Place Names

Place name books are an invaluable aid to anyone doing research on old town sites, ghost town locations and possible locations of abandoned settlements.  They also contain local history and lore.  Again, Research Unlimited was the first to introduce these valuable aids to the fraternity.

1000 CALIFORNIA PLACE NAMES, Gudde.  The story behind the naming of mountains, rivers, lakes, capes, bays, counties and cities.
96 pp. (PN122)  $5.95

1001 COLORADO PLACE NAMES, Benson. Included are Colorado's 63 counties, 712 past and present settlements and 56 "fourteeners" (peaks more than 14,000 feet in elevation), along with much more helpful information.  75 line drawings, map.
230 pp.  (PN118) $11.95

1001 KANSAS PLACE NAMES, McCoy/Hults.  Place names listed alphabetically, date of post office given, history of name origin and in some instances historical facts.  Includes index of counties listing towns within the county. Kansas County map.
223 pp.  (PN100) $9.95
1001 TEXAS PLACE NAMES, Tarpley. Imprinted on the maps representing the 267,329 square miles of land and water within the boundaries of Texas are place names unsurpassed by those of any other American state for the diversity of their origins and fanciful manipulations of language. 
236 pp.  (PN101) $24.95

A-Z MISSOURI PLACE NAMES, McMillen.  Reading the stories of Missouri place names and their origins, history comes alive in vivid detail.  Why are they named as they are?
201 pp.  (PN125) $14.95

CALIFORNIA PLACE NAMES:  The Origin and Etymology of Current Geographical Names, Gudde.  From Abadi Creek to Zzyzyx Spring thousands of discoveries await the reader of California Place Names.  Cloth.
460 pp.  (PN139) $24.95

COLORADO PLACE NAMES, Bright.  Covers communities, counties, peaks, passes and other geographical features. Listed alphabetically. Maps, photos.
144 pp.  (PN104) $14.95

A DICTIONARY OF IOWA PLACE NAMES, Savage.  Iowa’s place names reflect the religions, myths, cultures, families, heroes, whimsies, and misspellings of the Hawkeye State’s inhabitants.
248 pp.  (PN126) $19.95

IDAHO PLACE NAMES, Boone.  Back in print.  A geographical dictionary.
448 pp.  (PN126) $17.95

INDIAN PLACE NAMES, Rydjord. Their origin, evolution, and meanings. Collected in Kansas from the Siouan, Algonquian, Shoshonean, Caddoan, Iroquoian, and other tongues.
380 pp.  (PN141) $19.95

INDIAN PLACE NAMES IN ALABAMA, McMillan. Revised edition with a forward, appendix, and index by James B. McMillan.
107 pp.  (PN140) $19.95

KENTUCKY PLACE NAMES, Rennick. Good reading for anyone interested in Kentucky history and folklore.
375 pp.  (PN120) $21.95

LOUISIANA PLACE NAMES OF INDIAN ORIGIN:  A Collection of Words, Read.  The meaning of place names in the southeastern United States - especially as they relate to Indian word adoptions by Europeans.
124 pp.  (PN137) $18.95

MICHIGAN PLACE NAMES, Romig. The history of the founding and the naming of more than 5,000 past and present communities.
673 pp.  (PN107) $27.95

MONTANA PLACE NAMES, Ardstat et al.  From Alzada to Zortman, A Montana Historical Society Guide. The book consists of two parts.  The first section contains alphabetically arranged descriptions of more than 1,200 places scattered across the state, followed by a smaller part containing a map of the state broken into 24 sections for closer focus on specific areas.
347 pp.  (PN138) $24.95

NAMES ON THE FACE OF MONTANA, Cheney.  A guidebook to the place names of the state of Montana. Also, bits of historical events.
304 pp.  (PN109) $11.95

NATIVE AMERICAN PLACENAMES OF THE UNITED STATES, Bright. This comprehensive, alphabetical lexicon preserves native language as it details the history and culture found in American Indian placenames.
600 pp.  (PN135) $29.95

NEVADA PLACE NAMES, Carlson. The sources of names can be amusing or tragic, whimsical or practical. In any case the reader will find Nevada Place Names good reading as well as an invaluable reference tool.
282 pp.  (PN121) $24.95

OKLAHOMA PLACE NAMES, Shirk. Approximately 3,500 names are given. Each place is located and a brief mention made of the origin of the name.
268 pp.  (PN110) $19.95

OREGON'S PLACE NAMES: How to Say Them and Where They are Located, Webber.  The title says it all.
109 pp.  (PN124) $9.95

174 pp.  (PN112) $19.95

PLACE NAMES IN ARIZONA, Newton.  From Abra in Yavapai County to Zuni Well in Apache County, this book gives the who, why, how, or where of the names in the state.
60 pp. (PN116)  $4.95

PLACE NAMES OF GEORGIA, Goff.  Did you ever wonder if Bad Creek flows into Worse Creek?  Or what happened back there in Lordamercy Cove to give it its name?  Goff answers these and many other questions.
534 pp.  (PN136) $28.95

PLACE NAMES OF NEW MEXICO, Julyan. Explains more than 7000 names of features, large and small, throughout the state-towns, mountains, canyons, rivers, post offices and even abandoned settlements.
385 pp.  (PN113) $24.95

POCKET GUIDE TO MINNESOTA PLACE NAMES, Fedo. This compact guide presents the fascinating stories behind more than 1200 Minnesota place names. The book is a perfect companion for anyone who travels the highways and waterways of the North Star State.
186 pp.  (PN132) $11.95  

TENNESSEE PLACE NAMES, Miller. Tennessee has never had so complete a place names volume as this one.  More than 1900 entries.
224 pp.  (PN127) $19.95

UTAH PLACE NAMES, VanCott. How the names were derived and what they mean.
466 pp.  (PN129) $19.95

WYOMING PLACE NAMES, Urbanck.  An alphabetical listing of names within the state.  Good source material.
240 pp.  (PN115) $11.95