THE BEALE PAPERS:  LOST LEGACY, Williams.  Explores the history of the Thomas J. Beale treasure code. A mystery that has puzzled cryptographers, historians, and treasure hunters for more than a hundred years.
58 pp. (TR282)  $8.95

THE BEALE TREASURE:  A "New" History of a Mystery, Viemeister. Ten years of interviews and investigation have yielded a new, veritable handbook.  Text has been revised and expanded. Cloth, 54 illustrations, including cave photos and maps.
211 pp.  (TR217) $29.75

BURIED TREASURES OF THE APPALACHIANS, Jameson. Contains 40 tales of caches, mines, Civil War and more in the states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North/South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. Maps of states show general area of the treasures.
216 pp.  (TR103) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF CALIFORNIA, Jameson. Includes 30 tales of the state, the Blue Ledge of Gold, The Curse of the Mormon Silver Lodge, Canyon of Lost Gold, Lost North Beach Million, Five Hundred Pound Silver Ingot and more.
224 pp.  (TR108) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF THE GREAT PLAINS, Jameson. Legends of lost immigrant caches, abandoned payroll coins, and stagecoach robbery loot, from North Dakota to Texas.
190 pp.  (TR208) $14.95
BURIED TREASURES OF THE MID ATLANTIC STATES, Jameson.  Legends of island treasure, jewelry caches and secret tunnels. DE, MD, NJ, NY and PA. Caches of gold and silver ingots, lost mines, pirates, gangsters, plus more.
188 pp.  (TR241) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF NEW ENGLAND, Jameson.  More than thirty stories of hidden riches, forgotten war loot, and sunken ship treasures.
192 pp.  (TR209) $14.95
BURIED TREASURES OF THE OZARKS, Jameson. Forty-three legends of lost gold, hidden silver, other treasures from Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  All based on some premise of fact derived from first account interviews, journals, maps, old books, etc. Divided into three state sections, each section prefaced with a map showing the general vicinity within the states where the treasures are located.
189 pp.  (TR104) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Jameson.  Oregon and Washington.  32 tales of wealth, secret Indian mines, lost outlaw hoards, stolen payroll coins, lost gold mines, lost saddlebags of gold, and more.
91pp.  (TR202) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN WEST, Jameson.  Legends of lost mines, train robbery gold, caves of forgotten riches and Indian buried silver.  32 tales cover areas in AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY.
192 pp.  (TR175) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF THE SOUTH, Jameson.  Legends of lost, buried and forgotten treasure, from tidewater Virginia and coastal Carolina, to Cajun Louisiana.  Covers Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Tennessee,  and Virginia.
224 pp.  (TR105) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES OF TEXAS, Jameson.  General location maps pinpoint 31 tales from throughout the state related to: In 1877 Sam Bass stole 3,000 freshly minted gold pieces in a train robbery and buried them in Denton County.  A portion of the coins was recovered by a farmer near Cove Hollow at the turn of the century, but the rest have never been found.
224 pp.  (TR106) $14.95

BURIED TREASURES YOU CAN FIND, Marx. Previously printed as BURIED TREASURE OF THE U.S. Over 7,500 treasure locations in all 50 states are given.
368 pp.  (TR178) $14.95

COLORADO TREASURE TALES Jameson. Twenty-seven intriguing, mysterious and compelling stories of lost gold and silver mines, hidden strongboxes, missing army payrolls and Spanish loot.
200 pp.  (TR248) $13.95

THE CONTINUING SEARCH FOR THE LOST DUTCHMAN’S GOLD MINE, Waite.  New discoveries which virtually prove the authenticity of the Peralta Stone Map, the existence of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine and the Church Treasure.
144 pp.  (TR313) $9.95

DIRECTORY OF BURIED OR SUNKEN TREASURES AND LOST MINES OF THE UNITED STATES, Penfield. A state by state summary of 2269 buried and sunken treasures and lost mines in the U.S., having a total estimated value (where known) of more than $3,675,000,000 (1971 $s).
134 pp.  (TR148) $14.95

ENIGMA AT TUMACACORI, Oliver.  Spanish drill holes, trap tunnels, forgotten ruins. Interesting reading.
105 pp.  (TR277) $9.95 

FADED FOOTPRINTS:  The lost Rhoads Mines and Other Hidden Treasures of Utah’s Killer Mountains, Thompson. A book about lost treasure, especially lost Spanish mines and hidden hoards in the mountains of northern Utah. Contains info on treasures of Valle Redondo, treasures of the Current Creek Country, the Lost Treasure of the Black Robes, plus more.  Large format, maps.
119 pp.  (TR111) $25.00

FAMILY TREASURE HUNTING, Garrett.  Another pocket-sized book by Charles Garrett. A beginner’s guide to metal detecting.
80 pp. (TR311)  $3.95

FINDING TREASURE:  A Field Guide, Jameson. Shows you where to look and how to find valuable artifacts, precious metals, lost jewels, and hidden caches in your neighborhood park, your attic,  or the open country
149 pp.    (TR318)    $14.95

FOLLOWING THE LEGENDS: A GPS Guide to Utah’s Lost Mines and Hidden Treasures, Bascom. This compilation of legends, true stories, expert advice, and practical wisdom is ideal for both the curious and adventurous alike. Numerous maps and photographs, large format.
227 pp.  (TR291) $29.95

FOUR DAYS FROM FORT WINGATE: The Lost Adams Diggings, French. In 1864 a party of miners, a guide, and a freighter set off in search of a rich canyon of gold, Arizona Territory.  Their guide led them through Apacheria in unexplored western New Mexico. There in the sandy floor of a hidden canyon, they found a fabulous bonanza of gold. Indians attacked, many of the men were killed. The survivors escaped the attack, leaving behind a wealth of treasure. It has reportedly never been found.  Bibliography, maps.
259 pp.  (GH108) $9.95

GOLDEN TREASURES OF THE SAN JUAN, Cornelius/Marshall.  Fabulous stories of lost mines, bullion, and avluable prospects from one of the most beautiful areas of the U.S.
236 pp.  (TR218) $16.95

THE GREATEST TREASURE HUNTING STORIES EVER TOLD, Elliot (Ed.)  Twenty-one unforgettable tales of discovery.  A rich trove of classic stories that reveal the true wonder of hunting for treasure.  Cloth.
292 pp.  (TR274) $22.95

GREENHORNS AND KILLER MOUNTAINS, Conover.  A fictional book, but a very good read. Searching for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine in the deadliest area of the United States - the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.
429 pp.  (TR293) $16.95

THE GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS: Islands In The Desert. Tales of early explorers and settlers, of lost treasures - Secret Gold Mine of the Apaches, Lost Sublett Mine, Juniper Spring treasure and more. 2 maps.
95 pp. (TR191)  $15.00

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, AND MISSISSIPPI, Penfield. Back in print. Another volume in the “Treasure Guide Series”.
127 pp.  (TR267) $10.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN COLORADO, Carson. A compendium of hundreds of treasure tales, rumors and findings gleaned from diverse sources ranging from campfire stories and personal interviews to published works.  Listed by each county throughout the state.
217 pp.  (TR110) $17.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN IDAHO, Carson.  Another in the Treasure Guide Series.
126 pp.  (TR177) $11.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN KENTUCKY, Henson. Back in print. Another volume in the “Treasure Guide Series”.
103 pp.  (TR268) $9.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN MICHIGAN AND OHIO, Henson.  Back in print.  Another volume in the “Treasure Guide Series”.
82 pp. (TR152)  $9.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN MISSOURI, Penfield. Back in print. Another volume in the “Treasure Guide Series”.
56 pp. (TR153)  $7.95

GUIDE TO TREASURE IN UTAH, Penfield. Yet another volume in the “Treasure Guide Series”.
56 pp. (TR164)  $8.95

HOW TO FIND LOST TREASURE, Garrett.  This book will guide you quickly and surely in your quest for treasure. A family hobby that can pay for itself and offers the benefit of outdoor activity.
72 pp. (TR302)  $3.95

THE HUNT FOR AMAZING TREASURES, Bazrod.  From rare books and manuscripts to priceless coins, artifacts, and works of art.  Discover the unparalleled treasures found by men and women just like you.
228 pp.  (TR257) $12.95

IN SEARCH OF A GOLDEN VAULT: The Beale Treasure Mystery, Easterling.  A new book/cassette tape set on this most mysterious of treasure tales.  The author, a native of the Beale area, lends a new twist to the story.  Book includes 3 maps and 43 photos, 42 of which have never been published before.  Included are photos of the old stage road used by Beale and his men.  Cassette tape included with price of book.
125 pp.  (TR203) $12.95

IOWA LEGENDS OF BURIED TREASURE, Laird.  Treasure tales about Indian mounds, Jesse James, early pioneers, a 1920s bank robbery are some subjects discussed in this 1927 collection of stories from 25 Iowa counties.  Bibliography.
188 pp.  (TR117) $8.95

JESSE JAMES SECRET:  Codes, Cover-ups, & Hidden Treasure, Pastore. Startling new evidence that shatters history’s version of the life and death of the world famous outlaw Jesse James.
296 pp.  (TR312) $19.95

KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE:  Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War, Keehn.  A sound, book-length study that ties the loose ends together about the K.G.C., and differentiates between myths and substance, and convincingly establishes this shadowy organization’s place in American history.
308 pp.  (TR327) $39.95

LEGENDS AND LORE OF THE GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS, Jameson.  There are countless stories associated with the Guadalupe Mountains. Many of them are factual.
192 pp.  (TR288) $12.95

LEGENDS OF LOST TREASURE, Mills. Tales of mist covered islands, treasure maps, hidden caves and secret rooms.  The book includes:  (1) maps/secret papers/ciphers, (2) treasure islands, (3) gold of the Spanish Empire, (4) pirate gold, (5) treasure caves, (6) fortunes of war, (7) royal treasures.
86 pp. (TR125)  $5.95

LEGENDS OF TEXAS - VOL 1, Dobie. Lost mines and buried treasure.
132 pp.  (TR118) $6.95

LEGENDS OF TEXAS - VOL 2, Dobie. Pirates gold and other tales.  No duplication between these volumes.
144 pp.  (TR119) $6.95

LOST AND BURIED TREASURE OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER, Bell/School.  Covers the water and the banks (and adjacent land stretching away from the river itself) of the Mississippi on both sides - caves, forts, treasure tales and more.
148 pp.  (TR201) $9.95

LOST AND BURIED TREASURE OF THE MISSOURI RIVER, Bell.  Covers water and banks (and adjacent land that stretches away from the river) of the Missouri River on both sides. Covers Mormon treasure trail, robbers cave,  gold field, forts, Indian villages and more. Has a chapter on research methods and tips.
174 pp.  (TR200) $9.95

* NEW * LOST AND FOUND: COIN HOARDS AND TREASURES, Bowers. Illustrated stories of the greatest American troves and their discoveries.  Every story in this book is true. Tales of treasures from sunken ships, bank vaults and reserves, hidden compartments, buried chests and boxes, vintage safes, hiding places of pirates and privateers, old cornerstones, barrel and casks, Mint and Treasury storage, wrecked buildings, dusty time capsules, forgotten collections, attics and basesments, and other lost and hidden places.  Numerous full color and black & white photos throughout the book. Cloth, large format.
468 PP.  (TR331) $39.95

LOST BONANZAS OF WESTERN CANADA, Vol. 1, Basque. Thirteen true stories of lost mines, buried treasure or outlaw loot from British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
160 pp.  (TR229) $14.95

LOST BONANZAS OF WESTERN CANADA, Vol. 2, Basque. Outlaw loot and buried treasure from British Columbia and the Yukon.
144 pp.  (TR239) $14.95

THE LOST CEMENT MINE, Wright.  Somewhere near the headwaters of the Owens River, a reddish, rusty looking cement, thickly spangled with flakes of the purest gold can be found.
94 pp. (TR231)  $7.95

LOST DUTCHMAN MINE DISCOVERIES, Fraser.  Re-examining and relocating the legend.
120 pp.  (TR116) $9.95

THE LOST DUTCHMAN MINE OF JACOB WALTZ, PART 2: The Holmes Manuscript, Glover. The only surviving account of any of the pioneer families originally involved with Jacob Waltz and his gold.  Includes family photographs.
176 pp.  (TR250) $17.95

LOST GOLD AND SILVER MINES OF THE SOUTHWEST, Conrotto. Unabridged edition originally published in 1963 as "Lost Desert Bonanzas". 96 maps.
246 pp.  (TR204) $11.95

LOST LOOT: Ghostly New England Treasure Tales, Hughes.  Learn about the lost pirate riches of Capt. Kidd, Blackbeard, Edward Low, and other dastardly buccaneers.  Consider hidden treasures in the Appalachian, Longfellow, White and Green Mountains...and how you might find the loot.
256 pp.  (TR294) $14.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES: A Guide to Sites and Legends of the Southwest, Rochette.  Each page devoted to a site - divided into chapters on NM, AZ, CO, UT.  Sites are superimposed on centerfold highway map for easy location.  Also lists historical societies and research centers with addresses as further research sources.  A selected reading list is provided.  Slick paper, colorful pictures. Good value for the money.
49 pp. (TR193)  $6.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF ARIZONA, Jameson. Selected from hundreds of tales passed down from generation to generation since the days of the gold-seeking Spanish explorers, the folklore included here is among the most compelling that Arizona has to offer.
184 pp.  (TR306) $24.95

LOST MINES & BURIED TREASURES OF ARKANSAS, Jameson.  Within these pages the author has captured and interpreted the most complete collection of the rich and varied stories of lost treasure in The Natural State.
156 pp.  (TR316) $19.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF MISSOURI, Jameson.  In this book the author presents the most complete collection of the Show Me State’s tales of lost mines and buried treasures from the time of the Indian occupation through early settlement, Civil War, to the present.
154 pp.  (TR317) $19.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF OKLAHOMA, Jameson.  The stories included in this book are most compelling because they offer chances of recovery. Though obscured by the passage of many decades since they were originally hidden or lost, these elusive treasures nevertheless continue to tempt the adventurous, the committed, the passionate.
154 pp.  (TR324) $15.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF TENNESSEE, Jameson. Tennessee’s tales of treasure come from a multitude of sources.  Indians mining silver for jewelry and ornaments, outlaws burying stolen loot, lost and hidden Civil War payrolls, personal wealth buried or cached and never retrieved, and much more.  Many attempted to find these treasures. A number of them succeeded, but many more remain to be found.
143 pp.  (TR323) $15.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF THE BIG BEND, Jameson.  The twenty-one tales included in this book are spellbinding accounts of some of the most exciting and mysterious lost treasures to be found in North America.
194 pp.  (TR320) $12.95

LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF THE GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS, Jameson. Along with a number of significant discoveries, the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas are a prime location for lost mines and buried treasure.
110 pp.  (TR319) $12.95

LOST TREASURE OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, Sora.  Solving the Oak Island Mystery. Despite two centuries of determined efforts to unearth it, all efforts have failed - at least until now.
293 pp.  (TR254) $16.95

LOST TREASURES AND WONDERS, Mills. These are the stories of the world's most mysterious treasures, those for which only the boldest dare to dream and to search.
66 pp. (TR205)  $5.95

LOST TREASURES OF AMERICAN HISTORY, Jameson. Some of the lost treasures covered in the book include Benedict Arnold’s Revolutionary War treasure, Lafayette’s sunken riches, the treasure of the Confederate Army’s Gray Ghost and a Spanish treasure ship in the California desert.
199 pp.  (TR298) $15.95

* BACK IN PRINT * LOST TREASURES ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL, Thompson.  The Old Spanish Trail is real. With a lot of research and a little luck, these pages could be your waybill to the lost treasures of the Old Spanish Trail. The book contains a wealth of information applicable to other treasure locations as well.
122 pp.  (TR123) $15.95

THE MALPAIS GOLD, Carson.  A fictional account, but a good read. An out-of-print book that has once again become available.
147 pp.  (TR275) $3.50

MORE LOST LOOT, Hughes.  Stories of lost treasure sites in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Visit ghost towns, lost Native American villages, forgotten mines and valuable gem discoveries. Pirates were welcome, and the legends suggest they left their loot behind.
256 pp.  (TR314) $19.95

MORE TREASURE STORIES AND FOLKLORE OF THE CABALLO MOUNTAINS, White.  This book deals with treasure hunting lore and the actual treasure hunters who still walk the upper reaches of the Caballo Mountains. No punches pulled for the sake of someone’s feelings.
116 pp.  (TR297) $19.95

NEVADA LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURE, McDonald. This book includes Nevada's best treasure legends, told as faithfully as possible.
128 pp.  (TR131) $9.95

NEW ENGLAND'S MOUNTAIN MADNESS, Cahill.  Old Indian myths, haunted tunnel, gold, silver and diamond mines, hidden silver bars, plus much more.
48 pp. (TR253)  $6.95

NEW ORLEANS, TREASURE CITY, Terry. One of the most fascinating cities for those treasure seekers who continually look for the unusual, the extraordinary.
36 pp. (TR132)  $3.95

* BACK IN PRINT * OF MEN AND GOLD:  The History and Evidence of Spanish Gold Mines in the West, Shaffer. Revised edition. The search for the ever-elusive “El Dorado” as it unfolded in the present state of Utah, along the Old Spanish Trial.  The author, who worked with the late Gail Rhodes of the Lost Rhoades Mine fame, did an excellent job of research for the book.  Two special sections, one covering Spanish symbols and their meaning; and the second, on hard-to-interpret Indian and Spanish symbols; make this book worth its weight in gold and a must-have.  Both of these sections are fully illustrated with actual photos and clear illustrations for ease of understanding.  Doubles as an excellent sign book. Large format, maps and footnotes.
283 pp.  (TR196) $24.95

OKLAHOMA TREASURES AND TREASURE TALES, Wilson. A mixture of legend and true stories of buried and lost treasure within the state.  Large format.
344 pp.  (TR135) $29.95

QUEST FOR THE DUTCHMAN’S GOLD, Sikorsky. The facts, myths, and legends of the Lost Dutchman Mine and the Superstition Mountains.
160 pp.  (TR138) $6.95

THE REBEL AND THE ROSE, Millet/White.  James A. Semple, a navy paymaster, Julia Gardiner Tyler, the widow of  former president John Tyler, and the lost Confederate gold. The authors reveal for the first time what happened to the gold (as well as 160,000 Mexican silver dollars) which if found today would be valued at up to $16 million.  Numerous photos and extensive bibliography.
299 pp.  (TR299) $18.95

REBEL GOLD, Getier/Brewer. Paperbound edition of “Shadow of the Sentinel”.  One man’s quest to crack the code behind the secret treasure of the Confederacy.
304 pp.  (TR284) $13.00

SEARCH FOR OREGON'S LOST BLUE BUCKET MINE, Hoffman.  Documents the location of every overnight camp site of the Meek's Lost Wagon Train of 1845, the members of which had found the mine.
105 pp.  (TR227) $12.95

SENNER’S GOLD, Corbin. An exciting factual account based on a true story that occurred in the Arizona Territory exactly one hundred years ago.
181 pp.  (TR264) $16.95

SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL:  One Man's Quest to Find the Hidden Treasure of the Confederacy, Getler/Brewer. The fascinating story of the Knights of the Golden Circle and the hidden caches of money and arms the KGC established across the country. Cloth.
320 pp.  (TR256) $23.00


SEARCH FOR TREASURE, VOLUME 2, Terry.  Identifying your relic finds, the dangers of treasure hunting in Mexico, treasure leads, tips and more.
(TR140)  $5.00

SEARCH FOR TREASURE, VOLUME 4, Terry.  No duplication to above volumes.  Treasures in Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Mississippi as well as locations in the east.  Tips for coin-shooters, some lost treasures found and more.
(TR142)  $5.00

THE SILVER MADONNA and Other Tales of America’s Greatest Lost Treasures, Jameson.  From the Lost Dutchman Mine to the mystery of the Confederate treasury, Jameson leads us on an entertaining journey in search of fabled troves just waiting to be found.
189 pp.  (TR326) $16.95

SLUMACH’S GOLD:  In Search of a Legend, Antonson/Trainer/Antonson. Slumach’s Gold chronicles what is possibly Canada’s greatest lost-mine story.  A great piece of research that combines legend, myth, documentation and oral history.  It’s a masterpiece.
159 pp.  (TR296) $14.95

SOUTHERN TREASURES, Anderson.  Possibilities of treasures, sites and stories within AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV.
224 pp.  (TR144) $12.95

SPIDER ROCK TREASURE:  A Texas Mystery of Lost Spanish Gold, Wilson. Century-old clues have lured treasure seekers and captured them in its mystery.  But the question still remains: Has the Spider Rock Treasure ever been found?
202 pp.  (TR270) $26.95

STERLING LEGEND: Story of the Lost Dutchman Mine, Conaster. Facts maps and legends.  One of the definitive works on this subject.
94 pp. (TR173)  $9.95

SWIFT'S SILVER MINES, AND RELATED APPALACHIAN TREASURES, Steely. In this comprehensive volume the author has collected and compared legends from across the region, found maps and old journals, and compiled all the information in an interesting, organized book for treasure hunters and historians.
262 pp.  (TR136) $17.95

TALES OF THE CABALLOS, White.  You will find this book refreshing and unique with many stories never seen in print before, and new slants on those previously published.
91 pp. (TR262)  $19.95

THEY FOUND GOLD: The Story of Successful Treasure Hunts, Hyatt. A list of known, historically authentic lost, hidden and sunken treasures in the waters around the world, but the focus is on the American seacoasts.  Includes a list of treasures known to have been recovered or salvaged up to 1936.
268 pp.  (TR146) $15.00

A THREAD OF GOLD, Johnson. A fictional three-century search for a Colorado gold bonanza hidden within the rugged Lost Creek Canyon in the Tarryall Mountains. A fascinating page-turner.
473 pp.  (TR281) $19.95

TREASURE!  BONANZAS WORTH A BILLION BUCKS, Carson.  A collection of 30 treasure legends all based on field research. Lots of facts along with maps and locations pinpointed with reference to current place names and numbered highways.
182 pp.  (TR171) $15.95

TREASURE FROM BRITISH WATERS, Howland. One of England’s foremost treasure hunters shares successful techniques and reveals favorite locations.
59 pp. (TR308)  $7.95

A TREASURE GUIDE:  Including 101 Treasure Sites, Bell. Written to whet the appetite of all true treasure hunters.
57 pp. (TR243)  $4.95

TREASURE HUNTER, Jameson.  Caches, curses, and deadly confrontations.  What W.C. Jameson has done in real life makes “National Treasure” and other features pale in comparison. It is the stuff that dreams, and nightmares, and sometimes fortunes are made of.
203 pp.  (TR315) $14.95

TREASURE HUNTER: Undiscovered Treasures of the Southeast, Williams.   Each chapter is prefaced with a state map on which treasure chests mark the general local of the treasures written about. Included are VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN. South Carolina has the most sites listed with 15.  "X" does not mark the spot but there is plenty of information to find the location.
148 pp.  (TR176) $18.95

TREASURE ISLANDS, Platt/Wright.  Buried treasure, distant islands, grand adventures and rogue pirates are all part of these true stories about eleven islands around the world, some of which are still under active exploration for hidden treasure.  From Cocos Island in Costa Rica to Oak Island, Canada to Gardiners Island, New York, each of these islands holds a tale of lost or hidden treasure. Maps.
224 pp.  (TR199) $24.95


Authored by Penfield and Henson

(TR149)  $9.95

(TR267)  $10.95

(TR110)  $17.95

(TR150)  $11.95

(TR151)  $7.95

(TR268)  $9.95

(TR152)  $9.95

(TR153)  $7.95

(TR154)  $7.95

(TR155)  $7.95

(TR156)  $9.95

(TR157)  $8.95


    VOL. 1 - Adair to Ellis Co
    (TR158)  $9.95

    VOL. 2 - Garfield to Murray Co
    (TR159)  $9.95

    VOL. 3 - Muskogee to Woodward
    (TR160)  $9.95

(TR161)  $9.95

(TR163)  $11.95

(TR164)  $8.95

TREASURE LEGENDS OF THE CIVIL WAR, Mills.  Just how much gold and silver was buried during the Civil War?  Bibliography.
99 pp. (CW132)  $7.25

TREASURE LEGENDS OF GEORGIA, Mills.  The story of the state's treasures, both large and small. Also Pirates, Civil War, Confederacy and other little treasures.
48 pp. (TR166)  $5.95

TREASURE LEGENDS OF NORTH CAROLINA, Mills. Covers pirates (with a chapter on Blackbeard), Civil War, Revolutionary War, Spanish galleons and more.
47 pp. (TR167)  $5.95

TREASURE LEGENDS OF VIRGINIA, Mills. Discussed are 60 treasure leads for the state. Many are not found mentioned in other publications.
(TR168)  $5.95

TREASURE:  LOST, FOUND, AND UNDISCOVERED, Groushko.  For active adventurers and armchair explorers, this lavishly illustrated book is your guide to treasures past and present - where they are now, and how to find them.
128 pp.  (TR223) $14.95

TREASURE OF THE SANGRE DE CRISTOS, Campa.  Tales and traditions of the Spanish Southwest with includes stories of lost mines, bars of gold, mule loads of silver, outlaw hoards, and treasures. Map.
234 pp.  (TR195) $19.95

TREASURE SEEKERS:  The World’s Great Fortunes Lost and Found, McIntosh.  Whether you harbor dreams of uncovering chests of forgotten gold and silver or are simply interested in tales of precious hoards that lie buried beneath the earth and sea, this book, illustrated with dazzling pictures and maps, recreates the unique thrill of discovering the world’s great fortunes. Cloth, large format.
192 pp.  (TR292) $29.95

TREASURE SITE LOCATOR. The most complete group of books of accurate, and up-to-date, site locations available. A book for every state, 100% GPS compatible, including ghost towns, battlefields, treasure sites, sunken ships, coin-producing beaches, meeting places, swimming holes.  Also  military forts, batteries, campsites, etc.  Indicate state desired.
(TR233)  $14.95

TREASURE TALES OF THE ROCKIES, Eberhart. A collection of tales of lost mines and buried treasures in Colorado.
315 pp.  (TR170) $18.95

TREASURE OF VICTORIA PEAK, Koury.  Here is the true story of a billion dollar discovery of gold bars and ancient coins at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Originally discovered by Milton Noss in 1937, this immense treasure unleashed a series of dramatic forces which included the U.S. Dept of Defense, high U.S. Army Officers, senators and presidents.  The fascinating story of the Noss family's struggle to preserve the secrecy of their discovery.
200 pp.  (TR169) $9.95

TREASURES YOU CAN FIND, Hayslip. For 29 years this author has searched for lost treasure with a metal detector.  His stories are told in this book along with true stories of other treasure hunters.
160 pp.  (TR305) $19.95

TRUE TREASURE STORIES OF THE SOUTHWEST, White. This new book spans many states with a variety of stories about treasure many of which have never before been published. The accounts represented in this book are personal experiences from twenty years of treasure hunting by the author.
156 pp.  (TR286) $19.95

* LIMITED QUANTITIES NOW AVAILABLE! * UNITED STATES TREASURE ATLAS, Terry. Your complete and detailed 50-state map guide to lost, buried, and sunken treasure in the U.S. The ultimate Mother Lode sourcebooks to hidden treasure. 10 volumes, 50,000 treasure locations.
(TR190)  $159.95 (Some single volumes are available - call for details.)

THE URBAN TREASURE HUNTER, A Practical Handbook for Beginners, Chaplan.  Revised, updated and enlarged edition.  A guide to locating, unearthing, and identifying all those treasures waiting to be found in and around any city or town.
228 pp.  (TH118) $18.95

THE UTAH GOLD RUSH:  The Lost Rhoades Mine and the Hathenbruck Legacy, Boren/Boren.  How the Mother Lode of all gold deposits has been narrowed down to a few square miles. Never-before-published maps and detailed letters from those who have visted the mines. Large format.
245 pp.  (TR259) $24.95

WAYBILL TO THE LOST ADAMS DIGGINGS, Stewart. Some new info on a legendary gold bonanza. Newly discovered document lends credence to the existence of a "lost diggings" which could be worth billions. Detailed, comprehensive.
32 pp. (GH106)  $6.95

THE WEST:  Lost Legends and Treasures, Williams/Pepper.  Mythical characters, Stagecoach Stashes, Buried Bullion, and Mysteries of Yore.   Originally published in two volumes as “Lost Legends of the West” and “Lost Treasures of the West”.  Cloth.
376 pp.  (OW369) $14.95

WHERE TO FIND TREASURE, Stout. Anyone can buy a detector, and anyone can learn to use one, but if they are not searching in the right areas they are wasting their time.  Stout's book solves this dilemma.
74 pp. (TR219)  $14.95

WHERE TO FIND TREASURE, Stout. Revised and updated second edition.  Includes the authors most recent ideas and theories, the latest technological tools, new state park information, recommended reading, map sources, and a new chapter on internet researching.
144 pp.  (TR287) $19.95