THE 100 BEST GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECKS, Kohl. These books are your reliable reference to the most exciting Great Lakes shipwrecks:  their histories, their locations, and their descriptions.

    Vol. I.  Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron.  75 color photos.
    284 pp.  (WS137) $24.95

    Vol. II. Lakes Michigan and Superior. 75 color photos.
    284 pp.  (WS138) $24.95

BENEATH THE WATERS, Hemphill.  The ultimate resource for research of Civil War shipwrecks. An alphabetical listing, by name of lost, sunk in battle, or shipwrecked vessels of both navies.
286 pp.  (WS149)   $45.00

DOUBLOONS, Terry.  Packed with factual and informative data from official Washington files. Numerous U.S., Central and South American locations. Fold-out maps, leads, adventurous reading.
139 pp.  (WS100) $6.00

THE ENDLESS SEARCH FOR THE HMS HUSSAR, Apuzzo. Documents the British frigate shipwreck in New York’s East River in 1780.  Sheds new light on the legends surrounding His Majesty’s Ship Hussar and its 14 chests of gold and silver.
152 pp.  (WS163) $24.95

FAMOUS SHIPWRECKS OF THE FLORIDA KEYS, Weller. Includes hydrographic charts.  Location of "Populo" San Jose Winchester Sueco de Arizon plus others. 11 Maps. Photos.
126 pp.  (WS117) $14.95

FATAL TREASURE, Smith. Greed and death, emeralds and gold, and the obsessive search for the legendary ghost galleon Atocha.  The story of the Mel Fisher family and their search for treasure.
257 pp.  (WS161) $14.95

FINDING NEW ENGLAND'S SHIPWRECKS AND TREASURES, Cahill.  Up and down the coast from Connecticut to Maine. The results of diligent research.
52 pp. (WS150)  $6.95

FLORIDA'S GOLDEN GALLEONS, Burgess/Clausen.  The search for the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet.
195 pp.  (WS114) $17.95

GRAVEYARD OF THE ATLANTIC, Stick.  Shipwrecks off the North Carolina Coast.  Along these coasts lie many wrecks, half buried in the sand.  Exact locations, dates and full descriptions of the several hundred vessels lost are given.  Maps.
276 pp.  (WS102) Paper  $17.95
GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECKS AND SURVIVALS, Ratigan. Sailors, historians, and general readers alike will be swept away by these unforgettable tales of tragedy and heroism.
384 pp.  (WS142) $19.95

GREAT SHIPWRECKS OF THE PACIFIC COAST, Belyk.  Fascinating, never before documented stories of the worst shipwrecks on the Pacific Coast during the golden age of coastal transportation, 1854 to 1929.  Cloth.
276 pp.  (WS157) $24.95

IN SEARCH OF THE GOLDEN MADONNA, Tippen/Humphreys. The true story of the real-life treasure hunt by the intrepid crew of the "R V Beacon".  The salvage of the Spanish treasure galleon "Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas".
168 pp.  (WS146) $9.95

THE LOST FLEET, Clifford.  The discovery of a sunken armada from the golden age of piracy.
287 pp.  (WS159) $13.95

OREGON SHIPWRECKS, Marshall. Over two hundred years of ship disasters - cargo, passenger, steam and sail - wrecked along the rugged northwest coast come to life. Stern and side-wheelers left their bones in Oregon's rivers in company with earlier fur traders' scows and bateaux. A hundred photos and numerous locations of wrecks are given.  Large format.
235 pp.  Cloth.  (WS120) $24.95

OUTER BANKS OF NORTH CAROLINA 1534-1958, Stick.  This covers potentially good treasure and relic hunting areas. The Outer Banks are covered from end to end, from their earliest history through the Civil War to modern times.
352 pp.  (WS104) $17.95

SALVAGING SPANISH SUNKEN TREASURE, Weller. A handbook designed to “show the way” for those who dream of recovering Spanish treasure and artifacts from sites along the coast of Florida.
80 pp. (WS155)  $12.95

SEA SEARCH.  From the editors of Treasure Seekers Magazine.  Lost ships, pirate treasure, sea disasters, salvage, marine mysteries.
207 pp.  (WS171) $14.95

SHIPWRECK, Horner. The shipwrecks of "La Capitana" and the "Maravillas" as recorded in Padre Diego Rivadeneira's diary, and the companion story of Horner's modern-day exploratory dives on the wrecks of both ships - 300 years after the padre watched them sink.  Cloth.
352 pp.  (WS148) $24.95

SHIPWRECK HUNTER, Volgenau.  Deep, dark and deadly in the Great Lakes. By some estimates more than 6000 ships have foundered in these lakes.  Some say as many as 10,000. Certainly some lost vessels are no more than a pile of boards on the bottom, but others are virtually as intact as the day they sank.  Cloth.
200 pp.  (WS162) $24.95

SHIPWRECKS AND LEGENDS 'ROUND CAPE MAY, Seibold/ Adams.  Includes stirring tales of pirates, buried treasures, rum-runners, war action, plus 20 pages of photos.
120 pp.  (WS145) $8.95

SHIPWRECKS AND RESCUES ON THE NORTHWEST COAST, Webber/ Webber. The authors put the readers into the middle of action-packed incidents of dozens of shipwrecks.  Every shipwreck is documented.  155 photos plus maps and drawings.
262 pp.  (WS141) $14.95

SHIPWRECKS NEAR BARNEGAT INLET, LONG BEACH ISLAND, NJ, Seibold/Adams.  Revised and expanded second edition. Factual accounts that represent only a small percentage of actual shipwrecks which occurred in this dangerous area of the ocean.
92 pp. (WS147)  $6.95

SHIPWRECKS OF LAKE SUPERIOR, Marshall (Ed.)  Lake Superior is a graveyard containing one of the largest historical collections of all time.  A veritable museum of treasures, artifacts, skeletons and stories. Large format.
100 pp.  (WS152) $19.95

SHIPWRECKS OFF JUAN DE FUCA, Gibbs.  A presentation of the tragic losses, heroic rescues and violent adventure. Located where the great Strait meets the Pacific, off Washington's northwest tip.  Cloth.
288 pp.  (WS111) $14.95

SHIPWRECKS OFF OCEAN CITY, Seibold/ Adams. Drama on the high seas from Absecon to Avalon.
90 pp. (WS147)  $6.95

SHIPWRECKS ON THE CHESAPEAKE: Maritime Disasters on Chesapeake Bay and Its Tributaries, 1608-1978, Shomette. Listed are over 1,800 wrecks, chronologically identified by name and location, and classified by type of ship and manner of loss. Also described in detail some 150 of these losses, starting with colonial times and ending in 1978. Illustrations, maps, notes, cloth.
324 pp.  (WS112) $19.95

SHIPWRECKS ON THE VIRGINIA COAST, and the Men of the Life-Saving Service, Pouliot/Pouliot. The Virginia shores of the Atlantic coast were the scenes of numerous shipwrecks during the period of the U.S. Life-Saving Service 1875-1915.  Contains valuable reference material.
226 pp.  (WS160) $24.95

171 pp.  (WS144) $11.95

SUNKEN SHIPS AND TREASURE, Fine. Swim among ghost fleets and phantom ships, prowl coves and beaches, interview old and young witnesses to great tragedy and high adventure.  Many photos.
119 pp.  (WS136) $12.95

SUNKEN TREASURE - HOW TO FIND IT, Marx.  An especially interesting book for anyone interested in treasure.  Good reference sources are provided for doing your own research.  Written as only Marx can. For both the armchair and on-site adventurer.
400 pp.  (WS101) $9.95

TEXAS TREASURE COAST, Townsend.  Spanish treasure, pirate treasure, Texas Republic, Civil War, plus a chapter on historical research disclosing many techniques used by professionals. Chronological listing of shipwrecks with their locations and cargoes.
166 pp.  (WS124) $18.95

TREASURE: The Business and Technology, Olin. The answer to all you ever wanted to know  about treasure diving. Perhaps the single best book on sunken treasure ever written.
188 pp.  (WS134) $21.95

THE TREASURE GALLEONS, Horner. Clues to millions in sunken gold and silver. Maps.
259 pp.  (WS115) $17.95

TREASURE HUNT: Shipwreck Diving, and the Quest for Treasure in an Age of Heroes, Earle. Treasure Hunt is the story of an obsession.  Rumors of Spanish treasure, of gold and silver at the bottom of the sea, has been a part of maritime lore for centuries. When Captain Phips brought back to port the treasure of the Spanish galleon Concepcion, the unimaginable had become real, and the great treasure hunting boom had begun. Ever since, men have been prepared to risk life and fortune in the search for underwater riches.  Cloth.
383 pp.  (WS169) $26.95

TREASURE HUNT: The Sixteen-Year Search for the Lost Treasure Ship Atocha, Sullivan. Information on electrolytic reduction techniques, underwater treasure hunting techniques, archaeological methods, counterfeit treasure coins, and more. Index and sources. 5 maps.
150 pp.  (WS118) $9.95

TREASURE HUNTER: Diving for Gold on North America’s Death Coast, MacKinnon.  A beautifully written book that really captures the excitement, the fun, and the frustration of diving for treasure. From the first coins minted in North America to the sacking of Washington. Cloth.
315 pp.  (WS172) $25.95

TREASURE LOST AT SEA, Marx/Marx. Diving to the world’s great shipwrecks.  This book shows how traditional archeological methods are applied to shipwrecks. More than 150 stunning photographs.  Large format.
194 pp.  (WS158) $24.95

TREASURES OF THE SPANISH MAIN: Shipwrecked Galleons in the New World, J.C. Fine.  Included are the 1622 Fleet, The Concepcion, The Maravillas, the shipwreck off Jupiter Beach, The San Jose, The 1715 Fleet, and the 1733 Fleet.  A must-read for everyone interested in wrecks, diving, treasure, pirates, sailing, history, or just plain fun.  Large format.
184 pp.  (WS165) $29.95

TREASURE SHIP, Powers. The legend and legacy of the S.S. Brother Jonathan.  Filled with heroism and tragedy, perseverance and ingenuity, Treasure Ship is a ripping yarn that is part history, part adventure tale, and all completely true.
416 pp.  (WS170) $15.95

THE WORLD’S RICHEST WRECKS, Marx/Marx. A wreck diver’s guide to finding the gold and silver treasures of the seas.
420 pp.  (WS166) $19.95

WRECKS AND RESCUES OF THE GREAT LAKES, Barry.  An action-packed photo essay that tells the story of shipwrecks and rescues in the Great Lakes from 1881 to the present day. 149 historical photographs.
117 pp.  (WS127) $18.95