Technical Help

25 BEST KEPT SECRETS TO FINDING TREASURE, Sierra.  Chock full of some of the best-kept secrets of the pros.
15 pp. (TH183)  $4.95

ADVANCED DREDGING AND SAMPLING TECHNIQUES (on DVD or VHS video), McCracken. Whether you are a novice exploring a new hobby or an experienced gold miner looking for ways to increase gold production, you will find this media packed with DEMONSTRATED information that no book could ever present.
DVD (DV144)  $49.95
VHS  (VI144)  $49.95

ADVANCED FIELD METHODS FOR THE MINELAB EXCALIBUR:  THEORY AND PRACTICE, Clynick. This book helps the reader to develop an in-depth and practical understanding of the Excalibur’s in-ground operating characteristics and capabilities.
120 pp.  (TH196) $19.95

90 pp. (TH193)  $14.95

ADVANCED NUGGETSHOOTING, McCulloch.  How to prospect for gold with a metal detector. Frequently asked questions, generalized ground balancing procedure, interpreting the signals you detector gives off, target recovery techniques, and more.  Large format.
20 pp. (TH172)  $7.95

ADVANCED TREASURE HUNTING W/FISHER QUICKSILVER SERIES METAL DETECTORS, Sabisch. Get the most out of your Fisher QuickSilver CZ-5, CZ-6, CZ6a, or CZ-20 with tips from Andy Sabisch, an authority on QuickSilver design and operation.
88 pp. (TH138)  $12.95

BACKYARD GOLD PANNING: The Perfect Part Time Job, Waite.  This book covers the panning processes, equipment, where to dig, and a backyard setup that works very well for processing your pay dirt.
63 pp. (TH214)  $16.95

BASIC COINSHOOTING FOR TREASURE HUNTERS, Katt. A budget bookshelf series booklet.
40 pp. (TH152)  $4.95

BASIC PROSPECTING FOR TREASURE HUNTERS, Katt.  A budget bookshelf series booklet.
31 pp. (TH151)  $4.95

CACHE HUNTING, Carson. Not a perfect blueprint on cache hunting, but rather an offering of suggestions to aid any hunter in their search.
111 pp. (TH101) $11.95

CIVIL WAR RELIC HUNTING A to Z, Buttafuso. A no-nonsense reference work with all the insider tips you need to know to be a successful Civil War relic hunter.
91 pp. (TH170)  $17.95

CLEANING AND PRESERVATION OF COINS AND MEDALS, Durst.  Includes the preservation of paper money and applicable preservation information for manuscripts and other documents.  Cloth.
117 pp.  (TH123) $19.95

COIN AND ARTIFACT CLEANING AND PRESERVATION: Tips and Techniques, Eckert. Lots of helpful suggestions which include cleaning and preserving iron objects. Large format booklet devoted to the subject.
15 pp. (TH130)  $6.95

COIN AND RELIC CLEANING, Granville.  Covers all aspects from coin metals to non-iron relics. Useful information.  Includes flow chart.
32 pp. (TH103)  $5.95

COINSHOOTING, HOW AND WHERE TO DO IT, Carson.  Using a metal detector effectively. Over 70,000 copies in print.
62 pp. (TH158)  $8.95

COINSHOOTING II: DIGGING FOR DEEPER COINS, Carson.  Written for the hardy souls who are willing to get their hands dirty, do the hard work of research, truly learn their detectors, and are willing to put up with long hours of hard field work.
96 pp. (TH104)  $9.95

COINSHOOTING III, Carson.  The author's latest.  Covers many aspects of improving your technique, locations, unexplored domain, today's detectors and more.
64 pp. (TH125)  $9.95

THE COMPETITIVE TREASURE HUNT, Lowry.  All you'll ever need to know about the fascinating world of competition treasure hunting. How to plan, how to organize, and how to win.
82 pp. (TH174)  $9.95

54 pp. (TH119)  $12.95

THE DEUS HANDBOOK, Sabisch.  This handbook contains the information that will help you quickly master XP’s Flagship detector - the Deus - and includes input provided by experienced detectorists from around the world, as well as the XP ream itself. Large format.
188 pp.  (TH220) $19.95

DFX GOLD METHODS, Clynick. Finding gold jewelry with the White’s Spectrum DFX “E” Series metal detector.
76 pp. (TH186)  $14.95

DFX: FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED, Clynick.  A practical guide to White’s DFX “E” Series Metal Detector.
79 pp. (TH192)  $14.95

DIGGING DEEPER WITH THE DFX, Foster. Getting more from the White’s DFX technology.  This book provides insights not found anywhere else.  Large format.
120 pp.  (TH194) $27.50

(DV102)  $39.50

DIVING AND DIGGING FOR GOLD, Hill. Up-to-date information is included along the lines of "where to sell gold" and "where to get more information".
47 pp. (TH166)  $7.95

EFFECTIVE GROUND SEARCHING WITH METAL DETECTORS, Garrett Metal Detectors.  A basic guide to the benefits of ground searching metal detectors in law enforcement.
128 pp.  (TH201) $4.95

ELECTRONIC PROSPECTING, Garrett/Grant/LaGal. Learn how to find gold and silver veins, pockets, and nuggets using easy electronic metal detector methods.
82 pp. (TH134)  $3.95

EUROPEAN METAL DETECTING GUIDE, Moore. Filled with color photos of incredible finds this book offers sound advice on finding and recovering all types of coins and artifacts. Includes the varying European antiquities laws and testimonials from seasoned detectorists that provide advice on where to hunt.
295 pp.  (TH200) $18.95

FINDING CIVIL WAR CAMPSITES IN RURAL AREAS, Poche.   Reveals 3 basic things necessary to successfully discover Civil War (and also Revolutionary War) campsites, plus other secrets.
44 pp. (CW190)  $11.95

80 pp. (TH187)  $14.95

FINDING RINGS WITH THE MINELAB SOVEREIGN AND EXCALIBUR, Keener/Feiler. A study of the Minelab Broad Band Spectrum Technology in use, along with other hints and tips. Large format.
37 pp. (TH190)  $12.95

GET YOUR SHARE OF HIDDEN RICHES, Carson. What are hidden riches?  Patterns of lost objects, tips on the obvious, five keys to open doors that lead to hidden riches. How to gather and sift information, plus much, much more.
127 pp.  (TH115) $12.95

GHOST TOWN TREASURES:  Ruins, Relics and Riches, Garrett.  Loaded, simply loaded, with good information to be applied in the field.  The book describes precisely how to search ghost towns, abandoned buildings and other deserted locations to learn their secrets and to discover those buried or hidden objects left behind.  The use of metal detectors is emphasized, but other types of searching are not overlooked.  Without a doubt, one of Mr. Garrett's best books. Personal experiences fill the chapters along with excellent information. Color photos and charts. A must-have for any library.
156 pp.  (TH139) $9.95

GOLD FEVER: Backyard Prospecting, GPAA.  This DVD is highly educational and fun, and entertaining to boot.  Yes, you can find gold in your own backyard.
DVD (TH217)  $12.95

THE GOLD JEWELRY HUNTER’S HANDBOOK:  Finding Lost Gold at Beaches, Parks, and Shoreline Metal Detecting Sites, Clynick.  A unique guide to hunting specifically for gold jewelry with a metal detector at beach, park, and shoreline sites.
100 pp.  (TH219) $16.95

GOLD PANNING EQUIPMENT:  BUILD YOUR OWN, Waite.  The perfect hobby and business: gold panning.  Learn how to build your own highly effective gold extraction equipment.
72 pp. (TH210)  $8.95

GOLD PANNING IS EASY, Legal. Young or old, an enjoyable and profitable hobby. A refreshing new look guaranteed to produce results with any pan.
98 pp. (TH163)  $9.95

GUIDE FOR WEEKEND PROSPECTORS, Wayland.  This book belongs in the backpack of any outdoor enthusiast because identifying rocks and minerals has never been more interesting or easy. Anyone with an interest in rocks, whether for pleasure of profit, will love this book.
96 pp. (TH148)  $9.95

GUIDEBOOK FOR BETTER TREASURE HUNTING, Carson. These pages were written in an attempt to improve the reader's treasure hunting skills so as to improve his treasure hunting results.
117 pp.  (TH167) $12.95

HOW TO FIND AND GET PERMISSION TO HUNT GHOST TOWNS, Hayslip. Written for Oklahoma but good anywhere.  Added bonuses:  photos of 17 unlisted Oklahoma tokens, step-by-step guide of how to clean your finds, and how to build a simple electrolysis cleaner.
52 pp. (TH188)  $8.00

IN SEARCH OF THE CIVIL WAR, Book 1, Trevillian.  The definitive handbook for unearthing relics and artifacts from America's Greatest War. Chapters includes artifacts ID guide, research, equipment needed and searching techniques. Presented in an easy to read style with many helpful hints and suggestions to make the hunter more successful in the field.
93 pp. (TH131)  $10.95

INSIDE TREASURE HUNTING, Brook.  Metal Detectors.  If you are new to detecting, you've come to the right place.  If you are an old-timer looking for a few new angles, this book is for you.
85 pp. (TH165)  $9.95

INTERPRETINGG HISTORY FROM RELICS FOUND IN CIVIL WAR CAMPSITES.  This is the second of a series of "How to" manuals on relic hunting rural Civil War campsites.
60 pp. (CW195)  $13.50

INTRODUCTION TO METAL DETECTING IN EUROPE, Garrett.  This pocket-sized treasure-hunting field guide is intended to acquaint hobbyists with the exciting possibilities offered by metal detecting in Europe.
74 pp. (TH202)  $3.95

MASTERING THE MINELAB EXPLORER XS & S, Sabisch.  This book will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to quickly master this powerful detector.
124 pp.  (TH171) $14.95

METAL DETECTING FOR BEGINNERS, Tisdale.  Things you need to know in order to get started correctly in the hobby.
66 pp. (TH175)  $14.95

* NEW * METAL DETECTING FOR THE BEGINNER, Migliore.  Informs and motivates you to choose the right detector for getting started in the fun hobby of metal detecting. The book explains all the crucial concepts such as Discrimination and Target ID.
197 pp.  (TH206) $12.95

METAL DETECTING FOR TREASURE: A Guidebook For Beginners, Francis. This book is for those just beginning to realize the excitement of searching for treasures lost or hidden.
56 pp. (TH149)  $8.00

METAL DETECTING PREVIOUSLY HUNTED SITES, Pascucci. The author discusses some of the different practices, techniques and equipment he has found to be useful in hunting those "hunted-out" locations.
52 pp. (TH160)  $12.95

METHODS OF PLACER MINING, Basque.  This book explains the various methods used to recover gold from winnowing, one of the crudest methods, to the modern sluice, dredge, and spiral gold panner, Included are maps and both historic and recent photographs.
88 pp. (TH179)  $9.95

THE MINELAB EXPLORER AND E-TRAC HANDBOOK, Sabisch. Get more out of your metal detectors. This handbook contains the information you need to quickly master these high performance detectors through a solid understanding of their operation.  Large format.
188 pp.  (TH197) $19.95

MODERN GOLD MINING TECHNIQUES (on DVD or VHS video), McCracken. Covers the basic of gold geology and shows you where to locate deposits.  Demonstrates proper panning and sluicing techniques, mossing, sampling, fanning, dry-washing, electronic prospecting, under-water prospecting, the basics of gold dredging, cleaning and amalgamating and much more.  If you can afford only one video, this is the recommended one. Top quality.
90 minutes
DVD (DV107) $49.95
VHS (VI107)  $49.95

THE MXT EDGE, Foster.  A must-read for and MXT user. A detailed look at how to get more from the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, White’s MXT metal detector technology. Large format.
114 pp.  (TH191) $24.95

A NEW GUIDE TO TREASURE HUNTING, Carson. Covers many aspects of treasure hunting - the roads you have to take, the small cache, do you believe in yourself, where to go, basic treasure hunting considerations, etc.
150 pp.  (TH108) $12.95

THE NEW MODERN METAL DETECTORS, Garrett. Revised Edition. An indispensable book for both the novice and professional.  Explains simply and fully how to be successful with your detector.  Chapters on theory, underwater hunting, accessories to enhance performance, discrimination tips, VLF tips and much more.  Tips on GTA operation.
521 pp.  (TH109) $14.95

THE NEW SUCCESSFUL COIN HUNTING, Garrett.  The BEST book in print on the subject.  Newly revised, now contains information on the computerized detectors.
259 pp.  (TH110) $9.95

28 pp. (TH211)  $9.95

PAN YOUR OWN GOLD, LeGaye. Panning with the new patented Garrett gravity trap gold pan.
42 pp. (TH168)  $6.95

44 pp. (TH213)  $$6.50

PROSPECTING FOR GOLD (on DVD or VHS video), Roush. The six basic methods of finding gold with noted prospector and treasure hunter Roy Roush. 1 hour.
DVD (DV108)  $36.95
VHS   (VI108)   $36.95

“PULSEPOWER”:  Finding Gold at the Shore with a Pulse Induction Metal Detector, Clynick. How to get results at shoreline sites with a pulse detector.
106 pp.  (TH198) $14.95

RELIC HUNTER:  The Field Account of Civil War Sites, Artifacts and Hunting, Crouch.  This is a unique and fully photo illustrated book that combines exploration, adventure, and solid reference data.  A must-have book for relic hunters.
266 pp.  (TH203) $25.00

RELIC HUNTING: Tips and Techniques, Eckhart.  Every state in the Union has relics of one kind or another. There are pioneer relics, Civil War relics, turn of the century items, Indian artifacts, and Revolutionary War items.   Large format.
56 pp. (TH133)  $24.00

RELIC QUEST: A Guide to Responsible Relic Recovery  Techniques with Metal Detectors, Moore. The result of many people coming together to share their knowledge.
510 pp.  (TH208) $22.95

SEARCH, Warneke. New, revised and expanded edition. A valuable book on the ways to search for hidden treasure or coins in houses and yards.  Profusely illustrated.
160 pp.  (TH112) $12.95

SITE-READING FOR GOLD AND SILVER, Clynick. These proven methods for choosing, assessing, and examining treasure hunting locations will help you to become a more accurate and effective treasure hunter.
84 pp. (TH195)  $14.95

SOME PATHS TO SUDDEN WEALTH, Carson. Accounts of individuals who discovered unusual routes to success and wealth.
103 pp.  (TH113) $12.95

THE SPORT OF COIN HUNTING, Garrett.  Find coins anywhere in the world with a metal detector.
80 pp. (TH199)  $3.95

THE SUCCESSFUL CACHE HUNTER'S HANDBOOK, Katt.  Tips on the why and wherefore of cache hunting. Hints on equipment needed, disposition of caches - listed are the 10 "Ws" of cache hunting.
20 pp. (TH114)  $4.95

SUCCESSFUL GOLD DREDGING MADE EASY (on DVD or VHS video), McCracken. An excellent educational presentation on the complete subject of dredging.  Quality of film is tops and material presented can be found nowhere else.
60 minutes
DVD (DV112)  $49.95
VHS   (VI112)   $49.95

THREE HOURS TO GOLD FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Straight.  Metal detecting for eolian and eluvial placer using VLF and PI-type detectors within the Randsburg Quadrangle and outlying districts.
115 pp.  (TH209) $22.95

TREASURE CACHES CAN BE FOUND, Garrett. Learn from the world’s leading expert as he teaches you how to properly research, locate, and recover treasure caches from decades and centuries past.
194 pp.  (TH176) $12.95

TREASURE HUNT FOR FUN AND PROFIT, Henson.  A small book that covers lots - shows how to collect, where and how to sell, how to research locations, where to get free Government assays of minerals and rocks, etc.
50 pp. (TH117)  $6.95

THE TREASURE HUNTER’S HANDBOOK, Sabisch. Your roadmap to success in the field.  Includes the 2010 Equipment Buyer’s Guide.  Large format.
256 pp.  (TH204) $24.95

TREASURE HUNTING:  A Modern Search for Adventure, Carson.  Tells how to search, use the county courthouse and much more. Good info.
81 pp. (TH116)  $9.95

TREASURE HUNTING ON A BUDGET, Park.  Finding a fortune without spending a fortune. A book for the beginning treasure hunter, as well as for those who may have been avid hunters for years.
71 pp. (TH178)  $10.95

TREASURE HUNTING PAYS OFF, Garrett.  How and where to find valuable relics and forgotten treasures of yesterday.  Special gold panning and electronic metal detecting instructions included.
88 pp. (TH207)  $6.95

TREASURE HUNTING:  Seek and You Shall Find, Okonowicz. The author shares his treasure hunting expertise in this informative book.
44 pp. (TH173)  $6.95

TREASURE HUNTING WITH MINELAB METAL DETECTORS, VOL. 1, Sabisch.  Successful beach hunting, shallow water hunting and treasure diving.
92 pp. (TH153)  $14.95

TREASURE HUNTING WITH MINELAB METAL DETECTORS, VOL. 2, Successful coin hunting, Sabisch. Recover your share of old coins, jewelry and artifacts with the information in this book.
91 pp. (TH159)  $10.95

UNDERSTANDING AND USING YOUR METAL DETECTOR, Lahr. In this detailed and informative book the author shares his years of experience with many types of metal detectors.
208 pp.  (TH215) $19.95

UNDERSTANDING WHITE'S DFX, Normandi. The DFX is a "new cat" and will require motivation to master, just as its brothers before it. The reward?  Better performance in the field, of course.
144 pp.  (TH177) $19.95

UNDERWATER SNIPING FOR GOLD, Radding/Garlock.  This style of mining is one of the best-kept secrets along many gold bearing rivers.  The equipment is simple and inexpensive, but the rewards can be great.
144 pp.  (TH161) $11.95

THE URBAN TREASURE HUNTER: A Practical Handbook for Beginners, Chaplan. Revised, updated and enlarged edition.  A guide to locating, unearthing, and identifying all those treasures waiting to be found in and around any city or town.
228 pp.  (TH118) $18.95

THE WEEKEND GOLD MINER, Ryan.  Chapters include: Where to look, what to look for, how to get it out, testing, mining in the desert, electronic mining, and ghost towns and lost mines.
79 pp. (TH157)  $7.95

WHERE DID GRANDPA HIDE HIS MONEY, Taylor.  This book is about finding, preserving, and selling buried treasure. It’s a practical guide for descendants, heirs, and caretakers.
150 pp.  (TH189) $8.95

WHITE’S SURFMASTER P. I. DUAL FIELD: An Advanced Guide, Clynick.  The author shares his 30 years of shoreline pulse induction detecting experience with the reader.
87 pp. (TH205)  $14.95

THE WORLD OF THE RELIC HUNTER, Fedory. A sequel to his first book, RELIC HUNTING. No repetition...all new material.  Each chapter features a field trip and the experiences encountered; however, within the story are tips and suggestions for the reader to use when he is out in similar hunting situations.  Easy to read style.
181 pp.  (TH140) $14.95

YOU CAN FIND GOLD WITH A METAL DETECTOR, Garrett/Lagal.  Proven techniques for using a metal detector to find that "elusive" gold.  This book replaces the out of print title MODERN ELECTRONIC PROSPECTING by the same authors.
Approx. 90 pp. (MG119)  $9.95