"DANCING"  Conical Pendulum. Available in two sizes, these new pendulums are more or less an exclusive in the field.  Made of solid brass, they are hand lathed into their shape for true precision.  Top workmanship. Suspended from 5" chain. You will not be disappointed.  Nowhere else will you find such a value and quality for the price.  Made by a dowser, for dowsers.

   Small - 1/2 oz., 1 1/8" long
   (DW132)  $20.00

   Large - 1 oz., 1 " long
   (DW133)  $25.00
Pixie Pocket Size MINI PENDULUM. Fine-point, metal.
(DW121)  $6.00

Needlepoint MAP DOWSING Pendulum.
(DW122)  $15.00

FINEPOINT CRYSTALLINE Pendulum.  Lightweight, hand machined of Lucite crystalline, it offers freedom from energy field resistance of "blocking".
(DW123)  $7.00

BIOTRONIC LOCATOR PENDULUM KIT.  Hollow pendulum with threaded cartridge.  Testing and training instructional booklet.
(DW124)  $25.00

* RODS *

POLY "Y" RODS. These almost indestructible 1/8" white polypropylene "Y" rods are 12" long, terminating in a soft rounded plastic tip. Much more convenient to use and carry than the larger ones.  They can be bent double for pocket or purse and in use will easily return to their original shape.
(DW129)  $10.00 each

MINI "L" RODS. These are some of the easiest to use small size "L" rods around. Matched pair.  The handles are large enough to be easily grasped and the vinyl sleeve surrounding the handle creates an area for smooth movement when the rod becomes active.
(DW130)  9 Copper $16.95 per pair
(DW131)  12 Brass $16.95 per pair


1849's GOLD RUSH KIT.  Includes standard 14" Garrett pan, 10 1/2" finishing pan, classifier and how-to booklet.
(GRK)  $29.95

ACROMATIC LOUPES.  The prospector's pocket magnifier.

 (A-11)  Wide Field  10X $15.95
 (A-12)  Double  10x15 $15.95
CLASSIFIER-SIFTER. Can be used on all types of gold pans 10" or larger. Also can be used as a coin sifter in beach sand or loose soil.
(GCS)  $7.95

CREVICE TOOL.  Handy for scraping crevices clean.
(CVTL) $9.95

GARRETT 10 1/2" PAN. Same as above.
(GCS)  $7.95

GARRETT GRAVITY TRAP PANS. Molded from high impact plastic, they won't break, dent  or bend.  LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Green, 14" size.
(GPG)  $8.95

GEM ORE FOR PANNING. Pan out the gems in these packets of that least 20 polished stones from a selection of over 25 different varieties of gemstones.
(TL165)  (GEM) $7.00

GOLD ORE FOR PANNING.  Pan out the gold in this native material from Colorado. Gold bites/flakes average about 6-7 nice specimens per bag. Includes instructions.
(TL104)  (GOR) $7.50

GOLD PANNING KIT (Everything but the stream).  Learn gold panning with this complete kit.  12" thermoplastic pan, gold ore for panning, secrets of gold panning book, hand lens, eyedropper, vial for gold, instructions.
(GP401)  $17.95

GOLD PANNING KIT II. Same as above, but with 11" steel gold pan.
(GP402)  $17.95

SAMPLE BOTTLES.  Clear glass.  Used as a standard for determining weight.  .5 oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz. sizes.
(SMBTL)  40 cents each

  Variety Pack of six, 2 of each size. (BTLVT)  $2.40

SNIFTER BOTTLES. Handy, squeeze bottle that sniffs up the finest specks of gold in the pan.
(SNBT) $2.95


E-Z PROBES.  Reduce coin damage. Not designed for a digging tool, but rather a tool to pinpoint a target. 11" overall length with a 7 " hardened steel shaft and polished ball tip so as not to damage coins.
(P11)  $6.95

NEBRASKA "SOD" BUSTER. Constructed from spring steel, this unique, flat bottom digger with 7" x 2 " sharpened blade, is great for hunts as well as for everyday field work.
(TX2511) $27.95

RAZOR DIGGER.  Same as the (T2012) except it is serrated on both sides of blade for easy digging through underbrush, small roots, etc.
(TX2011) $13.75

STAINLESS STEEL TROWELS.   With lifetime warranty. Rust and corrosion resistant with bright hunter orange grip.  Strong one-piece design fabricated from 14 gauge stainless. Sharpened point with inch-marked blade.

    (T1511)  1 " x  11  $6.95

    (T1514)  1 " x  14  $7.95

    (T2012)  2" x  12" $7.95

    (T2514)  2 " x  14" $8.95

    (T2020)  2 " x 18"  $14.95


Rugged, top-quality scoops made to last. Built by water hunters, for water hunters.  Don't let the reasonable prices deceive you...these tools compare to and excel over others priced twice as high

* (Add $10.00 additional postage and handling to all scoop orders.) *.

The "OPEN TOP" Bucket has 83, 5/8" drain holes. 54" heavy duty wooden handle. 14 gauge stainless.
(OTW)  $126.50

SUPER SCOOP: 14 Ga. stainless 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 9" basket welded into a strong unit.  150 drain holes.  54" tall.  Reinforced foot pad.  Foam flotation on "P" handle design.
(SSP)  $87.95

FRESH WATER SCOOP: Same design as above but made for use in soft bottom fresh waters. Basket of 16  Ga. hot-rolled steel painted black. The basket (5 1/2"W x 4"H x 10"D) is longer than other models.
(BWS)  $87.95

MASTER WATER SCOOP:  The Dalyn version of the popular round basket scoop.  14 Ga. Stainless, welded together for strength and durability. 6"D x 11" with a 4-foot straight handle.
(MWS)  $98.95

SCOOP MAGNETS. Fits into the bucket of any brand sand scoop, beach scoop, water scoop, plastic, stainless, galvanized. Comes complete with powerful magnet and mounting bracket.  Easy to install.
(MAK)  $9.85

SAND SCOOPS: Conventional design. Punched holes. One of the best on the market.

  GALVANIZED (GSS)  $19.95

  STAINLESS  (SSS) $34.95

  KNEE-HI 20" Handle (LHSS) $24.95

* (Add $10.00 additional postage and handling to all scoop orders.) *