ADVANCED WATER WORKING TECHNIQUES, Sabisch.  Chapters include how to "read" the beach, equipment, search/recovery techniques, proper discrimination, locating sites plus much more.
109 pp.  (WA108) $9.95   
AMERICA'S BEST BEACHES, Leatherman.  This book will pique your interest in exploring our nation's great beaches and serve as a guide for all true beach lovers.
112 pp.  (WA120) $17.95

THE BEACH BANK, YOUR TREASURE TELLER, Reilly.  An excellent how-to book for beach hunting, cleaning coins/jewelry, shallow water, both wet and dry beach hunting.
57 pp. (WA111)  $9.95

BEACH HUNTER'S TREASURE GUIDE, Granville.  (Revised) How to beat the odds on any beach. Techniques and tips. Large format.
32+ pp.  (WA101) $6.95

BEACHCOMBER'S HANDBOOK, Merkitch.  Use this system of retrieval on either ocean beaches or inland beaches.  Lots of tips to help you locate "hot spots" on beaches. Includes complete plans for building your own pull-type beach sifter.
(WA100)  $9.00

THE BEACHHUNTER'S GUIDE, Barthel.  This book contains the "meat and potatoes" kind of information you have been looking for about metal detecting beach areas.
58 pp. (WA116)  $19.95

HISTORY OF UNDERWATER EXPLORATION, Marx. An absorbing history of diving from free divers of the ancient world to divers using the sophisticated research equipment of our time.
198 pp.  (WA118) $7.95

I’D RATHER BE BEACHCOMBING, Webber/Webber. Going beachcombing can meet the needs of nearly everyone whether one just goes for a relaxing walk, goes strictly for finding treasures tossed up by the sea, or goes for all the reasons in between.  146 pictures, 12 maps and charts and more.
125 pp.  (WA125) $12.95

SHALLOW WATER METAL DETECTING: Lessons fro the Pros, Clynick. The author draws on 30 years of detecting experience and that of top pros worldwide to produce this advanced guide for the serious water and shoreline treasure hunter.
94 pp. (WA126)  $14.95

SHALLOW WATER TREASURE HUNTING MANUAL, Granville.  Search for and recover treasure in shallow water.  How to build the necessary equipment, etc.  Illustrated, large format.
122 pp.  (WA106) $9.95

SHORELINE TREASURE HUNTING WITH THE MINELAB EXCALIBUR: Methods and Applications, Clynick. An advanced guide to successful treasure hunting with the Minelab Excalibur.
88 pp. (WA127)  $14.95

SPORT DIVER'S GUIDE TO SUNKEN TREASURE, Finnern. Topics include:  How to find lost jewelry and coins, underwater metal detectors, diving old ports and landings, hunting swimming beaches, salvage, diving for bottles, deep water search techniques, restoration methods, and reading nautical charts.
151 pp.  (WA113) $12.95

TREASURE DIVING WITH CAPTAIN DOM, Addario. The author shares firsthand experiences of the trials and jubilations of recovering an ancient shipwreck that sank in 1660 just off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.  Chock full of large photos, includes an educational glossary.
54 pp. (WA123)  $16.00

WATER HUNTING SECRETS OF THE PROS, Clynick.  Finding gold and silver in the water with a metal detector.  In this book the author shares his many years of worldwide detecting experience with the readers.
93 pp. (WA112)  $14.95

WATER METAL DETECTING, Gish. A beginner's guide.  Designed to be a guide as to what detector models work best in various beach detecting areas.
48 pp. (WA115)  $6.95


BEACHCOMBING THE PACIFIC, Wood.  Whether you are a potential or practicing beachcomber, this book will show you techniques to enhance your discovery potential and improve the results of your efforts.  Detailed are the beaches that border the Pacific in locations such as Baja, CA, OR, WA, BC, South-eastern Alaska, Glacier Shore Alaska, The Alaskan Peninsula, The Hawaiian Islands, Marshall Islands, Carolina Islands and Marianas. Also discussed the wide variety of items that can be found. 14 charts and maps.
225 pp.  (WL100) $10.95

DETECTING SOUTH-EAST FLORIDA, Barthel/Robinson.  The 1715 fleet on the north, and the 1733 fleet scattered in the Keys.  Then South Beach, Miami-Dade, Fountain Bleu, Haul-over, Dania, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Del Ray, Ritz Carlton, Lake Worth, Palm, Breakers, Juno and Jupiter, and more in between.
60 pp. (WL110)  $19.95

DETECTING SOUTH-WEST FLORIDA:  Saint Augustine to Daytona Beach, Barthel.  This book contains knowledge the detectorist and his or her family from out of state will find very useful.  These is also plenty of information of high interest to local Florida beach hunters. Large format.
45 pp. (WL113)  $19.95

DETECTING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEACHES, Barthel.  The intent of this book is to help you pick the right place on the right beach at the right time, hone your detecting skills and increase your finds. Large format.
60 pp. (WL114)  $19.95

GUIDE TO SOUTH CAROLINA BEACHES, Starr.  Relates the history, features and attractions of some of the finest beaches in the United States, South Carolina’s coastline.
137 pp.  (WA122) $16.95

HURRICANE TREASURES, Reilly/Associates.  Back in print.  Site locations revealed as to where the 1716 Spanish Galleons shipwrecked off Florida's east coast.  Shows how to get to these beaches, where to park, which direction to walk on the beach, and tells what has been found there.  Maps.
64 pp. (WL104)  $9.95

VIDEO: HURRICANE TREASURE. 30 minutes of information filmed on location of the 1715 sites.  VHS.
(VI106)  $14.95

NORTH CAROLINA BEACHES, Morris.  A visit to national seashores, state parks, ferries, public beaches, wildlife refuges, historic sites, lighthouses, boat ramps and docks, museums and more.
294 pp.  (WL111) $19.95

TRAVEL GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA BEACHES.  Striking full-color guide, bound in water-repellent film laminated cover. Extensive center-spread map of the state highlights the locations featured
48 pp. (WL105)  $6.95.

TREASURES OF GALVESTON BAY: "The First Complete Collection of the Facts and Legends of Every Buried Treasure Known to Be in the Galveston Bay Area." , Lewis. This work is profusely illustrated with 13 maps of potential treasure sites which includes stories concerning Jean Lafitte's and other pirate loot, sunken Civil War treasure, etc. Cloth.
(WL107)  $16.95

TRUE STORIES OF SUNKEN TREASURE, Weller. The best of Bob “Frogfoot” Weller. A compilation of stories taken from Treasure Quest magazine, plus some new material never before printed.
112 pp.  (WL115) $15.00


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