COMMON EDIBLE, AND USEFUL PLANTS OF THE WEST, Sweet. If you want to know how early people used many of the common wild plants of the West for food, building shelters and as medicinal tonics, this is the book for you.
64 pp. (PP131)  $6.95

CONFEDERATE COOKBOOK (Not what you might think), Reprint of a rare 1863 publication. A confederate receipt book that contains over 100 receipts adapted to the times. These receipts were aids to survival made necessary by blockaded Southern seaports during the Civil War.  Many interesting formulas.
30 pp. (PP130)  $5.00

GRANNY'S RECIPES, REMEDIES, AND HELPFUL HINTS, Cross.  30 chapters covering everything from how to make paints, glues, soaps, remove stains to curing bad breath, spot removers and folk remedies.  Glossary and index. Cloth.
416  pp. (PP114)  $9.95

HOW INDIANS USE WILD PLANTS FOR FOOD, MEDICINE AND CRAFTS, Densmore. This book details the use of nearly 200 plants in sections dealing with food, medicine, dye, etc. Explores uses of plants in almost every aspect of household and community life.
122 pp.  (PP103) $7.95

HOW TO BURY YOUR GOODS, Eddie the Wire.  The complete manual of long-term underground storage. Revised edition.
66 pp. (PP134)  $8.00

HOW TO DISPOSE OF YOUR STUFF:  Heavenly Uses for Earthly Goods, Filley.  Waht do I do with the dog? (and a lifetime accumulation of belongings.) How to find a new home for whatever you own.
263 pp.  (PP136) $17.95

HOW TO HIDE ANYTHING, Connor.  The need for having a safe space for both goods and persons has become pressing. Here are the guidelines to the design, selection, and construction of hidden storage areas, large and small, for that safe space.
110 pp.  (PP126) $15.95

INDIAN DOCTOR, Doane.  Nature's method of curing and preventing disease according to the Indians.
54 pp. (PP104)  $3.95

INDIAN TRAIL TREES, Jordan.  Indians bent "Trail Trees" as a means or marking trails to help find their way around the heavily forested country east of the Mississippi River. The different bends and shapes of the trees had various meanings; direction to travel, food or water sources, danger, or routes to safety.  Numerous photographs.
96 pp. (PP133) $12.95

JUST IN CASE, Harrison.  How to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens, learning how to prepare for an emergency, assess your family’s needs, pack an evacuation kit, evaluate your food supply, develop a communication system, and live without electricity.
256 pp.  (PP138) $16.95

LIVE BETTER SOUTH OF THE BORDER, Nelson. This book is for "downsizing victims", someone in search of discovery, those with retirement around the corner, or anyone in love with Mexico.
158 pp.  (PP120) $17.95

OWLHOOTER'S MANUAL VOL. 1, Von Mueller.  Shuck the time clock - Be independent.  Ideas on moonlighting, being financially free, answering only to self.
(PP111)  $9.00

OWLHOOTER'S MANUAL VOL. 2, Von Mueller.  Once again available. Social security, money management, self-improvement.  Furniture stripping & refinishing, engine overhauling, pawn shop management, house cleaning.
55 pp. (PP110)  $9.00

TIGHTWAD GAZETTE III, Dacyczyn.  The final edition.  This book collects all-new lessons in advanced tightwaddery from the last two years of the author's newsletter. Tightwads I & II have over 475,000 copies in print.
272 pp.  (PP121) $22.95

TRASH AND TREASURE, Wilkie.  The secrets to having a successful garage sale - one of the easiest ways of making a quick "buck or two".
94 pp. (PP108)  $7.95

TREASURE IN GHOST TOWN, Turner.  A fictional adventure tale that will delight any young reader who is curious and adventurous.  The setting is Cripple Creek, Colorado and the plot is a good one.
126 pp.  (PP132) $11.95

WILD EDIBLE MUSHROOMS, Miller. Tips and recipes for every mushroom lover.
224 pp.  (PP141) $16.95