ALONG ANCIENT TRAILS: The Mallet Expedition of 1739, Blakeslee.  In 1739 brothers Paul and Pierre Mallet led a small expedition from Illinois to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to establish a trade route.  This book documents the precise location of the Indian trails used and the Mallet journey along those trails.  Cloth.
291 pp.  (TS148) $39.95

AMERICA’S HISTORIC TRAILS, Bodett. This book, and the TV series it is based on, lead viewers and readers down the half-remembered byways in the American past that are still surprisingly reachable today.
260 pp.  (TS154) $19.95

THE BLOODY BOZEMAN, Johnson. The Bozeman Trail led to the Goldfields of Montana for six years in the 1860s before the army abandoned its three forts along the way, yielding to Red Cloud and his warriors.
383 pp.  (TS100) $19.95

THE CALIFORNIA TRAIL, Stewart. More than just a history of the trail. This book tells how to travel it, what it felt like, what was feared and what was hoped for.
352 pp.  (TS146) $15.95

THE CHISOLM TRAIL, Gard. Where it began, where it ended, and what went on along and around it.  Maps, illustrations.
308 pp.  (TS104) $21.95

THE EL DORADO TRAIL, Egan. The story of the gold rush routes across Mexico. Egan has skillfully woven the diaries, journals, letters and reminiscent accounts into narrative describing each sector of the trail.
313 pp.  (TS107) $7.95

FEARFUL CROSSING:  The Central Overland Trail Through Nevada, Curron.  Large format with 35 maps.  Bibliography, index.
212 pp.  (TS108) $19.95

FORGOTTEN TRAILS, Anglin.  A compilation of the most significant firsthand accounts of travel through central Washington's Grand Coulee area.  Included here are the writings of explorers, fur traders, missionaries, RR surveyors, miners, stockmen, military road builders and packers.
287 pp.  (TS149) $19.95

GHOST TRAILS OF CALIFORNIA, Hunt.  Several trails covered - the Raft River Approach, Hastings Cutoff, Humboldt River Rt., Applegate-Lassen Rt, Mormon-Carson Rd. and the Conner-Stevens Rt.  68 page essay on the network of emigrant routes, a pictorial journal with captions from diaries and journals, index and portfolio of maps showing the historic trails, the topography and present-day highways and towns.  Large format, 29 maps, 185 photos, appendix.
289 pp.  (TS110) $24.95

THE GILA TRAIL:  The Texas Argonauts and the California Gold Rush, Harris. The author’s colorful reminiscences of his experiences on the Gila Trail and in the Mother Lode mining camps of 1849-50 make first-rate reading for western Americana enthusiasts.
175 pp.  (TS142) $9.95

THE GREAT PLATTE RIVER ROAD, Matthew.  A masterpiece of history on the Oregon Trail through Kansas and Nebraska into Wyoming as far as Ft. Laramie.  Enough material in this book to keep a person busy for a lifetime.  Original maps, sketches, bibliography, including the most complete listing of overland journals published to date.
582 pp.  (TS112) $26.95

IDAHO’S HISTORIC TRAILS, Potucek.  From Lewis and Clark to railroads.  Retrace the paths of the natives, explorers, soldiers and settlers who wrote the early chapters in the story of Idaho settlements.  Includes photographs and detailed maps.
166 pp.  (TS153) $13.95

IN SEARCH OF THE SPANISH TRAIL, SANTA FE TO LOS ANGELES, 1829-1848, Crampton/Madsen. Twelve excellent detailed maps locate the various sections of the route. The authors have located, retraced and mapped the entire 1120-mile-long commercial route in use during the period.  Large format, 200 photographs and maps.
144 pp.  (TS137) $29.95

INDIAN TRAIL TREES, Jordan.  Indians bent "Trail Trees" as a means or marking trails to help find their way around the heavily forested country east of the Mississippi River. The different bends and shapes of the trees had various meanings; direction to travel, food or water sources, danger, or routes to safety.  Numerous photographs.
96 pp. (PP133) $12.95

THE LEWIS & CLARK TRAIL: YESTERDAY AND TODAY, Hill. A guide to the route of the Corps of Discovery.  Journals, maps, paintings and photographs illustrate the story.
288 pp. (TS155) $16.95

MAPS OF THE OREGON TRAIL, Franzwa. Includes new lines of the trail as well as the discovery and mapping of the route of the old road from Cayuse Post Office to the Whitman Mission. 133 full page trail maps, along with 9 detailed maps. The Trail and a number of alternates is superimposed in red on up-to-date maps of all the counties en-route. These are not generalizations but plotted to topographic maps.  Maps. Large format.
299 pp.  (MP142) $18.95

NINE HUNDRED MILES ON THE BUTTERFIELD TRAIL, Greene. One of the great sagas of America's westward expansion.  The old trail brought to vivid life.  Cloth.
300 pp.  (TS114) $29.95

OLD OREGON TRAIL MAP.  This three-color map shows the routes of thirteen western trails, including Oregon, Barlow, Lewis & Clark, Santa Fe, Overland Stage, Pony Express and many others. 24x16 ˝".  Strong Mylar film lamination.
(MP145)  $4.95

THE OLD SANTA FE TRAIL, Vestal.  An admirable reconstruction of the facts and feelings of the life of the trail.  The author describes outfitting for the trip, the society formed for survival, the hunt for meat, landmarks, and the dangers to be faced along the way.
304 pp.  (TS160) $17.50

THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL, Hafen/Hafen.  Crammed with colorful path markers like Jedediah Smith, John C. Fremont, and Kit Carson, and with packers, home seekers, and horse thieves.  It includes diaries by a Mexican trader who led the first party to Los Angeles and by a Mormon lawyer who first described the entire route.
375 pp.  (TS123) $29.95

ON THE SANTA FE TRAIL, Simmons.  Assembled here are a dozen contemporary narratives and reports, which ofer to all who entertain an interest in the part of America’s pioneer movement that flowed southwestward over the prairies to New Mexico.
149 pp.  (TS116) $9.95

ON THE TRAIL OF THE PONY EXPRESS, Ellis. The author sets out along the old Pony Express trail on foot carrying a backpack and looking for rides and friendship along the way.  He succeeds in completing his twenty-one hundred mile journey by foot, horseback, covered wagon, hitchhiking, and canoe.
310 pp.  (TS161) $!17.95

THE OREGON TRAIL, Parkman. As a young Bostonian, the author decided to write the history of the struggle of the English domination of North America, but in order to do so, he had to study the Indians first hand - and not just those Indians who had had contact with Europeans, but from the Indians of the Plains. Preparing himself with guides, supplies and information, Parkman set out from Westport, Missouri in the spring of 1846 and returned in late September. From that trip, this book was created - the most scholarly, most authoritative text of the time. This edition is essential to an understanding of the Oregon Trail as it really was.  Recommended reading.  Maps, Remington illustrations, notes.
854 pp.  (TS127) $25.00

OREGON TRAIL REVISITED, Franzwa. Part One consists of chapters which cover the history of the Trail and the general route. Part Two is a state-by-state and mile-by-mile explanation of the route.  It tells you where the trail crossed present roads, where it parallels them and how to drive as close as possible to the trail where it is accessible on public roads.
436 pp.  (TS117) $19.95

THE OREGON TRAIL:  YESTERDAY AND TODAY, Hill.  A unique blend of history, maps, guides, diaries and journals are compared with present day photos. Realities of the trail compared to the myths and misconceptions.
179 pp.  (TS118) $12.95

OVERLAND IN 1846:  Diaries and Letters of the California-Oregon Trails.

    Vol. I Concentrates on the experiences of particular pioneers making the journey.  Letters and diaries describe the dangers, joys, landmarks, Indians encountered, disputes within the company, births, deaths.
    457 pp.  (TS139) $29.95

    Vol. 2 Offers a broader view of what it was like to go west in 1846 and pictures what was found in California and Oregon when they got there.
    368 pp.  (TS140) $29.95

THE PLAINS ACROSS: The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60, Unrich.  Said to possibly be the best book written on the California/Oregon Trail.
364 pp.  (TS119) $22.95

THE PONY EXPRESS TRAIL:  Yesterday and Today, Hill.  On the 150th anniversary of its founding, the author tells the story of the Pony Express and takes us on a tour of the 2,000 mile a National Historic Trail.
321 pp.  (TS159) $18.95

PONY EXPRESS WALL MAP. 30x19" map of the Pony Express route in full color with sturdy Mylar film lamination. Sent rolled.
(MP146)  $4.95

THE RED RIVER TRAILS, Gilman/Stultz. The oxcart routes between St. Paul, MN and the Selkirk Settlement 1820-1870.  Excellent maps. Covers territory in North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba Canada.  Research possibilities for relic/cache hunters. Excellent maps, large format.
105 pp.  (TS122) $14.95

SALT DESERT TRAILS, Kelly. First published in 1930, “Salt Desert Trails” tells the story of the Great Salt Desert crossings by early explorers and emigrant parties. A Utah and Western history classic.
199 pp.  (TS157) $13.95

THE SANTA FE TRAIL, Crutchfield. For almost 60 years this trail was the primary route for transportation of people, animals, and freight from settlements in westernmost Missouri to the Mexican town of Santa Fe in what is now New Mexico.
179 pp.  (TS138) $12.95

THE SANTA FE TRAIL:  Yesterday and Today, Hill.  The book is patterned after Hill’s best-selling Oregon Trail, Yesterday and Today.  It is divided into sections on history, maps, diaries, artists, and what to see along the way.
232 pp.  (TS125) $16.95

SIERRA CROSSING: First Roads to California, Howard. Presents the history and geography of the trans-sierra roads, which made California more accessible. Makes extensive use of diaries, letters and newspaper articles.  Photos.
218 pp.  (TS151) $16.95

TEXAS INDIAN TRAILS, Gelo/Pate.  Experience the landmarks and campsites used by the Indians of Texas, and view the land as the Indians once knew it.
222 pp.  (TS156) $18.95

THREE ROADS TO CHIHUAHUA, Swift/Corning. The great wagon roads that opened the Southwest 1823-1883.
398 pp.  (TS143) $29.95

TRAIL DUST, Martin/Martin. A quick history of the Santa Fe Trail, with maps and many pictures.
57 pp. (TS141)  $4.25

TRAILING THE PIONEERS: A Guide to Utah's Emigrant Trails, DeLafasse.  A guide to 5 major trails in Utah; the Spanish, the Bidwell-Bartleson, the Hastings cut-off, the Pioneer and the California. This book follows the tradition of the WPA Guide Series.  Historical background and a description of references as we see them today, plus suggestions for side trips.  A driving guide to Utah's wagon roads.  25 maps.
139 pp.  (TS132) $19.95

TRAILS OF THE SMOKEY HILL, Lee.  This is the story of the Butterfield Overland Dispatch stage line established along the Smoky Hill River, in extending its transportation system from the Missouri River to Denver. Kansas’ Smokey Hill River can hold its own with any in the dramatic history that took place along its banks:  Indian battles, raids, etc. Possible relic sites for the interested. 27 maps, large format.
235 pp.  (TS128) $17.95

WEST FROM FT. BRIDGER: The Pioneering of the Immigrant Trails across Utah, 1846-1850, Morgan.  The original diaries and journals of James Clyman, Edwin Bryant, Heinrich Lienhard and James Frazier Reed tell the tragic story of the Hastings Cutoff. The book has been updated and revised with the use of Morgan's own notes for future editions.  A back envelope holds a large map of the area, showing the routes of the travelers, updated to show current highways, including I-80. In the same envelope is the famous map of T. H. Jefferson, who was one of the travelers across the cutoff. Photos.
356 pp.  (TS135) $22.95