Travel & Outdoors

320 DESERT WATERING PLACES IN SOUTHEAST CALIFORNIA AND SOUTHWESTERN NEVADA, Mendenhall.  Water supply, irrigated areas, artesian springs.  Index plus 14 x 20 color map showing locations.
98 pp. (OD146)  $19.95

ARIZONA HIKING:  Urban Trails, Easy Paths and Overnight Treks, Arizona Highway Magazine. A newly expanded guidebook highlights the Arizona Trail and combines exciting long-distance treks with a variety of shorter outdoor jaunts. Large format, 120 color photos.
106 pp.  (OD159) $16.95

BACKPACKING MADE EASY, Abel. All the answers to what to take, where to go, what to look for, how to get there in one piece and how to find and enjoy the peace of mind you came for.
128 pp.  (OD101) $7.95

COLORADO ON FOOT, Brown. Some 70 trails are traced through the Colorado Rockies.  Some are simply wagon trails up to the mines, often visible from the cities.  Others are adventuresome outings, requiring preparation and skill. Each trail is assessed a difficulty level, the author tells how to get there, where to park and what will be found along the trail.  Directions are clear and concise. 7 Maps.
309 pp.  (OD109) $12.95

DONíT FORGET THE DUCT TAPE, Hostsetter.  Tips and tricks for maintaining and repairing outdoor and travel gear.
96 pp. (PP137)  $7.95

ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO GEOCACHING, Dyer. Tracking treasure with your GPS. The fastest growing outdoor activity for the whole family.
160 pp. (OD124) $12.95

FEE MINING AND MINERAL ADVENTURES IN THE EASTERN UNITED STATES, Monaco/Monaco. A unique guide for mineral enthusiasts and family vacationers. Rocks and minerals, crystals, fossils, gold, treasure, museums, beaches, caves, caverns, historical sites, tours.  Large format.
264 pp. (OD153) $15.95

GPS MADE EASY, Letham. Revised Edition. Using Global Positioning Systems in the outdoors.  If you explore lonely, out of the way places or go anyplace where navigation is tricky, this technology is for you.
208 pp.  (OD144) $16.95

HIKING THE CARIBOO GOLDFIELDS, Edwards, Funk, & Stoker.  Follow the 1861 Gold Rush Pack Trail in the footsteps of those determined miners who first discovered the riches of the Cariboo. Accurate trail maps made with GPS technology, with info about the natural and historical landscape you are passing through.
128 pp.  (OD158) $14.95

HIKING TRAILS OF SOUTHWEST COLORADO, Pixler. A guide to Colorado's most spectacular mountain peaks in the San Juan and Uncompahgre National Forests.
214 pp.  (OD121) $24.95

MAP, COMPASS and CAMPFIRE, Ratliff.  Covers how to read maps and facts about different kinds of pocket compasses - how to find you way in unknown areas and how to survive if lost.
64 pp. (OD119)  $7.95

PAY DIRT, Hahn.  Adventure, adversity and betrayal in frontier Alaska. True stories from the man who lived them.
158 pp.  (OD154) $15.95

RVs: GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT, Lidstone/Lidstone.  The ultimate RV'ers handbook for extended trips.  Packed full of checklists and tips on trip planning, resources, life on the road, types of campgrounds and maintenance and service matters.
224 pp.  (OD150) $16.95

SPIRITS OF CANYON CREEK, Hahn. The fortunes and misfortunes of an Alaskan gold miner in the Canadian Yukon.  A sequel to "Pay Dirt".
138 pp.  (OD155) $15.95

VIDEO:   STAY ALIVE IN THE DESERT. Informative visual guide to survival in the Desert Southwest. 65 minutes.
(VI119)  $19.95

SURVIVING THE DESERT, Davenport. This book covers the techniques and equipment necessary for survival in all types of desert conditions.  Numerous photos and drawings illustrate the gear and techniques required.
247 pp.  (OD160) $19.95

TRAVELING CALIFORNIA'S GOLD RUSH COUNTRY, Kelly. Follow in the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands of 49ers who swarmed into the Golden State.  Where to stay, what to see.
183 pp.  (OD116) $14.95

TRICKS OF THE TRAIL, Santoro.  The things you need to know about backpacking including basic survival skills for both the beginner and expert hiker.
195 pp.  (OD140) $9.95

WILDERNESS 911, Dr. Weiss. From blister prevention to full-blown medical emergencies, wilderness 911 can give you solutions when outside assistance is not an option.
237 pp.  (OD145) $18.94

WILDERNESS NAVIGATION, Burns/Burns.  Finding your way using map, compass, altimeter, GPS.  This guide makes it easy to get there and back.
125 pp.  (OD139) $14.95

WORLD FAMOUS ALASKA HIGHWAY, Brown.  A guide to the Alcan and other wilderness roads of the North.  Lists historic sites, roadside attractions, dramatic views, wildlife sighting locations, and recreational resources.
288 pp.  (OD151) $21.95