws told in their own words. These are true stories told by true desperadoes and illustrated with many rare photographs.
257 pp.  (OW310) $15.95

CHARLES GOODNIGHT, Haley.  This biography of a Texas cowman and plainsman resulted from a decade of interviews, travel and research. Interesting reading.
485 pp.  (OW217) $24.95

CHASING VILLA, Tompkins. The story of the Columbus Raid and Pershing's Expedition into Mexico.  This proved to be the last major campaign of the U.S. Cavalry.
270 pp.  (OW115) $14.95

COLE YOUNGER, LAST OF THE GREAT OUTLAWS, Croy. Cole Younger had a career even more remarkable than that of Jesse James. A splendid biography.
242 pp.  (OW315) $12.00

THE CONTESTED PLAINS:  Indians, Gold-seekers, and The Rush to Colorado, West.  This book recounts the rise of the Native American horse culture with America's discovery and pursuit of gold in the Rocky Mountains, and the wrenching changes and bitter conflicts that ensued.
422 pp.  (OW229) Cloth  $34.95  Paper $16.95

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN EARLY ARIZONA, Wilson. Crimes committed and punishment exacted were the defining characteristics of the Old West. Arizona was no exception.  Lawlessness was an industry in old Arizona, but never a profitable one. 
273 pp.  (OW327) $17.95

DALTONS! THE RAID ON COFFEYVILLE, KANSAS, Smith.  A bold attempt to rob two banks at once in broad daylight.  However, ordinary people confronted the predatory hoodlums in a shoot-out, and beat them.
256 pp.  (OW294) Cloth $29.95 Paper  $14.95

DANGEROUS DAN TUCKER, New Mexico's Deadly Lawman, Alexander. No Hollywood hero, but he was extremely competent and supremely dangerous - if you're an outlaw.
200 pp.  (OW292) $14.95

DANGEROUS TRAILS:  Five Desperados of the Old West Coast, Secrest. Derived from such primary sources as prison documents, personal reminiscences, contemporary newspapers, and court records, “Dangerous Trails” will take you on a trip you’ll never forget.  Cloth.
267 pp.  (OW191) $31.95  

DAYS OF DESTINY. 20 stories of desperados and lawmen, and how fate changed their lives. Bob Paul, Black Jack Ketchum, Three Finger Dunlap, Pearl Hart, Mickey Free, Johnny Behind the Duece, plus others. Vol. 1 of the Wild West collection.
141 pp.  (OW243) $7.95

DEATH ON THE NUECES, Underwood.  These Texans, German citizens from Comfort, Texas, and surrounding area, sacrificed their lives for principles in which they strongly believed: individual freedom and loyalty to the Union.  Cloth.
172 pp.  (OW264) $22.95

DESPERATE MEN, Horan.  Revised and enlarged edition. The James Gang and the Wild Bunch. This book reflects both the high drama of an earlier gangster period and the tenacious unrelenting work of the greatest detective agency of them all, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.
391 pp.  (OW331) $18.95

THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE:  The Story of the Natchez Trace, Daniels.  The Natchez Trace has a dark and bloody a history as any thoroughfare since the beginning of our nation.  This is the story of people who built America, crossing a wilderness to create a nation, and the history of the old trail itself.
278 pp.  (OW121) $5.95

DIGGING UP BUTCH AND SUNDANCE, Meadows.  Did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid die in a Bolivian shootout in 1908?  Or did the gentlemen outlaws survive to return to the United States and a new day? The author sets out to solve the mystery of what really happened to them.  She tracks the outlaws and the enigmatic Etta Place through South America where they fled in 1901.  They rove the Pampas of Argentina, deserts of Chile and Sierras of Bolivia, pore over faded newspapers and musty documents, exhume skeletons and unearth eyewitness accounts of Butch and Sundance's final holdup and the Bolivian shootout. What were the results of her travels and findings? 16 maps, photos.
432 pp.  (OW209) Cloth  $27.50  Paper $22.00

DOC HOLLIDAY, Myers.   A solid biography.
224 pp.  (OW122) $14.95

DOC HOLLIDAY, A FAMILY PORTRAIT, Tanner. The definitive biography of this Wild West legend written by a distant cousin using previously undisclosed family documents as well as other primary sources.
368 pp.  (OW288) $19.95

DOUBLE CROSS, Banks. Treachery in the Apache Wars.  Vol. 10 in the Wild West Collection.
141 pp.  (OW298) $7.95

DOWN THE SANTA FE TRAIL AND INTO MEXICO. One of the finest journals by women in 19th century America.  Susan Shelby Magoffin’s journal describes the excitement, routine and dangers of a successful merchant’s wife on a trek from Independence, Missouri, through New Mexico and south to Chihuahua, Mexico.
160 pp.  (OW374) $16.95

DYNASTY OF WESTERN OUTLAWS, Wellman.  The organized gangs of robbers and killers who roamed the Midwest and Southwest from the 1860s to the 1930s went to the same school and were impressed by each others notoriety.  Quantrill and his guerrillas established a criminal tradition that was to link the famous that followed:  Daltons, Doolin, Jennings, Cook, Belle and Henry Starr, even to Pretty Boy Floyd and others. Maps, genealogy, bibliography.
384 pp.  (OW123) $15.95

THE EARP BROTHERS OF TOMBSTONE, Waters.  Biography of the Earps taken from a lengthy interview with one of the wives and supported by extensive research. Maps.
247 pp.  (OW124) $15.95

THE EARP PAPERS, Chaput. For the first time, a group biography of all the fathers and sons, uncles and nephews who made up the most famous of western clans:  the Earps.  Cloth.
261 pp.  (OW295) $24.50

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF STAGECOACH ROBBERY - ARIZONA, Wilson.  Between 1875 and 1903 one hundred thirty-four stagecoaches were “jumped” on the highways of Arizona, and more than two hundred persons engaged in the business of robbing them. Cloth.
245 pp.  (OW324) $24.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF STAGECOACH ROBBERY IN NEVADA, Wilson.  A history of 50 years of stagecoach robbery in Nevada.  There were seventy-seven stages robbed during the half century as these road agents “mined the stages”, stealing the mineral treasures shipped from the mines and the payrolls being brought in.  Fifty-seven road agents were captured and imprisoned. Index, 11”x17” map, cloth.
168 pp.  (OW341) $24.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WESTERN GUNFIGHTERS, O'Neal. Compiled data on 255 gunmen, including dates and places of birth and death (when available), aliases and nicknames, occupations and a brief biography, followed in chronological order by detailed accounts of verified gunfights by each individual.  Bibliography.
400 pp.  (OW125) $26.95

FIRST MAIL WEST, Taylor. A history of the stagecoach lines on the Santa Fe Trail from 1850 to 1879.
253 pp.  (OW302) $16.95

FIVE YEARS A DRAGOON '49 to '54 AND OTHER ADVENTURES ON THE GREAT PLAINS, Lowe.  Most accounts of the army in the Trans-Mississippi West were written during or after the conflict (Civil War) by officers or their wives or correspondents. However this book is different in that it was written by an enlisted man in the Regular Army during a time of peace and prior to the Civil War. Photos, index.
384 pp.  (OW126) $19.95

FORGOTTEN BATTLEFIELD OF THE FIRST TEXAS REVOLUTION, Schwarz.  The bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil took place in a sandy valley in Atascosa County near the Medina River in 1813, with up to 1000 Americans and Mexican republicans killed or executed in the last major encounter of Spanish forces in Texas.  Maps, bibliography.
224 pp.  (OW127) $22.95

FORTY MILES A DAY ON BEANS AND HAY, Fighting the Indian War, Rickey. The smell of sweat, dust and curses, the sting of northern blizzards, the dry baking heat of the south, the boredom, the sharp odor of black powder, the sounds of a man struck by a heavy bullet.  Colorful and absorbing.
382 pp.  (OW245) $19.95

FORTY YEARS ON THE FRONTIER, Stuart. Stuart’s edited reminiscences are a priceless and authentic account of pioneering, prospecting, and community building in the northern Rockies and Great Plains.
265 pp.  (OW345) $19.95

GEN. GEORGE CROOK, HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Crook. General Crook spent his entire military career, with the exception of the Civil War, on the frontier.  He was respected and trusted by the Indians although he was the most effective campaigner against them.  His life from 1852-1876.  Maps, bibliography.
368 pp.  (OW129) $24.95

GOLD CAMP DESPERADOES: Violence, Crime, and Punishment on the Mining Frontier, Mather/ Boswell. A compelling analysis of the robberies and murders that plagued the mining frontier during the 1850s and 1860s. Features the careers of twenty-one hardened criminals. Map, illustrations, notes, bibliography.
232 pp.  (OW130) $17.95

GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF PACIFIC COAST OUTLAWS:  Thrilling Exploits Of Their Arch-Enemy Sheriff Harry N. Morse, Shinn.  Originally written in the 1890s, the original book was one of the "most wanted" items concerning the banditry of California's early days. It provides one of the few source documents on the exploits and deviltry of such Pacific Coast outlaws as Joaquin Murieta, Tiburcio Vasquez, Narcisco Ponce, Procopio or "Red Dick", and other merciless gunmen.  Limited edition, cloth.
108 pp.  (OW131) $21.95

GREAT GUNFIGHTERS OF THE KANSAS COWTOWNS, Miller/Snell.  Many of the subjects ranged from Montana to Texas and from California to the East Coast and established their reputations the hard way.
476 pp.  (OW132)  $19.95

GREAT STAGECOACH ROBBERIES OF THE OLD WEST, Wilson.  Tells the stories of hauls too large, murders too cold-blooded, and bandits too eccentric to fade into obscurity.
191 pp.  (OW332) $12.95

GREAT TRAIN ROBBERIES OF THE OLD WEST, Wilson. An action-packed collection of gangs too notorious, hauls too large, and murders too cold-blooded to fade into obscurity.
167 pp.  (OW333) $12.95

GREAT WESTERN TRAIN ROBBERIES, DeNevi. Each authentic episode details the robbery, follows the lawmen through the tracking and investigation, summarizes the notable incidents surrounding the crime, and reports the final outcome.  Much of the material, including many photographs, has never before been released from the railroad files.
202 pp.  (OW216) $12.95

GUNFIGHTER, Hardin.  The autobiography of John Wesley Hardin.
127 pp.  (OW320) $13.95

THE GUNFIGHTER:  Man or Myth, Rosa.  A study of the development of the frontier gunfighters and their environment, manner of living, hide-outs.
229 pp.  (OW134) $17.95

ILLUSTRATED LIFE AND TIMES OF BILLY THE KID - Second Edition, Bell.  A greatly expanded follow-up to the first edition.  Many rare and never before published historical photos.
160 pp.  (OW206) $29.95

ILLUSTRATED LIFE AND TIMES OF DOC HOLLIDAY, Bell.  Presents this popular and complex character of the West with many never before published photos and artifacts.
128 pp.  (OW208) $28.95

ILLUSTRATED LIFE AND TIMES OF WYATT EARP - Third Edition, Bell.  A new edition of this popular, colorful illustrated chronicle of this legend of the West and the characters and events that shaped his time. Includes 16-page addition covering the movies, newly discovered photos and diary entries. Cloth.
144 pp.  (OW207) $28.95

 IN OLD ARIZONA, Trimble.  (Arizona Trilogy Vol. 2)  Southwestern tales more thrilling than fiction. History comes to life with humor, pathos and irony.  Pioneer lives, bungled burglaries, shady deals, frontier lawmen and more.
160 pp.  (OW353) $9.95

INTO THE UNKNOWN, Hazen/Hammond. Adventures on the Spanish colonial frontier. Centuries before Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid rode onto the scene. Spanish-speaking pioneers and gunslingers roamed regions including what is now the American West.  Vol. 7 in the Wild West Collection.
144 pp.  (OW261) $7.95

JESSE AND FRANK JAMES: THE FAMILY HISTORY, Steele.  Just as the title indicates.  Anecdotes, family stories and complete genealogies of all members accurately document the James clan's history. 40 photos.
112pp. (OW192)  $10.95

JESSE JAMES AND THE CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI, Dyer. Discusses the underlying causes of the Civil War as they relate to Missouri and reveals how the war helped create both the legend and the reality of Jesse James and his gang.
105  pp. (OW158)  $11.95

JESSE JAMES AND THE FIRST MISSOURI TRAIN ROBBERY, Beights. A historical documentation of the train raid at Gads Hill, Missouri, January 31, 1874. 12 illustrations, 27 b/w photos, 38 maps.
208 pp.  (OW305) $18.95

JESSE JAMES RIDES AGAIN, Hall/Whitten. An account of how the newspaper story was developed, revealing to the world that the old Missouri outlaw still lived.  Not intended as a biography of the colorful bandit.
48 pp. (OW387)  $10.00

JESSIE JAMES:  The Best Writings on the Notorious Outlaw and His Gang, Ed. By H. Dellinger.  In these pages Dellinger sifts through hundreds of published articles and books about James to create a compelling portrait of one of history’s most infamous outlaws.
257 pp.  (OW378) $16.95

JESSE JAMES WAS HIS NAME, or Fact and Fiction Concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri, Settle.  Well-documented volume that cuts  through the tangle of folklore and identifies the facts as they are and labels the rest as folklore and legend. Map.
263 pp.  (OW141) $16.95

JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES (on CD), Schrader.  Contains every page of the original first edition, plus Del Schrader’s edited pages of a never-published second edition.
(OW322)  $39.95

JOHN WESLEY HARDIN, DARK ANGEL OF TEXAS, Metz. The most feared and fearless of all the gunfighters in the West. This is his story.
337 pp.  (OW241) $24.95

THE JOURNEY OF CORONADO, 1540-1542, Winship. Written by a soldier of the expedition, this tells the story of one of the most remarkable southwest explorations in American history.
264 pp.  (OW202) Cloth  $27.95

KIT CARSON'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Carson.  Account covers his activities as trapper, Indian fighter, guide and buffalo hunter until 1856.
192 pp.  (OW143) $11.95

KNIGHT OF THE ROAD, Dugan. The life of Highwayman Ham White, the premier stage robber in the history of the United States.
179 pp.  (OW235) $13.95

LAST HURRAH OF THE JAMES-YOUNGER GANG, Smith.  The complete story of the Northfield, Minnesota debacle. Cloth.
272 pp.  (OW311) $29.95

LAST OF THE BANDIT RIDERS, Warner. This publication presents the definitive final chapter of the life of Butch Cassidy, based primarily on first-hand accounts and physical evidence previously unreported.  Large format.
176 pp.  (OW314) $24.95

LAST RAID OF THE DALTONS AND BATTLE WITH THE BANDITS, Elliott. This is the story of the historic raid on two banks simultaneously in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892 as told by an eye witness. This event ended the Dalton gang.
66 pp. (OW194)  $6.95

LAWMEN AND ROBBERS, Breihan. Stripped of all myth, the violent history of the western lawman and outlaw blazes through the book.
128 pp.  (OW142) $14.95

LAWMEN OF THE OLD WEST:  The Bad Guys, Cain. Stories of the well-known and not so well-known lawmen who hid behind the badge to further their own devious plots.
275 pp.  (OW274) $18.95

LAWMEN OF THE OLD WEST:  The Good Guys, Cain.  The real stories of twelve good men committed to upholding the law.  Men who did not give in to fear and had the skills and guns to accomplish the jobs that were set before them.
232 pp.  (OW275) $16.95

LAWMEN, OUTLAWS, and S.O.B.s Vol II, Alexander.  A round-up of a number of the lesser-known gunfighting men of the Old West. Many of the fellows profiled were lawmen, several were outlaws, some were both, and no doubt a few were rightful heirs to the title S.O.B. None were boring.
308 pp.  (OW337) $19.95

LAW OF THE GUN, Trimble. An overview of those who wield the gun to break the law, those who embraced the gun to uphold the law, and the guns they used.  Vol. 4 in the Wild West Collection.
189 pp.  (OW242) $8.95

LEGENDS AND LIES:  Great Mysteries of the American West, Walker. A colorful, accurate, fast romp through some of the remaining mysteries of what was once the American Frontier.
320 pp.  (OW318) $14.95

THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF JOAQUIN MURIETA, Ridge. A lively narrative, easy to read, and well worth reading.  The origin of California's most enduring myth.
159 pp.  (OW271) $14.95

THE LIFE AND CONFESSIONS OF THE NOTED OUTLAW JAMES COPELAND, Pitts.  During the 1830’s, 40’s, and 50’s, Copeland and his gang of outlaws ranged over territory extending from Mobile Bay to Lake Ponchartrain.
263 pp.  (OW236) $25.00

THE LIFE OF GEORGE BENT, Hyde. Written from Bent's personal letters.  Bent was the only man among the hostile Plains Indians who could and did write an eyewitness report of the San Creek Massacre, the Great Raids along the Platte, 1864-65 and the fight with Gen. Connor on the Powder River. Maps.
389 pp.  (OW147) $24.95

THE LIFE OF HON. WILLIAM F. CODY, Known as Buffalo Bill, The Famous Hunter, Scout and Guide, Cody. The first complete reprinting of the original autobiography (1897) that covers the years from Cody's birth in 1846 until his 34th year.
365 pp.  (OW148) $13.95

THE LIFE OF JOHN WESLEY HARDIN, as written by himself. A controversial book since some believe it to be a forgery.  Supposedly some treasure leads in the contents.
152 pp.  (OW149) $12.95

LIFE OF TOM HORN, Government Scout and Interpreter:  A Vindication, Horn.  Much information on the rounding up and movement by force of the Indians onto reservations and the military's role.
277 pp.  (OW150) $19.95

THE LUCKIEST OUTLAW, Hutton. The life and legends of James Riley, alias Doc Middleton, notorious horse thief and murderer, respectable businessman, and an open-handed benefactor of the unfortunate, 1851-1913.
290 pp.  (OW268) $11.95

MANHUNTS AND MASSACRES:  AZ Highways.  18 exciting, true stories from Arizona's violent past.  Vol. 2 in the Arizona Highways Wild West Series.
141 pp.  (OW177) $7.95

THE MARCH OF THE MONTANA COLUMN: A Prelude To The Custer Disaster, Bradley. A journal on the activities of Gibbon's command, it illuminates little-known facts of the Sioux campaign.  A descriptive narrative of not only General Gibbon's 7th Infantry, but also a recollection of Montana history. Map, notes.
216 pp.  (OW152) $14.95

MARCH OF THE MOUNTED RIFLEMEN, Settle. The only complete record of one of the longest marches ever made - a five-month, 2,000 mile trek to establish forts along the Oregon Trail in 1849. A trip from Ft. Leavenworth to Fort Vancouver. Map.
378 pp.  (OW183) $16.95

MASSACRE AT WICKENBURG, Wilson.  Revised edition - former title: “Drenched in Blood, Rigid in Death”. The true story of the Wickenburg massacre. A book every fan of western lore, every military aficionado, Indian ethnologist and historical detective must add to their library.
151 pp.  (OW326) $14.95

MONTANA'S RIGHTEOUS HANGMEN, Callaway. The story and history of the vigilantes of Montana as they carried out their "necessary" deeds. Cloth.
240 pp.  (OW153) $24.95

MORE OKLAHOMA RENEGADES, Butler. In the late 1800’s bandits roamed freely in the Oklahoma and Indian Territories, causing fear to shadow every city.  All the “good guys” and “bad guys” are here, with a few who were both.
384 pp.  (OW356) $16.95

MYTHS AND MYSTERIES OF THE OLD WEST, Rutter. Fact versus fiction in the Old West. The author retells tales with a witty brand of honesty about “truths” as elusive as vapors.
161 pp.  (OW384) $12.95

OKLAHOMA OUTLAW TALES, Farris. Forget the Wild West of movies and television. These are real tales from the badlands of Indian Territory.  In the pages of this book the reader will relive a time from Oklahoma’s history, never to be seen again.
147 pp.  (OW370) $16.95

OKLAHOMA RENEGADES, Butler.  Some of these men were popular and outstanding citizens, others lived on the shady side of the law, and some were notorious outlaws of the era.
236 pp.  (OW224) $12.95

OLD BILL MINER, Ed. by Howell. Bill Miner, the gentleman bandit, enjoyed more popularity in his day than Jesse James or Billy the Kid. He robbed stagecoaches and trains across California, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Washington State and British Columbia.
95 pp. (OW358)  $9.95

OLD JULES, Sandoz. The biography of the author's father, a unique character of a man who homesteaded in Upper Niobrara County in Western Nebraska.  Many treasure tales evolved about him and some have been located.
451 pp.  (OW156) $16.95

OLD WEST ADVENTURES IN ARIZONA, Lauer. In the Arizona Territory, men played for keeps.  Stagecoach travel was often interrupted by murder from ambush and raiding was a way of life.
176 pp.  (OW354) $9.95

OLD WEST TALES:  Bad Men, Good Men, Lawmen, Caldwell. The characters are not from the list of usual suspects, most of whom have been written about ad nauseam. These are the folks who made up the real west.
132 pp.  (OW344) $17.95

ORPHANS PREFERRED, Corbett.  The twisted truth and lasting legend of the Pony Express. A smart, beautifully written, and enormously entertaining story. Cloth.
268 pp.  (OW337) $23.95

OUTLAW TALES:  Legends, Myths, and Folklore from America's Middle Border, Young/Young. Tales about hangings and burials, shootouts and practical jokes, punctuate profiles of outlaws and the lawmen who had the nerve to challenge them.
224 pp.  (OW258) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF ALASKA, Heaton.  Twelve true stories of the Last Frontier’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
197 pp.  (OW379) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF ARIZONA, Cleere. Uncovers eleven true stories of the state’s most notorious outlaws and events of the late 1800s.  Massacres, mayhem, and mischief lurk between these pages.
114 pp.  (OW335) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF CALIFORNIA, Enss.  Frontier towns of California were populated by some of the toughest and most dangerous characters in the West.
108 pp.  (OW362) $16.95

OUTLAW TALES OF COLORADO, Murphy.  The true stories of more than a dozen of the era’s most infamous outlaws. Inside you’ll meet crass, dangerous, and often tragic figures in Centennial State’s history - from common murderers, bank robbers, cattle rustlers, and a horse thief to lawless lawmen, and a cannibal.
115 pp.  (OW338) $12.95

OUTLAW TALES OF IDAHO, Stapilus. True stories of the Gem State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
119 pp.  (OW361) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF KANSAS, Smarsh.  True stories of the state’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.  Fifteen of the most dramatic events, and the most daring and despicable desperadoes, in the history of the Sunflower State. 
135 pp.  (OW381) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF MISSOURI, McLachlan. Massacres, mayhem, and mischief fill the pages of this book. A refreshing new perspective on some of the most infamous reprobates of the Midwest.
160 pp.  (OW373) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF MONTANA, Wilson. The tales of some of the most fascinating and least-known bad-men to roam Montana's ranges.  "Long" Henry Thompson, the terror of eastern Montana; Con Murphy, the "Jesse James" of Montana; "Dutch" Henry Leuch and the outlaws of Big Muddy Creek and George "Big Nose" Parrott. Map.
384 pp.  (OW215) $16.95

OUTLAW TALES OF NEBRASKA, Griffith.  True stories of the Cornhusker State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
157 pp.  (OW383) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF NEVADA, Convis.  Uncovers twelve true tales of some of the Silver State’s most scandalous events and most fascinating bandits, from the first train robbery in the West to the perils of Rattlesnake Dick.
112 pp.  (OW336) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF NEW MEXICO, Marriot. True stories of New Mexico’s most famous robbers, rustlers, and bandits. From Billy the Kid to “Dirty Dave” Rudabaugh, Joe Fowler to Pancho Villa, read about the most notorious desperadoes in the history of the Land of Enchantment.
123 pp.  (OW346) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF OKLAHOMA,  Smith.  True stories of the Sooner State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
187 pp.  (OW363) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF OREGON, Yuskavitch.  From sadistic killers to amiable stagecoach bandits, fleet-footed felons to incompetent train robbers, the author paints as vivid a portrait of regional history as you’ll find anywhere west of the Mississippi.
123 pp.  (OW339) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF SOUTH DAKOTA, Griffith.  True stories of the Mount Rushmore State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
110 pp.  (OW366) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF TEXAS, Convis. True stories of the Lone Star State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
122 pp.  (OW365) $14.95

OUTLAW TALES OF UTAH, Rutter.  True stories of Utah's most famous robbers, rustlers and bandits.
154 pp.  (OW312) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF WASHINGTON, Gibson.  This book provides historically accurate tales of some of the state's shadiest characters and most notorious crimes.
179 pp.  (OW300) $10.95

OUTLAW TALES OF WYOMING, Wilson. True stories of the Cowboy State’s most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats.
125 pp.  (OW364) $12.95

THE OUTLAW TRAIL:  A History of Butch Cassidy and His Wild Bunch, Kelly. The Wild Bunch, the confederation of western outlaws headed by Butch Cassidy, found sanctuary on the rugged Outlaw Trail. Stretching across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, this trail offered desert and mountain hideouts to bandits and cowboys.  The most inaccessible Hole-in-the-Wall in Wyoming was a station on the Outlaw Trail well known to Butch Cassidy. To the south, in Utah, was the inhospitable Robber's Roost, where Butch and his friends camped in 1897 after a robbery at Castle Gate.  The author recreates the mean and magnificent places frequented by the Wild Bunch and a slew of lesser outlaws.  At the same time, he brings Butch Cassidy to life.  4 Maps.
416 pp.  (OW210) $18.95

THE OUTLAW YEARS:  The History of the Land Pirates of the Natchez Trace, Coates. True stories of the Harden brothers, Joseph Hare, Samuel Mason, John Murrell and others.
308 pp.  (OW157) $7.95

OUTLAWS AND GUNFIGHTERS, Steele. A good reference for readers new to western outlaws and gunfighters. Steele presents the facts straightforwardly.
119 pp.  (OW290) $8.95

OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN OF THE WEST, Vol. 1, MacPherson/MacLaren. Read all about the most famous outlaws and the detectives, rangers, and lawmen who helped put a stop to them, one way or another.
238 pp.  (OW197) $10.95

OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN OF THE WEST, Vol. 2, Asfar. Read the thrilling exploits of fearsome outlaws and the famous lawmen who dealt out rough frontier justice.
240 pp.  (OW304) $10.95

OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN OF WESTERN CANADA, Vol. 1.  Shoot-out at New Hazelton, Stagecoach holdup, phantoms of the rangeland, jingling bells, plus many more.
128 pp.  (OW269) $10.95

OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN OF WESTERN CANADA, Vol. 2.  Henry Wagner, Gaddy & Racette, Ernest Cashel, the wild McLean gang plus many more.
128 pp.  (OW270) $10.95

OUTLAWS AND LAWMEN OF WESTERN CANADA, Vol. 3.  More dramatic cases involving Western Canada's pioneer lawmen.
158 pp.  (OW299) $12.95

OUTLAWS IN THE BIG THICKET, Landrey. A study of lawlessness in the Big Thicket area of eastern Texas.
128 pp.  (OW237) $12.95

OUTLAWS IN PETTICOATS, AND OTHER NOTORIOUS TEXAS WOMEN, Drago/ Ruff. A collection of stories about thirteen distinctively unconventional women who, either by choice or fate, lived and died by their own code of ethics.
172 pp.  (OW227) $12.95

THE OUTLAWS OF CAVE-IN-ROCK, Rotehr. A riveting saga of the outlaws and scoundrels of Cave-in-Rock.  Chronicled are the adventures of an audacious cast of river pirates and highwaymen who operated in and around the famous Ohio River cavern from 1795 through 1820.  Many eyewitness accounts, yet the author always maintains the difference between the stories with historical authority and those that are purely speculation.
368 pp.  (OW213) $15.95

OUTLAWS OF NEW MEXICO, Hertzog.  When the West was wild, New Mexico had more than its share of colorful desperados.  A capsule history of the famous and the infamous.
48 pp. (OW255)  $4.95  
OUTLAWS OF THE CANADIAN WEST, MacPherson.  The Canadian West has a history littered with tales of robbers and worse. From Manitoba to Saskatchewan to British Columbia and the North.
232 pp.  (OW256) $19.95

OUTLAWS OF THE LAKES, Butts. Not really an Old West title, but I couldn’t resist. Bootlegging ans smuggling in the Great Lakes area from Colonial Times to Prohibition.
271 pp.  (OW323) $17.95

OUTLAWS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Gulick.  Examines the gunmen, madams, swindlers, robbers and "roughs" who made life in the early day Pacific Northwest settlements interesting...and sometimes dangerous.
199 pp.  (OW257) $18.95

OUTLAWS OF WESTERN CANADA, Paterson. A collection of western Canada's most villainous outlaws.
159 pp.  (OW246) $7.95

OUTLAWS ON HORSEBACK, Drago. Concentrates on the long, unbroken chain of crime that began in the late 1850s with the Missouri-Kansas border warfare and ended in Arkansas in 1921 with the killing of Henry Starr, the last of the authentic  desperados.
320 pp.  (OW226) $15.00

OZARKS, GUNFIGHTS, AND OTHER NOTORIOUS INCIDENTS, Wood.  From Wild Bill Hickock’s quick-draw duel in Springfield, Missouri, to the escapades of Roy “Arkansas Tom” Daugherty, readers will be intrigued by the incidents chronicled in this account of mayhem in the Ozarks.
240 pp.  (HR264) $15.95

PERILOUS TRAILS AND DANGEROUS MEN: Early California Stagecoach Robbers and their Desperate Careers, 1856-1900, Secrest. Punctuated by gunshots and posse hoofbeats, these true tales, many told for the first time, illustrate in both words and rare photographs, perilous trails and dangerous men from a time gone forever
272 pp.  (OW372) $15.95.

PISTOL PACKIN’ MADAMS, Enss. The picture of the early American West would not be complete without a fashionably dressed madam standing at the top of the salon stairs surveying the activity below.
93 pp. (OW334)  $11.95

PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS:  13 Female Trailblazers of the Old West, L'Aloge.  A collection of 13 chapters dealing with over two dozen exemplary women whose lives were then, and still are, uniquely interesting.
262 pp.  (OW313) $14.95

PANCHO VILLA:  Strong Man of the Revolution, Harris. Originally published as Pancho Villa and the Columbus Raid, this book captures the life of Villa - as bandit, revolutionary and military leader with the facts of history and the immediacy of on-the-spot journalism.  A new portfolio of rare photographs from the Mexican Revolution are included.
125 pp.  (OW212) $9.95

PONY EXPRESS, Reinfeld.  This authentic account of the establishment of the first rapid-communications system between East and West is packed with adventure and real-life heroes.
127 pp.  (OW161) $10.95

THE PONY EXPRESS IN NEVADA, Mason. The finest treatment of the Pony Express as it relates to Nevada.  The maps are clear and precise and there is an accurate, well-written history of each Nevada station.
88 pp. (OW289)  $7.95

RANCHERS, RAMBLERS, AND RENEGADES; True Tales of Territorial New Mexico, Simmons.  29 fascinating vignettes. Includes biography, travel accounts, glimpses of ranching, trading, outlawry, Indian captivity, prospecting, hunting and more. 1846-1912. Includes lost from southern NM. 
118 pp.  (OW163) $11.95

RATTLESNAKE BLUES: Dispatches from a Snake-bit Territory, Banks.  Vol. 8 in the Wild West Collection.
144 pp.  (OW309) $7.95

RATTLESNAKES, Dobie. Dobie's observations, speculations, legends and yarns about the habits and disposition of these extra-ordinary creatures. Cloth.
201 pp.  (OW244) $19.95

THE REAL WYATT EARP, Skehan. Wyatt Earp from his birth to his death as his friends and enemies knew him, as the newspapers reported him, and as the public records documented him.
248 pp.  (OW301) $14.95

RENDEZVOUS AT THE ALAMO: Highlights in the Lives of Bowie, Crockett and Travis, Baugh.  The research needed for this book is both thorough and reliable. It traces the lives of Crockett, Bowie and Travis to their fateful meeting. Bibliography, notes.
262 pp.  (OW164) $13.95

ROBBERS OF THE RAIL: the Sontag Boys of Minnesota, Kolbas.  This book follows the history of the Evans-Sontag gang's exploits in Minnesota, Wisconsin and California as these bold men attempted to relieve the mighty railroad magnates of their considerable profits.
309 pp.  (OW321) $16.95

ROBBERS, ROGUES, AND RUFFIANS, Bryan.  True tales of the Wild West.  A good account of about twenty-one lawless brigands...fascinating history for the general reader.
318 pp.  (OW329) $16.95

SADDLES AND SPURS, Settle. History of the Pony Express with names of riders, station attendants, managers, descriptions of express stations.
217 pp.  (OW168) $14.95

SAGA OF BILLY THE KID, Burns.  First published in 1926, this book is still considered to be the single most influential portrait of Billy in this century.
336 pp.  (OW286) $17.95

SAGA OF JESSE JAMES, Breihan.  A lively and vivid account of the outlaw's life, made real by a wealth of vintage and contemporary photographs.  Large format.
173 pp.  (OW293) $14.95

SAGA OF THE PONY EXPRESS, DiCerto. This book carries readers over 2,000 miles of dangerous trails to describe each station, its operators and owners, and sometimes the tragedies that happened at these remote sites.
244 pp.  (OW306) $17.00

SAGEBRUSH SOLDIERS, Smith. Private William Earl Smith's view of the Sioux War of 1876.  He describes daily camp life, battle scenes, and the behavior of famous men in public and private poses.
176 pp.  (OW283) $14.95

SAM HOUSTON, Williams. The life and times of the liberator of Texas, an authentic American Hero.
448 pp.  (OW166) $14.00

SAVAGE FRONTIER, VOL. 1, 1835-1837, Moore. Rangers, riflemen, and Indian wars in Texas. The most complete and thoroughly documented and researched study of the Texas Rangers prior to the Mexican War to date.
335 pp.  (OW375) $19.95

SIX RACY MADAMS OF COLORADO, Bancroft. Biographies of six “ladies of pleasure” whose parlor houses were scandalous ornaments to the whole state.
65 pp. (OW170)  $5.95

SIX YEARS WITH THE TEXAS RANGERS, 1875-1881, Gillette. Authentically tells how that renowned force maintained law and order on the frontier.
259 pp.  (OW171) $16.95

SKETCH OF SAM BASS THE BANDIT, Martin. Best known for his robbery of the Union Pacific at Big Springs, Nebraska on September 19, 1877. Sam Bass is perhaps the most notorious Texas outlaw of the 1870s. 
172 pp.  (OW282) $16.95

SOILED DOVES:  PROSTITUTION IN THE EARLY WEST, Seagraves.  Illustrated with rare photos, this strong book provides a touching insight into the lives of the ladies of the night from pampered courtesans of the wealthy to enslaved Chinese girls for whom death was the only escape.
175 pp.  (OW198) $12.95

SPANISH EXPEDITIONS INTO TEXAS, 1689-1768, Foster. For the first time, an accurate mapping of the eleven Spanish expeditions from northeastern Mexico into what is now east Texas during the years 1689 to 1768.  The author drew information from the detailed diaries that each expedition kept of its route, cross-checking the journals and against previously unused 18th century Spanish maps, modern detailed topographic maps, aerial photographs, and on-site inspections.  22 maps, 12 line drawings.
368 pp.  (OW203) $39.95

SPANISH EXPLORERS IN THE SOUTHERN UNITED STATES, 1528-1543, Hodge/Lewis. This facsimile of the classic 1907 edition of SPANISH EXPLORERS is an essential piece of Texana.  It contains the narrative of Cabeza de Vaca and the chronicles of the DeSoto and Coronado expeditions, which provide some of the earliest recorded information about the Indians, flora and fauna, geography and history of Texas.  The valuable introductions and footnotes of the editors, plus the maps and illustrations, make this book a very useful title. Maps.
411 pp.  (OW173) $15.95

STAGECOACH WEST, Moody.  A comprehensive history of stage-coaching west of the Missouri. A story of grand rivalries, political chicanery, and gaudy publicity stunts, traders, fortune hunters, outlaws, courageous drivers, and indefatigable detectives.
341 pp.  (OW240) $19.95

STALWART WOMEN, Banks. Frontier stories of indomitable spirit.  Vol. 6 in the Wild West Collection.
137 pp.  (OW296) $7.95

STEPHEN LONG AND AMERICAN FRONTIER EXPLORATION, Nichols/Halley.  Major Long was the most important government-sponsored explorer in the decade after the War of 1812.  He led three major and several minor expeditions up the Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas rivers and the Red River of the north, as well as exploring the central and southern Plains, the Front Range of the Rockies and the Great Lakes. For years, all of his expeditions have been overlooked or misunderstood; however, this book unravels some of the mysteries. 3 Maps.
280 pp.  (OW199) $14.95

THE STORY OF COLE YOUNGER, Younger.  Missouri guerilla, confederate officer, bank robber, notorious outlaw, Wild West showman - Cole Younger's life was the stuff of myth and legend.
144 pp.  (OW279) $13.95

THE STORY OF THE OUTLAW: A Study of the Western Desperado, Hough. Explores the varied lives, exploits, and fates of cattle rustlers, horse thieves, marauders, bandits, bank robbers, and assassins. The book also examines notorious border wars, vigilante movements, and other armed frontier conflicts.
401 pp.  (OW348) $18.95

TALES OF ARIZONA TERRITORY, Lauer. Tales of ranchers and Indians, stagecoaches and freight wagon trains, outlaws and bandits. Old Arizona, one of the last territories to be tamed and settled.
158 pp.  (OW219) $14.95

TALES OF OLD TIME TEXAS, Dobie.  A collection of the best Texas tales - by the Texan who can best tell them.  Twenty-eight stories filled with vivid characters.
336 pp.  (OW222) Softbound  $22.95

THE TENDERFOOT BANDITS, Reed/Tate. Sam Bass and Joel Collins, their lives and hard times. The story of two tough sodbusters and their entrance into the world of cattlemen’s wars and feuds, horse-racing and gambling, and their ultimate life of crime. Cloth.
278 pp.  (OW174) $21.95

TEXAS BAD BOYS:  Gamblers, Gun-fighters, and Grifters, Butts.  Five of Texas's "baddest" boys and another whose destiny rested in the interpretation of a single word. Curg Border, Charles "Watt" Moorman, John Wesley Hardin, Killen Jim Miller, John Calhoun, "Pink" Higgins, and Gregorio Cortez.
206 pp.  (OW285) $18.95

TEXAS BAD GIRLS: Hussies, Harlots, and Horse Thieves, Butts.  All the gossip, scandal, secrets, and wild behavior of every well-known bad girl that ever stepped over the state line is told in this hilarious book.
233 pp.  (OW273) $17.95

THE TEXAS RANGERS: A Century of Frontier Defense, Webb. "The beginning, middle and end of the subject" - J. Frank Dobie. A reprint of the original 1935 edition.
584 pp.  (OW252) $22.95

TEXAS RANGER TALES II, Cox.  More entertaining, informative, and always exciting tales of the Texas Rangers from the man who knows as much about them as anybody on the planet.  Cloth.
286 pp.  (OW281) $27.95

TEXAS VOLUNTEERS IN THE MEXICAN WAR, Spurlin.  An attempt to provide an insight into the volunteer Texans who "saw the elephant" in the Mexican War.
302 pp.  (OW263) $22.95

THAT OLD OVERLAND STAGECOACHING, Boyd. The true essence of stagecoach travel.
200 pp.  (OW230) $12.95

THEY CALLED HIM WILD BILL, Rosa. The author has debunked most of the fiction and gives us facts on a lot of questions that have baffled Wild Bill fans for 100 years.
180 pp.  (OW175) $24.95

THEY "KNEW" BILLY THE KID: Interviews With Old-Time New Mexicans, Kadlac. 1930s WPA New Mexico Writers Project workers collected reminiscences about the Kid, Pat Garrett and the Lincoln County War.  First person accounts in most instances.  Maps, photos.
136 pp.  (OW204) $13.95

THEY LEFT THEIR MARK.  Heroes and rogues of Arizona history. Indians, scouts and mountain men gallop through sixteen true stories of western adventure.  Vol. 3 in the Wild West Collection.
144 pp.  (OW259) $7.95

TOMBSTONE CHRONICLES.  Seventeen true stories from an Old West where anything could happen - and too often did.  Vol. 5 in the Wild West Collection.
144 pp.  (OW260) $7.95

A TOUR GUIDE TO THE OLD WEST, Cromie.  Revised edition.  Filled with fascinating information, it describes cities, people, landmarks and places to visit.  Illustrated with maps and photographs.
464 pp.  (OW218) $12.95

TRAGEDY AT TAOS: THE REVOLT OF 1847, Crutchfield. This book is a vivid account of the revolt that until now has received little historical investigation and documentation.
201 pp.  (OW228) $12.95

TRAILING BILLY THE KID, Rasch. The author has been tracking down the truth about “the Kid” for almost 50 years, having written more than 170 articles.  Many of these were published in obscure journals available only to the most dogged historical researchers. Now 25 of the best of these are available to you in this new book. Footnotes, index.  Cloth.
220 pp.  (OW205) $29.95

TRUE TALES OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST, Bryan. For all who relish the unvarnished reality of America’s Western frontier, this book is a must.
286 pp.  (OW382) $14.95

THE UNITED STATES MARSHALS OF NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA TERRITORIES, 1846-1912, Ball. A well-written, well-documented work.  Tremendous amounts of research are presented in a manner that makes reading a pleasure.
315 pp.  (OW267) $19.95

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE OLD WEST, Jameson. This book explores twenty-one of the West’s most baffling mysteries, which continue to lure the curious and beg investigation, but have eluded experts for decades.
238 pp.  (OW227) $16.95

UNSOLVED TEXAS MYSTERIES, Chariton/Eckhardt/Young. What happened to the documents captured in the Alamo? What was the origin of the pool of blood discovered near the famous grassy knoll after JFK’s assassination? ...and much more.
258 pp.  (OW319) $16.95

VAQUERO OF THE BRUSH COUNTRY, Young/Dobie. The life and times of John D. Young. A classic of Western literature.
302 pp.  (OW232) $13.95

VIGILANTES OF MONTANA, Dimesdale.  The correct and impartial narrative of the chase, trail, capture and execution of Henry Plummer's notorious road agent band.
268 pp.  (OW176) $15.95

VIRGIL EARP; Western Peace Officer, Chaput.  Who really ran the show at the shootout at OK corral? Was it Wyatt or was it his brother Virgil? The book also covers the rest of Virgil’s life as peace officer, gambler, miner, republican politician, and rancher in CA, NV, and other western states.
272 pp.  (OW284) $19.95

WAR ON THE WEST, Pendley.  Government tyranny on America's great frontier. Cloth.
312 pp.  (OW238) $24.95

WAH-TO-YAH AND THE TAOS TRAIL, Garrard.  The author's own account of his travels in the West in 1846.  Centers specifically around the New Mexico region.  Map.
298 pp.  (OW179) $19.95

WELLS FARGO & CO:  Report of Losses from Stagecoach and Train Robbers 1870-1884, Wilson. A 125th Anniversary Edition of a report circulated to lawmen throughout the West.  One of the definitive works on early western burglaries, stagecoach and train robberies.
360 pp.  (OW347) $45.00

WELLS FARGO, Moody.  This book tells the exciting story of Henry Wells and his drivers, messengers, and riders; his accountants, managers, and detectives; and how they built a lasting empire in a business most entrepreneur thought too risky to try. An action-packed account.
183 pp.  (OW343) $11.95

THE WEST:  Lost Legends and Treasures, Williams/Pepper.  Mythical characters, Stagecoach Stashes, Buried Bullion, and Mysteries of Yore.   Originally published in two volumes as “Lost Legends of the West” and “Lost Treasures of the West”.  Cloth.
376 pp.  (OW369) $14.95

THE WEST OF WILD BILL HICKOK, Rosa.  Of all the Old West figures, none was better known than Wild Bill.  A skillful blend of photographs with useful, brief and well-organized information.  Descriptive sketches accompany the photos of Hickok and his relatives, of cow-towns, guns, show-bills, etc. A companion volume to Rosa's book, They Called Him Wild Bill.
202 pp.  (OW200) $19.95

WHEN SIX-GUNS RULED: Outlaw Tales of the Southwest, Simmons. Fascinating sketches and photographs of some two dozen Southwestern outlaws and a few lawmen.
125 pp.  (OW221) $13.95

WHEN THE DALTONS RODE, Dalton. This autobiography describes Dalton’s everyday life as an outlaw.  His scandalous career of thievery included the ill-fated raid in Coffeyville, Kansas. When the Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks at once, a deadly shoot-out ensued, leaving Emmett Dalton with more than twenty gunshot wounds and a life sentence in the Kansas State Penitentiary.
313 pp.  (OW389) $19.95

THE WICKED WEST: Boozers, Cruisers, Gamblers, and More, Monahan.  Treats readers to a trip into the past they won’t soon forget.  A bygone world where drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs, and prostitution were the order of the day, every day and on Sunday too!
160 pp.  (OW360) $15.95

THE WILD BUNCH AT ROBBER'S ROOST, Baker. Robber's Roost is located in southeast Utah and was used as a hideout by outlaws, including Butch Cassidy in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The area is perfect for such a purpose. The terrain is hazardous, remote and easily defensible.  Written from first hand accounts. Maps.
224 pp.  (OW182) $12.95

WILD WOMEN OF THE OLD WEST, Riley / Etulain. The sensational lives and exploits of nine notorious women from the days of boisterous frontier saloons and high-noon showdowns. Meet Baby Doe Tabor, Emily D. West (Morgan), Sadie Orchard, Calamity Jane, and others in a book that explores both the myths and realities of their iconoclastic lives.
229 pp.  (OW342) $17.95

WITH BADGES AND BULLETS: Lawmen and Outlaws in the Old West, Multiple authors.  Who are the lawmen and who are the outlaws?  By turns notorious, praised, and damned, the western lawmen and outlaws profiled in this absorbing collection remain larger than life.
223 pp.  (OW303) $17.95