CIVIL WAR RAILROADS: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States, 1861-1865, Abdill.  Vintage photos of trains and the part they played in the Civil War.  Cloth.
192 pp.  (CW103) $44.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WESTERN RAILROAD HISTORY, VOL. III:  Washington & Oregon, Robertson. This book catalogs virtually every steam railroad that owned or operated ten or more miles of track as a common carrier in Oregon and Washington. Maps, charts, illustrations and photos.  Cloth, large format.
228 pp.  (RR104) $34.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WESTERN RAILROAD HISTORY, VOL IV:  California, Robertson. The new book includes more than 300 pages of maps, photographs, drawings and details about California railroading. One of the most detailed books ever published on California railroads. Cloth, large format.
300+ pp. (RR112)  $42.95

GHOST RAILROADS OF KENTUCKY, Sulzer. 124 illustrations, 5 color, 310 b/w photos, 35 maps, 8 " x 11", cloth.
248 pp.  (RR116) $49.95

GHOST RAILROADS OF TENNESSEE, Sulzer.  97 illustrations, 8 color, 352 b/w photos, 27 maps, 8 " x 11", cloth.
320 pp.  (RR117) $59.95

GREAT TRAIN WRECKS OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, Adams/ Seibold.  Stirring true stories of the most historic and chilling railroad accidents in the heartland of American railroading.  Numerous photos in Photo Gallery.
204 pp.  (RR121) $12.95

NARROW GAUGE TRANSCONTINENTAL: Through Gunnison Country, Chappell. This is the history of the famous railway, complete with old photos showing the trains that covered the routes.
80 pp. (RR111)  $9.95

NORTHERN RAILROADS OF THE CIVIL WAR, 1861-1865, Weber. How the Northern railroads helped win the American Civil War - and how the war changed  American railroad administration and construction.
336 pp.  (RR113) $15.95

RAILROADS OF THE CONFEDERACY, Black. Tells the story of the first use of railroads on a major scale in a major war.  With maps of all of the confederate railroads and contemporary photos and facsimiles of documents such as tickets, timetables and soldier's passes.
360 pp.  (CW169) $23.50

RAILS, at the Pass of the North, Leonard.  A Southwestern Studies Monograph on the railroads of New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Western Texas in the summer of 1881.
464 pp.  (RR124) $5.95

RAILS TO GOLD AND SILVER, Vol 1., Taylor/Taylor. Northern Pacific's construction in Montana between 1883 and 1887 which resulted in the completion of seven branch lines to the state's developing mining camps.
120 pp.  (RR119) $22.95

UTAH GHOST RAILS, Carr/ Edwards. As there are ghost towns in Utah, so too are there ghost railroads.  A ghost railroad is one which has run the course of its existence.  Large format.
208 pp.  (RR123) $19.95