BLACK BART ROBERTS:  The Greatest Pirate of Them All, Breverton. While the well-known pirates Captain Kidd and Blackbeard took about thirty ships between them, Black Bart Roberts was among the most successful in his profession, taking more than 400 ships in his brief career.
164 pp. (WP140) $14.95

BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE: A Reappraisal of His Life and Times, Lee.  The notorious Edward Teach is profiled by one of his descendants in a careful study that reads like a swashbuckler.
264 pp.  (WP120) $12.95

BUCCANEERS AND MAROONERS OF AMERICA, Pyle. Also known as a true account of four notorious pirates: Blackbeard, Capt. Kidd, Capt. Roberts and Capt. Avery.
420 pp.  (WP100) $15.00

BUCCANEERS OF AMERICA, Esquemeling.  A true account of the most remarkable assaults committed of late years upon the coasts of the West Indies by the Buccaneers of Jamaica and Tortuga. This book written by one of the buccaneers who was present at these events.  An exact reprint of the original 1893 edition. Students of pirate treasure and lore will find this work very interesting as will those who are concerned with gold mining activities of the early Indians of the Americas.  Maps.
480 pp.  (WP102) $15.00

COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO PIRATES, Selinger. Detailed accounts of pirate ships, weapons, and battles, facts about the daily life of pirates, and a look at modern-day pirates.
381 pp.  (WP143) $18.95

CONFEDERATE PRIVATEERS, Robinson.  A book of action and adventure. An authentic description of the Privateers, their cruises and prizes, their successes and failiures, and their ultimate fate.
388 pp.  (WP142) $15.95

THE HISTORY OF PIRACY: Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Certain Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main, Gosse.  Said to possibly be the finest book ever published on the complete subject.  How piracy came to be, when, and who the pirates were, from whence they came and when they departed from the nautical scene.  Annotated index, bibliography.
284 pp.  (WP103) $15.00

HISTORY OF THE BUCCANEERS OF AMERICA, Burney.  A cross between genuine privateers who were commissioned to defend a country's coastline and outright pirates, American buccaneers roamed the seas from the 16th to 18th centuries.
382 pp.  (WP136) $16.95

IF A PIRATE I MUST BE...:  The True Story of “Black Bart”, King of the Caribbean Pirates, Sanders. The remarkable exploits of Bartholomew Roberts, better known as “Black Bart”, the greatest of the Caribbean Pirates. Cloth.
278 pp.  (WP146) $19.95

IN THE WAKE OF THE BUCCANEERS, Hyatt.  Contains factual accounts of piracy and pirate treasure.  Of all the pirates who sailed the Spanish Main, the buccaneers were the most picturesque.
426 pp.  (WP104) $15.00.

INCREDIBLE PIRATE TALES, McCarthy. Fourteen classic stories of the outlaws of the high seas.  Actual and fictional characters who took up the “black flag” and a life of piracy on the high seas.
219 pp.  (WP149) $12.95

LEGENDS OF LONG BEACH ISLAND, Seibold/Adams. Stirring tales of ghosts, haunted houses, pirates and much more.
87 pp. (WP129)  $7.95

LEGENDS OF PIRATE GOLD, Mills.  Over 100 legends of pirate treasures - Pirates of New England, Mid Atlantic States, Sea Rovers of the South, Florida and the Gulf, treasure islands.  Also includes information on various types and value of pirate coins.
92 pp. (WP106)  $8.95

LOST LOOT: Ghostly New England Treasure Tales, Hughes.  Learn about the lost pirate riches of Capt. Kidd, Blackbeard, Edward Low, and other dastardly buccaneers.  Consider hidden treasures in the Appalachian, Longfellow, White and Green Mountains...and how you might find the loot.
256 pp.  (TR294) $14.95

MEMOIRS OF A BUCCANEER, Williams.  A discussion on the various incidents which transpired during the days of the pirates and their piracy on the high seas.
320 pp.  (WP107) $15.00

NEW ENGLAND'S PIRATES AND LOST TREASURES, Cahill.  Blackbeard, Baron Castine, Phillips, Wall, Lother, Fly, Bellamy, Hand Babb, Gordon, Sewall, Quelch, plus a score of others.
60 pp. (WP133)  $7.95

PIRACY IN THE WEST INDIES AND ITS SUPPRESSION, Bradlee.  First published in 1923, this reprint is a rare and valuable research source, as well as a fascinating account of various aspects of piracy and pirate treasure.
236 pp.  (WP108) $15.00

PIRATES AND BURIED TREASURE, Beater. This book recounts some of the author’s best tall tales.
118 pp.  (WP152) $4.95

PIRATES AND PRIVATEERS OF THE CARIBBEAN, Jennifer Marx.  The title says it all.
320 pp.  (WP135) 23.50

THE PIRATES LAFFITE: The Treacherous World of the Corsairs of the Gulf, Davis.  Jean and Pierre Laffite’s lives were intertwined with the most colorful period in New Orleans history. The era from just after the Louisiana Purchase through the War of 1812.   Their names are synonymous with piracy and intrigue on the Gulf.  Cloth.
706 pp.  (WP144) $28.00

PIRATES OF COLONIAL NORTH CAROLINA, Rankin.  The exciting story of those fearsome buccaneers who went "a-pyrating" along the North Carolina coast during the "Golden Age of Piracy".
71 pp. (WP126)  $8.00

PIRATES OF NEW SPAIN:  1575-1742, Gerhard. This captivating study focuses on two centuries of piracy along the Pacific coast.  Well documented and highly readable.
274 pp.  (WP138) $12.95

PIRATES OF THE DELAWARE, Holland.  Pirates, conspiracy, highway robbers, and other sinister forces confront Jared Lee, a young law clerk in Philadelphia.  Written for young readers.
318 pp.  (WP151) $14.95

PIRATES OF THE NEW ENGLAND COAST, Dowd.  This most sought-after title tells the story of the men who roamed the Coast of New England, haunted the inlets and bays, and preyed on the unwary.  Contains excellent descriptions of their activities.
40 pp. (WP110)  $15.00

PIRATES ON THE CHESAPEAKE: Being A True History of Pirates, Picaroons and Sea Raiders on Chesapeake Bay, 1610-1897, Shomette. Tells the history of both major pirates who earned, or should have earned, the rope, and of petty criminals who swarmed about the Bay. A well-researched title. Maps, notes, bibliography, cloth. 
344 pp.  (WP112) $22.95

THE PIRATES OWN BOOK.  Authentic Narratives Of The Most Celebrated Sea Robbers, Ellms.   The unabridged and unaltered republication of the Pirates Own Book or Authentic Narratives of the Lives, Exploits and Executions of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers, originally published in 1837. Index.
496 pp.  (WP113) $15.00

PIRATES, PRIVATEERS AND REBEL RAIDERS OF THE CAROLINA COAST, Butler. Chronicles the adventures of some of the nation’s most famous maritime figures, from Blackbeard to Confederate Raiders. 38 illustrations.
275 pp.  (WP131) $17.95

THE PIRATES WHO'S WHO, Gosse.  This book gives particulars of the lives and deaths of the pirates and buccaneers.  A companion to the book, HISTORY OF PIRACY.   Each of these two titles compliments the other. No duplication.  The text gives a quick once-over to almost every pirate known to history.  Some accounts are lengthy and historically accurate, as records permit, while others are the bare facts as currently known.
334 pp.  (WP114) $15.00

QUELCH’S GOLD: Piracy, Greed and Betrayal In Colonial New England, Beal.  Quelch’s Gold is a thrilling pirate story, now finally and dramatically told, as bizarre as anything Disney might dream up, but this one is true.
234 pp.  (WP150) $16.95

RAIDERS AND REBELS:  A History of the Golden Age of Piracy, Sherry.  Sherry brings the pirates vividly to life with his rousing telling of their daring cruises and outrageous feats. An excellent storyteller.
399 pp.  (WP147) $15.95

THE REPUBLIC OF PIRATES, Woodard.  Being the true and surprising story of the Caribbean Pirates and the man who brought them down. A thrilling account of a virtually unexplored chapter in the Golden Age of Piracy.  Cloth.
383 pp.  (WP145) Cloth  $27.00  Paper $15.00

THE SWEET TRADE, Garrett.  The amazing true story of Anne Bonny and Mary Reed, female pirates.
399 pp.  (WP139) $24.95

UNDER THE BLACK FLAG, Cordingly. A history of the golden age of piracy and much more.
296 pp.  (WP123) Cloth  $25.00  Paper $19.95

WORDSWORTH DICTIONARY OF PIRATES, Rogozinski.  A veritable treasure-chest of fact and fiction. Brings together both the real and imagined lives of brigands, buccaneers, and privateers from the coast of ancient Greece to the Chinese and Malay pirates of the 1870s.
398 pp.  (WP132) $7.95