Research Guides

BURS UNDER THE SADDLE: A Second Look At Books and Histories of the West, Adams. Adams critically examines 425 titles about western outlaws and gunmen to point out errors which he feels have been made and replaces the rumors, myths and falsehoods with documented historical facts.  A real sleeper for anyone interested in research.
624 pp.  (RE152) $29.95

MORE BURS UNDER THE SADDLE:  Books and Histories of the West, Adams. Again, Adams is concerned with historical accuracy.  Sequel to the above title.  No duplication. Covers an additional 233 books published mostly since 1964 and includes only those Adams believed needed to be corrected. Index.
200 pp.  (RE153) $19.95

THE CIVIL WAR BOOKSHELF: 50 Must-read Books About the War Between the States, Wooster.  Lists and ranks 50 works that should comprise the core of every Civil War library, and be read by anyone who wishes to explore the trutrh behind the battles that pitted brother against brother.  Cloth.
280 pp.  (RE186) $22.50

COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO OLD CLAY TOBACCO  PIPES Vol. I, Russell.  392 pipes illustrated plus photos of 30 pipes. How to date pipes, display your collection, history, reproductions, how they were made, materials used, designs and figures, plus more.
80 pp. (RE179)  $18.95

EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE CIVIL WAR, Varhola. A guide for writers, students, and historians. What people wore, ate, and their diversions from combat. Also, duties, dress, weaponry in the military, and much more. Dozens of photos, maps and descriptions add clarity to each chapter.
274 pp.  (RE185) $17.00

FIGHTING MEN OF THE INDIAN WARS: A Biographical Encyclopedia of the Mountain Men, Soldiers, Cowboys, and Pioneers Who Took Up Arms During America's Westward Expansion, O'Neal.  Biographical entries summarize each fighting man's life, detail his combat experience, and suggest sources for further reading. An excellent research tool.  Large format, bibliography, cloth.
255 pp.  (RE171) $26.95

HOW TO RESEARCH FOR TREASURE HUNTING & METAL DETECTING, von Helsing. Whether you are seeking leads to follow, researching a local treasure story, doing genealogical research, or any other type of research for business purposes, this book helps to light the way.
213 pp.  (RE190) $19.95

LOST DUTCHMAN GOLD MINE RESEARCH AND RELATED STORIES, VOL. 1, Waite. The Lost Dutchman legends, lore, and associated stories. Includes information about the area, animals, and who is who in the Superstition Mountains,
190 pp.  (RE189) $14.95

NEW ENGLAND'S ANCIENT MYSTERIES, Cahill. Ogam script, Celtic carvings, secret chambers, astronomical map, plus much more.
88 pp. (RE183)  $8.95

THE PRAIRIE TRAVELER, Marcy. Originally published in 1859 for the westward settlers, it is filled with helpful information that was essential for safe travel west, as well as a fascinating view of the strenuous life faced by prairie travelers before the era of the railroad.  Many of the facts found in this book can be used to find long forgotten sites today.
288 pp.  (RE174) $9.95

RESEARCH FOR TREASURE HUNTERS, Katt. Lists research depositories and the value of each to the searcher.  Includes a research flowchart.  Many good tips. Pocket size.
32 pp. (RE163)  $4.50

SEARCH AND SALVAGE AGREEMENTS. To be used when striking an agreement to hunt on private property. Padded tablet.
(RE165)  $7.95

TRACING YOUR ANCESTORSIN THE CIVIL WAR, Groene.  A complete guide to tracking down your long-lost ancestors, both North and South.
125 pp.  (RE187) $10.00

TREASURE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, Grim.  Explains in legal terms the laws concerning treasure hunting in all 50 states and on federal lands.  16 tips to increase your finds and keep you out of trouble.
206 pp.  (RE170) $19.95

WESTERN WORDS, Adams.  A dictionary of the Old West. 5000 words of Cowboy language as vibrant now as it was in the old American frontier.
182 pp.  (RE182) $11.95